Phone Update..

Happy Malaysia Day!

How I wish we could have Wednesday day off every week.. It’s like a de-stress day after two days of working, right? Haha..

Anyway, I have to update you that my phone failed to revive despite adequate measures taken.


I’m stuck with an old Samsung Note. The first one I think. I never used a Samsung before except when flip phone was in fashion many years ago… After that, I have always been a Blackberry person before converted to iPhone..

To me (or probably any iPhone user), Samsung is pretty difficult to use. Maybe because the one that I’m using is the old model but still.. It is just confusing. I had so much trouble adjusting myself to Samsung features. I believe many iPhone users agree with me that Android is much more complicated than iOS system. Now I truly believe Apple product is made for no brainers. Hahahah..

Right now, I’m still stuck with that Samsung and I totally have no desire to scroll my Instagram timeline, WhatsApp or even take pictures of my girls.

Still waiting for my iPhone replacement.

Can’t. Wait.


8 thoughts on “Phone Update..

  1. Doc…just got my hands on the new iPhone6s in rose gold…Despite the great features-3D touch, live photos, etc…I think iPhone is quite difficult for me compared to Samsung… i still prefer android rather than iOS… android is more user friendly…

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