Planning and Planners

Believe it or not.. It’s already October.

Fuhhh… Time really flies, huh.. But do you know what that means?

That means we are almost at the end of the year..

 End of the year means new planner!! (or organizer or diary!! Whatever you call it!) Yay!!

Yup, that is my guilty pleasure.. (besides handbags and shoes! Hahahah..)


I’m into planners.. well, to start with, I love planning.. I’m a type of person that likes to have everything planned, written on a paper and sometimes spontaneous things can irritate me.. Haha… I have all sorts of list. Check list, shopping list, books-I-want-to-read list, bag-wishlist, recipe-to-try list.. you name it!! And the joy of ticking the check boxes… Hehe.. I know it sounds silly.. but it makes me happy 🙂

Speaking about planners, I have tried many kind of planners for the past years.. I’ve tried Filofax, Erin Condren, MTN.. and I love it all!

Top most is my beloved Filofax’s The Original Organiser, middle one in my MTN Blue Edition and bottom most is the Erin Condren Life Planner.. Why I have so many planners? That is because I was trying to find which one suits me the most.. I’m busy ruling my kingdom, remember? Haha..

This is my Erin Condren for 2015 which I am using for home management and family stuff.. I had the cover personalised with our family name.. Muszaphar’s Family. All family members’ schedules are here. I know there’s only 4 of us (hehehehehe..) but it is so much fun to see all organised and written down nicely.. When is my oncall day, hubsy has to be around at home… When he is outstation, I can’t be oncall… Then comes the girls’  schedule. They have morning school, iqra’ school, swimming practise, Kumon, piano lessons… We, the parents (aka the driver) have to keep track you know! Hahaha.. And house chores.. not the routine ones.. the one that you do 4 monthly or 6 monthly.. like flip the bedroom mattress, or deep cleaning the freezer…. OMG who can remember that if it’s not written down? And the most important thing.. BILLS checklist!! See! Ruling a kingdom is not easy! Haha…

So, what this mommy gotta do now?

Buy a new planner for 2016!!


I have decided to continue using Erin Condren Life Planner for 2016. Just ordered mine and I found out that they have this free shipping at the value of USD9.95 until October 31, 2015. The cost for them to ship to Malaysia via Fedex is USD19.95. Since the sale is on, it will only cost us about USD10!! Big saving considering our Ringgit value is not too good nowadays.. (but this mommy still gotta plan, right?)

Check out for more info..

Happy planning!!


P/s: This is not a sponsored post. I’m just spreading the joy and happiness of planning and shopping! 😉

23 thoughts on “Planning and Planners

  1. maksodnya bufday iols dah makin dekat (22 octo)!! (better you wish bufday to me now before u get busy !!) haha..anyways,i love plan everything before do something ;p gd luck !!

  2. Woww best nya ada planner. I’m so curious what is in the planner book bcs i’m pakai redah type of person yg x penah ada planning. I wish i could be one yang always plan before doing something but i don’t know how to start.

  3. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    From:”BARELY SUPERMOMMY” Date:Sat, 3 Oct, 2015 at 18:09 Subject:[New post] Planning and Planners

    DrHalina posted: “Believe it or not.. It’s already October. Fuhhh… Time really flies, huh.. But do you know what that means? That means we are almost at the end of the year..  End of the year means new planner!! (or organizer or diary!! Whatever you call it!) Yay!! Y”

  4. Hi dr..just want to ask you one pregnant my 2nd baby now and it just 2 mths elder son is 1yr old n my hubby decide that i should tied my tube after this.we did plan since b4 married that we just want 2 u have any suggestion about this issue??by the way im 28 this year. Really need some advise.tq.

    1. 28 yr old and you want to tie the tubes? Most of doctors will recommend not to as yet.. There are many other options for family planning. Why choose permanent solution at this young age? We will never know whats gonna happen in the future.. to you, your husband and your children…

    2. Pls don’t tie your tube yet! You’re still young!!! Not to sound rude but if your husband keep insisting you to do this tying thing, ask him to tie HIS tubes instead. See how he feels. To me it’s unfair that it’s always the wife who has to sacrifice her “womanness” in family planning while the husband gets to save his own reproduction system untouched. For now, pls resort to other birth control methods like IUD etc.

  5. I like the idea of having different planners for different category!

    Yeah, more planners to shop. Thank you for the idea 🙂

    I already bought one from Indonesia and it arrived already, FB: Muslima Planner by Kecilmamil. Fell in love at the first sight!

      1. Ada 🙂

        Boleh search FB: Muslima Planner by Kecilmamil.
        Alhamdulillah, walaupun dari Indonesia, sampai awal dari tarikh jangkaan. Pantas dan efisien!

  6. Atilieya, I’m sorry to being a busy body like this, but i can’t help but giving my input for this.

    You don’t know what will happen in the future.

    What if your child passed away (nauzubillah) in the short future and you want more kids.
    What if you are no longer with your current husband (for whatever reason) and you remarried and you want to have kids with him.
    What if you child is very sick, need a transplant that only siblings can give (am not a doctor, but I don’t know things like umbilical cord or something)
    What if you suddenly feels you want more children despite what you are feeling now
    and…what if your husband use the excuse want to marry another women since you can’t get pregnant.

    You know what, since your husband is the one that really wanted to have only two childen, wht don’t you ask him to get a vesectomy. It’s much more easier and didn’t cost as much as tubal ligation (unless you are having caesaren)…..why must perempuan yang sacrifice, why can’t lelaki do it???? Sama jugak kan….ini semua nk suruh orang perempuan berkorban….

  7. i need to hurry up find some more money so i can buy the planners by this birthday is on 15th october..hoping for miracle that I can effort to buy this…(i want 3 planners, plus the accessories, thats why need a lot of money) hahahaha

  8. Hi dr, can i know to which iqra school u sent them to? we changed ustaz that come home teaching mengaji twice because not suitable for my kids..
    Thank u..

  9. I just used Samsung S Planner app. Easy for me and my husband to sync our schedule and convenient. Bring the phone and you bring the planner with you.

    1. I was a hardcore phone planner user too.. But i find it susah nak refer back to previous dates or benda lama2.. Sbb slalu hilang… Maybe its just me.. 😂

  10. I love planning too!!! Just started this year and finally found a system that I like which is the Bullet Journal system. Planning, journaling and note-taking all in one notebook though at first I always avoid taking notes afraid that I would mess up my journal lol. I eventually got over that and live by new page every day. Planning is just awesome!

  11. Sy sedang cari planner/diari..selalu kat pasaran still xcukup ape yg sy nak..bole tunjuk dr.punya friend yg suggest your blok sbb ade ckp pasal planner…

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