Nursing in Public

Today was my first time nursing in public.. No it wasn’t at a bus stop or right in the middle of MidValley’s concourse, duhh.. but at a restaurant. I desperately need to feed Baby B as she was already crying in hunger.. No mommy’s milk in bottle prepared as I thought we would be able to come back home before her feeding time!

It was at The Gardens when Bella started to make her hungry face and becoming cranky.. I told my husband we need to find a secluded place in the mall to feed her. The only place I can think about is the breastfeeding room in Jusco’s restroom but it’s too far to walk (or probably just plain lazy! :D) No other public places support breastfeeding mommies!! So we decided to go ‘hide’ in Italiannies, The Gardens πŸ˜€ We asked for ‘private’ place, the usherer put us at one of the corner with a divider between seats.. Lucky me, that corner is empty.. and Bella is smiling again πŸ˜‰

My point writing this blog is.. this community is not supportive of breastfeeding mommies!! Part of the reason we breastfeed is we don’t want the hassle of packing bottles, formula milk around (Of course main reason we breastfeed is because mommy’s milk is the BEST!!) Many hospitals encourage mommies to breastfeed but when they go out of their house, it is pretty difficult to find a place to nurse their babies.. Kuddos to Jusco because they are thoughtful enough to think about these ladies.. Even Mothercare doesn’t have a small space for breastfeeding which I believe is ridiculous because I’m sure most of their customer are parents with children.

The place to nurse my baby is not the only issue, my second problem was public’s acceptance for mommies who is nursing.. I had to ask my husband not to leave my side while I’m nursing.. Of course I was well-covered but having a baby sticking to my chest seems awkward to many people out there..

Isn’t it natural to breastfeed? Or am I to daring to do that.. I wonder..

41 thoughts on “Nursing in Public

  1. sini breastfeeding mommies slumber aje! but bottlefeeding is more common! i think it shouldnt be an issue to breastfeed ur baby anywhere anytime! write more write more!

  2. Well done Halina! Keep up the good work!
    May I suggest Nursing Shawl? A good way to hide when your baby is ‘in action’ in public and stick to your fav clothes rather than having to wear ‘breastfeeding shirt’ which I think is kinda funny looking hehe..

  3. i know kak zira.. aren’t you in new zealand?? ramzan and wife came to my house yesterday!! ahhaha.. diorg yg bgtau. anyway, i haven’t found any nursing shawl yg berkenan dihati ini.. hehehe.. *cerewet minah nih..* πŸ˜€

  4. Salam.welcome to d world of bf.i have been bf my daughter until now.(she is 3 mth near 2 yrs was difficult at first place.but as time passed by,u’ll get used to it.i alwanys wear t shirt longgar so boleh sorok baby dlm i just bf her anywhere i like.aldo shop,coach boutique..belasah aje..but my advice,since baby b still younh and need to be bf once every 2 hours,make sure u plan ur outing,before go out from the car,(at the parking space),bf her,so she will have her stomach full before next bf.or if u r going to kenduri,bring your stock….memula mmg penat,tapi lama2 dah even i have to travel overseas,hangkut aje my is easy pasal no need to think abt air panas or botol or whatever…

    1. hahaha..jangan tak was at ho chi nangis lapar. so kedai aldo aje yang ada kat belasah aje lah…pastu dah singgah bf kat situ, terpaksalah beli sandal satu ..huhu..mmg kenangan tak dpt dilupakan…

  5. salam kakna, hari tu kwn saya join bf campaign dkt KLCC

    nurse in flashmob adalah cubaan utk kumpul 100 ibu,
    dan sama menyusukan anak selama 5 min,
    hasilnyer yg dtg lebih dr 100 org,!!!
    sokong SUSU ibu..yeah!!!!!

    Flashmob ini diadakan kerana beberapa insiden yang boleh dikatakan mennzalimi hak ibu menyusu yang berlaku di KLCC; di mana ada para ibu yang dihalau / ditegah untuk menyusu semasa berada dalam tempat tertutup seperti di surau/duduk di bench KLCCC walhal ia dilakukan secara sopan dan discreet

    Breastfeeding perlu di tekankan sebagai suatu yang normal dan alami.

    Adakah anda lebih sanggup baby anda disusukan dalam toilet jika anda sendiri tiada selera untuk makan di tempat kotor sebegitu?berbanding disusukan di tempat umum dalam keadaan aurat terpelihara?

  6. Sekarang ni, selain Jusco…cuma Tesco and Mydin yang provide breastfeeding room. Otherwise, tak tau la…
    Breastfeeding Flashmob kat KLCC ari tu pun dapat negative feddback.

    Betul kata Dr, galakan breastfeeding, but the space to feed our little one, sangatlah terhad. Sebab tu masa my baby kecik lagi, below 8months, susah hati sangat nak bawak berjalan. Sebab dia tak makan benda lain selain susu badan, then tak reti minum guna botol susu…

    Kalau keluar pun, terpaksa susu kan siap2 dalam kereta, bila dah kenyang, baru start jalan2.

  7. kemon kak na.congrates coz semangat bf baby bella.yeah..boleh cuba shawl utk breastfeed friend buat sendiri n ikut keselesaan die..finally,she loves it.muahhhh kiss for baby bella

  8. Saya dah ajar Bella guna bottle sbb hari tu saya gie Moscow ikut daddy Bella. We had to leave her because she was only 43 days old.. sedeh tak terkata ok! Yes, Bella knows how to use bottle but sometimes baby can get “nipple confusion” LoL.. they become lazy to suckle the real one because it requires a lot of energy. thats why I try not to give her bottle as much as possible.. Besides, too many things to carry when she is bottle feed. Breastfeeding is a lot easier.. ahahhah..

  9. botol yang nearest to mother’s nipple is Avent brand, saya kena tinggalkan baby kat daycare after pantang, perah susu badan dan transfer dlm botol tu…bila balik ofc terus bg susu badan…mudah dia nak adjust..

  10. lagi satu get a good nursing bra, senang nak breastfeed..bukak je cup dia..boleh dapat nursing bra online..type aje kat Mr Google tu kalau nak cari…mula2 mmg rasa susah nak breastfeed in public..tapi lps tu OK je..keep up Doc..

  11. Halina,

    I bought poncho kat mothercare to breastfeed in public. Setakat ni my so called public is bila gi beraya laa.. segan jugak kekdg nak tanya boleh tumpang bilik nak breastfeed.. tapi panas jugak la my baby dok dlm poncho tu.. my baby tanak botol though i dah introduce botol since he was a month old.. in fact sampai skrg at 9 months old, dia minum botol only with my babysitter.. when you want to go out i’m sure lepas ni you have to figure out kat mana yg senang nak breastfeed.. me in penang.. queensbay ok, ada byk tempat nak gi breastfeed, tadak la terkejar2 cari tempat πŸ™‚

    good luck!! keep on writing sis.. hehe..

  12. yup, Isetan nursing room pun comfy. And u can always go to baby changing room, i x ingat which floor. Level yang ada baju2 baby tu..2nd or 3rd floor kut, dekat restroom. :))

    Awal2 ni memang kelam kabut, but lame2 nnti u’ll get used to it. My son dah year plus. Rasanya almost all malls kat kl ni i dah pegi baby changing room dia..haha.

  13. i ada.. u yg bz hehe.. cuti sampai bila? i took unpaid leave for 2 months.. cuti menjaga anak.. ambik tak extra cuti? πŸ™‚

  14. Nursing room usually ada dkt tmpt jual baju bdk. Robinson ada, isetan pon ada. But just nurse anywhere u want. Lama2 dh x heran dah :p

  15. maner lar aku tau Ermie.. aku nie baru jer nak jejak kaki ke segment baju baby2.. before this sumer baju aku jer.. hahahah..

  16. Hi doc (mcm my doc la pulak haha)

    I feel the same like 7 years back when tried to nurse Arief in public. Masa tu kesedaran breastfeeding tak macam sekarang. Pernah a rstaurant manager came and asked me to stop nursing him because it was ‘inappropriate’ and asked me to do it in a rest room. Well…I smiled and looked into her eyes and said “if you are willing to have your lunch in a toilet, just carry on. My son wont have his..

    I have this mantra in my boobs are doing their jobs..feeding my is ironic kan..we mommies are looked at like we are doing something obscene..tapi anak2 dara yang tayang boobs tu tak pulak ye..

    After 3 children (now I’m brastfeeding my 11months old baby) nursing in public is a non issue for me anymore..really doc, I nurse my babies practically everywhere and in OPEN PUBLIC..sambil jalan pun haha..since I use sling and nursing cover kengkadang tu..

    So goodluck on your journey..1 step to get ur BF diploma (6 months)..I’m getting my degree next two weeks ( 12 months) and will continue to get my masters (18 months) and PhD (24 months) —–> terms we BF mommies use haha..

  17. saya pernah jugak kena marah sebab Bf bby kt fitting room..dah bby menangis nk rak..x sempat nk cari nursing room…blasah je bg kt dalam fitting room…kunci dok diam2…ada promoter perasan n bg tau supervisor dia…lepas bby dah kenyang bru i bukak pintu…macam nk roboh dorang ketuk..hehe….

  18. Thank you all for your support πŸ™‚ breastfeeding mommy rocks!! hehehe.. I’m in Maldives right now.. and proudly breastfeed Bella in public.. I even tried breastfeeding her while walking!! We were strolling along the beach.. Tiba2 dia lapar.. So, I pun sumbat jer lar.. It was fun!! Will be back in 2 days time… Wait for me!! X

  19. I used to breastfeed by No. 3 and No. 4. I was a bit ignorant during my No. 1 and 2. So out of guilty, I decided to nurse No. 3 for as long as I could, which was the longest (nursed him up to 3.5 years). Imagine me having had to hold him while nursing. And I was expecting my no. 4 by then. With a big belly and a 3yr old son on my lap latching! I had, no matter what it took, to look for nursing rooms in malls. I was lucky coz most of the places I went had nursing rooms. Otherwise I’d look like a big-belly mother-cow feeding her child!! πŸ˜€

  20. Ive gotten 2 phds (breastfeeding term, jgn salah paham plak) & now graduating my diploma soon (now my 3rd baby 5.5mths boy)…
    love luv lurveee breastfeeding…i too breastfeed anytime anywhere everywhere…whenever my baby is hungry i dunt really care bout wat other ppl has got to say, most importantly my babys happy & im happy…!!! =)
    Go Dr Halina go! *kitorang jadik pom pom gals u kay*

  21. When it comes to Breastfeed, I am supermum (talking abt naik lift and push the button hikhikhik)….my daughter (Kalyca 5 yrs now) and Nevelin (3 yrs) still breastfeed till now, they reject formula milk. Hence, instead being a proud mommy, I am crying for help to stop them from bf…..Any supermommy out there, if u hv any successful tips, pls share with me….h

  22. Mmg byk shopping complex tk provide nursing room, I pun sometime terpaksa susukan qaireen in public, tp coverla.

  23. i say just do it!! i once breastfed my eldest while walking form euro moda in ffront of ampang point till i reached ampamg point!!! guess x malu coz my baby da lapar ..fikir2 balik..gila la i ni but i guess as mothers we’d do anything for our little munchkins kan doc?

  24. Org ckp kalo nk stop bf, sapu bawang putih kat it will taste yucky and awful..huhu..lg satu bancuh air gram gan air gule n then sapu kt breast together. Saye xpnah wat,tp ramai yg bitau camtu..:)

  25. salam dr halina.. br nak berjinak2 baca blog ni.. mcm dh terlambat je kan..sibuk plak tu nak komen kat entry yg dh lame b sgt cumels ok.. my 2nd baby br nak cecah 9 bulan this week.. alhamdulillah still bf.. n saya x kisah kot bf die kat public n even kat restaurant.. tp mmg well covered la kan..pakai baju utk nursing, use sling or what so ever..janji baby x cranky kan..kalo x susah kite nnt.. n semenjak dr anak 1st lg (2y 6m now) mmg x bawa botol or fm kalau keluar.. bf saje..seronok kan..sgt senang..

  26. I know this is old but i just have to comments on this. List of weird places that i had breastfed my baby.
    1. Slow moving train in indoor ride at genting.
    2. In the speedboat during mangrove tour in langkawi.
    3. In the labour room at a private hosp that i went for my baby’s f/up. It’s dissappointing that a hospital that encourages breastfeeding doesn’t even have a nursing room for visitors and outpatients. Luckily its not the same labour room that i used during my delivery, but the room next door to it. Sigh~

  27. Macam dah tertinggal train jer my comment but breastfeeding my baby is my passion, as same as cloth-diapering and babywearing.

    As for now, I nurse my baby anywhere, anytime. We, as adult could wait n hold the hunger but not to baby. Nursing is just another way of surviving for baby, as eating to adult, why would people see it as obscene. I nurse my baby in restaurant, shops and even while walking as I am wearing my baby. It’s easy, no hassle. Kudos to u Dr, more breastfeeding mom in future, hopefully

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  30. hola,
    Recinozco que hasta hace poco no me interesaba demasiado esteblog, sin embargo actualmente estoy visitandolo frecuentemente y me esta intersando bastante.

    A seguir igual!

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