I always thought I’ll be one of the cooler parent than my husband.. You know, the one who has less expectations for the children.. Let them play (but no sepah allowed ok!! Only in the play room!! Hahah.. ) no need to do worksheet, just colour and draw crap on a piece of paper… They are just kids, right?! My husband, on the other hand, made B goes to Kumon at the age of 3 plus ok!! Hahaha… We argued but he had a point, so OK.. He wins..

Anyway, last night.. the moon was beautiful. Full, bright moon in the black sky. My girls love it. We were enjoying the moon view from our bedroom.. Then I asked B..

Me: Bella, you think people can live on the moon?

I don’t know why but deep down inside, I’m expecting answers like no gravity or no oxygen.. no trees.. You know, something scientific.. Haha..

B: No mommy, it’s too high…


Then it hits me.. she is just a child. She will only turn 4 this month and I am not much different from my husband. We are just at the same kiasu level..


18 thoughts on “Expectation..

  1. happy advanced bday B.. ive been following since forever… since B still a baby… tak terasa dah nak masuk 4 tahun… very wise just like mommy and daddy nyer… a very good logic and reasoning ☺️✨

  2. You know, every parent want the best and only the best for their child. And their expectation is high secara tanpa sengaja.

  3. Great answers… From b…!! I terfikir pula jika tanya t apakah jawapannya pulakan…haha

  4. i will ask this question to my son n lil princess plak..wonder what is the answer..must be fun..

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