I just wanna say Hello 🤗 Really! I haven't been writing for the longest time, so... Hello!!! First of all, Salam Maal Hijrah, may this year will be better for us than before. Always aim to be better. Thank God for the public holiday... thats the beauty of being Malaysians, right! One race celebration, others … Continue reading Hello!!

Moving On To The Next Level..

Dear Barely Supermommy readers.. From now on, I have agreed to include sponsored post in my blog. Of course it has to be related to parenting, mommyhood and me-stuff. I promise I will not write any review on spark plug, light bulb or anything like that. Definitely not my forte! It has to be relevant … Continue reading Moving On To The Next Level..


OK.. What a great response / argument / debate / fight on my previous entry before.. Thank you! Seriously, thank you for all you feedback. Whatever your believe is, I'm sure, we as a mother always want the best for our children. Whatever your decision is.. to vaccinate or not, I know you think it's … Continue reading www.doktorbudak.com

Latest Apps Obsession.. Keek!

OK, I've been receiving a lot of complaint through my twitter lately.. that I'm not updating my blog!! 😀 Hehe.. You know why? It's because of this.. Keek! I'm so addicted to this new social media apps. It's not really new but somehow I just discovered it. My intention was to follow Kim Kardashian!! Hahaha.. … Continue reading Latest Apps Obsession.. Keek!

Malaysia Social Media Week 2013

I can't believe this!! Barely Supermommy is nominated in the Favourite Lifestyle Blog for MSMW 2013!! I have no idea what's going on, I was googling for some other lifestyle blogs, one thing lead to another and I landed on this page! *gulp* What if I win??!! Then I must write more often.. cannot be … Continue reading Malaysia Social Media Week 2013