Last Weekend in PD

After Bali, we were in PD for a short while because my husband had to attend an event there. And again, this time he brought along his little entourage!! Hehe.. Mommy, Bella and Tasha and my parents. We stayed in a resort by the beach and our room in exactly above the sea water. Bella and Tasha doesn’t seem too excited about that somehow.. Haha.. Mommy yang over πŸ˜€

There’s a small pet farm at the resort, which is good for children. Since in KL she only sees chicken as nuggets, I think it’s a good idea for her to get to know how a real chicken looks like!

That’s Bella impressed by the chicken. Babatok, her grandfather is in-charge of chasing the chicken since that seems to be his forte. Hehe..

Another Bella’s favorite toy-stuffed animal, now in real life!

She likes rabbit the most.. she kept chasing the rabbit round and round the pet farm..

and kept feeding them with long beans..

Owh.. and here is Tasha. Since she’s not yet running around chasing the animals.. Here’s her picture on the bed..

The next morning, daddy woke us up early in the morning to bring us on a boat ride. On our way to the jetty, we saw this…

Peacock’s butt!! Haha.. yup, we’ve seen the front too often.. now we change view πŸ˜‰

Here’s us on the boat with my mom and my youngest brother..

And Bella got to know another new sea creature..


So, in this trip, we have covered rabbit, chicken, turtle, peacock and crab!! Haha.. Good for Bella!!


78 thoughts on “Last Weekend in PD

  1. wow that’s an excitement stay, I wanted to bring kids to pet some rabbits,yet never did, tasha n bella are so adorable πŸ™‚

  2. Salam Dr! Bella’s face aaaa so very priceless upon seeing the chicken LOL. And Dr how come you so slim?!!! And glowing plak tu. Masyallah anyway love your family to bits. Stay blessed XXX

    *and Dr Sms with the crocs hihihihi*

  3. Dr Halina..why u so kurus so fsst?tips pls..
    Tasha is so adorable and Bella is all grown up..
    Dato Dr SMS is looking good as always..

    Take care

  4. Doc bila nak datang legoland + hello kitty themepark kat kota iskandar, JB ….thats oso good for kids like Bella’s age….cz besides fun, they oso can go through learning process kan….ala2 mcm kidszania tu….:-)

  5. Happy family…enjoy ur holiday Datin Dr.. I really admire U Datin…low profile….ur r the best lady in the world…

  6. cute Tasha…nampak dah besar dah dia…….and……………hensem ler adik Dr. Halina…… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  7. Cute, my kids for their 1st time experience ……crying and scared after 15 minutes only they enjoy with it.

  8. Avi@PD, one of the best family getaway!. Breathtaking view, if u rest by the sandy n clean beach. Makan2 @the terrace cafe sgt sedap, when we were there 4 yrs,ago. after 4 yrs, if the service is excellent, n the pet farm is well maintained we would love to go there again!

  9. Dr., dah besar saya baru 4 minggu lahir, (prem 34 minggu) dengan berat 1.9kg..
    tasha ada makan apa2 supplement ke @ susu formula atau sepenuhnya bf?
    any advice untuk saya buat bg tambah berat badan baby saya?

  10. HI Dr, how u handle bella’s long hair??i find it very difficult to handle my daughter’s hair,..walaupun lurus, .rambut dia tebal sangat n cepat kusut n messy even i wash it every day. end up, i cut it short..haihh. teringin nak tgk my daughter berambut panjang mcm bella.

  11. salam dr.. cantiknya dr ni.. suka tgk πŸ™‚ nk tanya mana beli kasut Bella? hehehe.. tasha is so cute.. next baby nk gegurl comel cam tasha la.. hehehe..

  12. wah bestnya…sy dah hampir 28 tahun duk kat PD ni pergi pantai xsampai pun 5 kali..hahaha, btw rugi xbukak emel klu x , mesti dpt pergi sana jumpa bella… my home dekat je dgn avilion tu..

  13. comelnya bella…geram je tengok..excited dgn chicken n rabbit..hehe..tasha mkin comel…

    rindu teacher habibah..:) send my regards to ur mom ya dr halina..

  14. doc, could you pretty please make a post about your skincare regime!.i am in LOVE with your be having such glowing skin esp after having your baby, u must be super lucky!!.muka i mcm x mandii je all d time lps bersalin rtu..pppffft!.hehee.anyhow,.Alhamdulillah, u have a wonderful family;)

  15. Nice trip, but I was shocked to see you all on a boat without lifejackets!!? With a small baby on board ? That could have easily turned into a tragedy. Seriously I found this bizarre. I’m not being judgemental or patronizing in anyway, but seeing this is motorcyclist presenting to ed with head injury sbb x pakai helmet, its so unthinkably stupid. Sorry to say but be careful next time!

  16. beautiful and adorable kids u have..reading and seeing your beautiful children’s faces really made my day. Tasha has such beautiful eyes. keep on postings for more, yeah..thanks doc. πŸ™‚

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