Tasha is Unwell

Tasha is not well since middle of last week.. She was ok initially until the weekend where she turned  super clingy like UHU glue. She only wanted me to carry her. I literally spent the weekend carrying her around. She’s not eating well. Only half of her usual milk. And a a few sips of Dutch Lady chocolate milk.. and mangoes!! Yes, mangoes. Haha.. Rice, porridge and all, she doesn’t want..

I suspected it was only viral fever and usually viral fever is self-limiting and it will heal by itself after 3 to 4 days.. but her fever persisted until day 5 and in the morning of the fifth day, she had nose bleed.. Literally a ball of blood clot obstructing her right nostril when she woke up from sleep.

So, what did mommy do?

I freaked out, of course.

Me: OMG! You think Tasha has dengue?? *cry a river*

S: Maybe it’s just the weather. Kan panas skarang ni.. or probably because high pressure from sneezing, then her small vessels break. Don’t panic..

Me: You think so?

S: It’s ok. We’ll go check her blood after this.

Me: (mumbling sambil doa) Please Allah, take away her illness. I’ll take her place. She’s a little girl. This is too much for her *drama queen is back!!*

So, we went to the hospital in the afternoon. To draw blood is another drama.

Initially the plan was mommy hold Tasha while my colleague, Dr Kogi draw her blood. But I was a such pain in the a**! Haha.. I kept asking her, “is it ok?”, “can you see the vessels?”, “you think get get blood in one shot?”, “can ah?”

Hahaha… I will slap myself too, you know!!

Since I had too many questions, my husband took over.

It was a success, single attempt. *Of course kan Kogi!! Haha..* ” Thank you for bearing with me 😀

Later, the blood result came out. It doesn’t look like dengue. Phewwwww…. InsyaAllah, it’s just a viral non-dengue fever. Alhamdullilah..

Today I’m at home. Took EL. Hubsy has events in Putrajaya and JB, B is at school, the kakak that help me at home is also unwell. So, It’s just Tasha and mommy today. Hope she gets better..


58 thoughts on “Tasha is Unwell

  1. Get well soon tasha! U’re strong girl 😊Weather skrg sgt panas. Heard in radio they said it will be till sept, my God. And elnino will hit earliest in dec. duhh..Take care doc

  2. Kalau saya pun cuak keadaan mcm ni doc..tak tunggu dah..terus ja gi hospital..sebab tak de knowledge pasal ni..pengajaran saya untuk hari ini…..read and learn….nak tambahkan pengetahuan pasal sakit kanak-kanak ni….Insyallah…semoga Tasha sihat..terus…berusaha dan berdoa kepada ALLAH…doc pun jaga diri ya….cuaca mmg tak menentu sekarang ni….

  3. Get Well Soon Tasha…ada hikmah ni Dr. Halina. Think positive. U baru je write post THEY WANTED DADDY. Maybe Allah bagi Tasha sakit jap supaya mommy ada masa manja2 dengan Tasha and build more love.. So after this hope ada post THEY WANTED MOMMY. She will be ok InsyaAllah. Give her juice/glucose drink. Dont worry k.

  4. mmg panas dlm badan tuh.. in sya allah she’ll be fine … kalu org tua dulu2, sumbat daun sirih dlm hidung..

      1. ambil daun sireh..gumpal-gumpal…then letak dalam hidung for a while..then things get better..insya allah..hihi..hope tasha get well soon..

  5. Ameen pray for her..my kids alwys got this bleed at least once a week! Even when they are well..we went to see paed however it was just the pressure received by the blood vessel 🙂 for the selera makan off mostly bcos of the medicine she took..once she is ok..the selera will come back 🙂 try give her diluted juice..my 2yo loves diluted ribena 🙂 ohh..try to use the baby kool patch behind her back all the times during her demam..it helps to reduce her hot temp. Good luck super mom!

  6. I feel u.. pray hard n give air zam zam n recite any surah in Quran to tasha will do wonders. Take care mum n tasha.

  7. cepat sembuh ye tasha…sy pun baru habis melalui ujian anak sakit…anak demam…lepas demam selesema…rasa betul2 satu ujian…doktor banyakkan berdoa dan jangan lupa bagi minum air masak banyak2…kalau ada air zamzam lagi bagus…insyaAllah dengan doa ibu tasha mesti cepat sembuh..

  8. i can relate it! how prepared us or how well learned that we are, when it comes to our own, we get panic…I was once asked the doctor with many questions apparently and fortunately the doctors in HUKM very very polite and understand it…only then I can calm myself….May Tasha get well ASAP. ^^

  9. alah…sian nyer tasha. semoga cepat sihat Tasha. bla anak sakit mama mesti akan fikir yg bukan2 kan…sib baik ayah sentiasa positif n bg nasihat kt mama…huhu…semoga anak2 kta sihat hendaknya…

  10. Get well soon tasha..
    My doter high fever for 5 days and blood test shows positive dengue..but now she’s getting better..Alhamdulillah..

  11. Hahaha once I had to set branula to my baby and I asked the other MOs to do it until they said that no one is available. Menggeletar tgn nk set branula kat anak sendiri. Perasaan dia lain.

  12. My baby also had fever last two weeks for more than 7 days and then we took them (both my kids is having high fever) to the hospital..After we did the blood test and all tests, the results came out and they had Influenza B (not dengue). I think if Tasha’s fever is not resolve, you might need to do influenza test. Since you said that Kakak also unwell its also same with my Bibik..They affected with the same virus. Seriously. Just sharing my experience.

  13. Doc, kami baru je habis sesi bersama Doctor Muszaphar di Politeknik Ibrahim Sultan. Thought Dr. Harlina datang sekali..sebab saya peminat Dr Harlina berbanding Dr. Sheikh. 😉 Rupanya tasha demam..speedy recovery lil tasha. Amin.

  14. Fitrah naluri ibu…kasihnya tidak terperi…risaunya apatah lagi…syafakillah untuk Tasha…Allah sentiasa melindungimu anak syurga…

  15. same like me last weeks..!lebih seminggu anak demam..x aktif..panic…amik darah smpai dua kali..first di klinik..lepas beberapa hari/second time terus g hospital..amik darah lg sekali..alhamdulilah…bkn denggi…

  16. get well soon lil T!drhalina is that kogilavaani sathiam?kalau betul ,she is my classmate in med school.mmg known for good skills and judgement.say hi to her.

  17. yeah!i feel u drhalina!even we’re both doctors,mommy akan panic and daddy yg keep calm..haha..mommy cant think as a doctor when my boys is not well!hehe

  18. really appreciate and happy bila doc reply komen reader…mesti tengah free giler time tu..heh..heh..
    By the way, get well soon tasha..some old saying says, budak budak kalau demam ni..nak dapat akal baru la tu…:-)

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