B’s Latest Hobby..

Bella has developed new interest recently.. and that is “drawing” (nicely put there, huh!!) In adult world, it’s called “menyonteng”!! Hehe..

She’s slowly learning how to hold a marker pen.. and not to draw on her own body!!

Yes, I found out she’s quite concerned when she accidentally conteng on her hands or tummy.. Quite a neat-freak!!

We got her a non-toxic and washable marker from Toy’r’us.. quite cool with rounded point, easy for toddlers to hold and draw..

So far, the only color that she able to pronounce is blue.. and that comes out as “buuu”. That will do for now, B 😉

Has she ‘draw’ on the wall, yet??

Yes, she did!! Hahah.. Takpe lar.. I’m sure more to come and I must get use to it!! 😀

31 thoughts on “B’s Latest Hobby..

    1. Dr. Halina, perhaps you would like to consider keeping a collection of B’s drawings/masterpieces.. with dates written on each piece. You’ll be amazed to see her progressing from graffiti to alphabets, words etc.

  1. Normal for kids to scribble here n there…when my 3 girls were young, i tried to let them practise on mahjung paper…but still the conteng2 still on the wall n floor too…but mummy don’t worry it won’t take long…then without u realize u r going to miss those moment…they r big n no more conteng2…huhu

  2. Teringat masa anak2 saya masih kecil2 dulu. Bila mereka mula pandai menyonteng, awal2 lg saya dah warning jgn conteng dinding. Alhamdulillah dinding semua bersih. Tapi bila selak je bahgian dinding yg ditutup dgn langsir mashallah…. Banyak lah lukisan masterpiece diaorg kat dinding. Takpe lah anak2 nak menunjukkan bakat.

  3. Bella really looks like a big girl now! 😉

    Haraz scribbled on the wall the other day, I said “No” quite sternly, he teared up a little bit and repeated “no, no, wall” kesian… hihi but now he just draws on paper, except those accidental stains on his pants.

    What brand are those washable markers?


  4. Salam Dr.,

    Saya dah lama cari color pen yang washable and non-toxic untuk anak saya..(abt 1.5 yrs old)..thanks for the info! la ni cuma bagi anak conteng atas papan mainan yanmg gune serbuk magnet tu..so klu dia conteng luar papan xde effect..hehe..

  5. hi just want to share. cuba cari marker pens brand crayola.. it is washable and non-toxic. i bought this brand in US and ada kat toys r us malaysia.. cuma mahal skit la kat malaysia ni.. tapi boleh basuhhhh.. itu sgt melegakan..

  6. my hubby very strict, no scribble on the wall. He will tell his kids to scribble only on paper. Not wall or any reading materials. Kids like sponge, they follow the rules…

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