Latest Apps Obsession.. Keek!

OK, I’ve been receiving a lot of complaint through my twitter lately.. that I’m not updating my blog!! πŸ˜€

Hehe.. You know why?

It’s because of this..


I’m so addicted to this new social media apps. It’s not really new but somehow I just discovered it. My intention was to follow Kim Kardashian!! Hahaha.. yeah, I know.. kinda bimbo πŸ˜€ But I ending up keek-ing myself!!

Basicly, Keek is like twitter but only video in it. Maximum video length is 36 seconds. You can update anything. Whatever you feel like putting up in the cyber world. I’ve been updating videos on Bella and Tasha for quite a few.. Kinda fun you know. Even Siti Nurhaliza just started her Keek account 2 days ago!! Haha..

See you in my Keek world, Keek-ers!!


44 thoughts on “Latest Apps Obsession.. Keek!

  1. no wonder la dr. bila saya check email tak da pon story baru. ok nt sy follow dr pny keek yer..happy to see you happy..

  2. Can I make a request ? Dah lama dr tak update psl food recipe. Dah ada Keek pulokkk πŸ˜€
    Please.. Please.. Cite psl makanan pulak, hehe

  3. Baru aje tgkvid Bella with the stering wheel dlm keek kawan sy,imah..hehe..ok lar Doc,keek,keek jugak,tapi sini mesti update jugak tau:-)

  4. Dr ni cute jgk kan..hehe.. even I never know about this Keek apps, mujur Dr perkenalkan, baru lah saya tau ( jakunnya saya) ..haha..I will try after this..

  5. adei..keek..ok, kena download apps ini segera utk tgk bella yg sgt comel n lil sis tasha. jom pakat2 like page FB Gorgeous Plus Size Outlet =)

  6. doctor!! your shawl sgt awesome until I wanna buy it.. πŸ™‚
    please la sharing sikit with me the website/blog?

  7. hehe… saya dah follow dah kak na punye keek’s account…. as the same date you create keek account…. πŸ™‚

  8. Wanna start my ‘keek’ as soon as posibble but i hv not enough time…its all about the time… Hahaha..
    More story abt b n her sista…i like to read them.. πŸ˜‰

  9. Yup..dah followed Dr. Halina @ keek.
    Suka tgk first video Dr. Halina tu…
    walaupun beberapa second aje…
    tapi suka tgk Dr. berckp kat video…sweet je πŸ™‚
    ada cute baby Tasha kat depan & Bella kat belakang dgn ‘bahasa German’ dia….
    comel sangatttt!!!

  10. Always heard bout keek but no intension to install it butttt..once i know dr ade keek,cepat2 install n follow dr ( dr orng first yang i follow..hihihi)..suke sangat baca your blog

  11. Ok..fine…install keek sbb semata nk follow dr harlina jewww…**hi keek-ers!! πŸ˜› nk gelak tgok keek doc yg 1st skli part yang bella tu…dia sgt comel dengan rambut like little girl yang dalam cite Monster Inc. Tu…but doc…keep update blog tau…:-) heeeeee

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