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Calling all mommies.. I need help / suggestions / opinions on milk storage bags🙂  As some of you might know, I’m going back to work soon, insyaAllah.. and I still insist on giving Bella my breastmilk to mixed with food once I start weaning her.. My reasons are simple.. Breastmilk is FREE😀 It comes in cute ‘packaging’ and it is ever ready!!😉 So, I have started pumping out my milk to keep in deep freezer.. As a simple guidelines, I follow Rules of 3..

3 hours – if left in room temperature (19-22’C)

3 days – if left in refrigerator (0 – 4 ‘C)

3 months – if left in freezer (up to minus 18’C)

6 months – if left in deep freezer ( up to minus 20’C)  That’s quite easy to remember, right..

Ok, back to the subject, I’m still looking for my ideal milk storage bag.. So far I have tried 2 brands.. 1) LANSINOH and 2) Medela

I kinda like this LANSINOH because it is huge!! Marked capacity on the bag is 6oz (180ml) but it has a lot more storage area above it. This is because the milk will expand after frozen.. Maybe you can put up to 8-9oz per bag.. and besides, it has 2 zipper mechanism to prevent the milk from spilling. It is quite safe if you keep the milk bag in your handbag after pumping at work place.. Owh, and it’s written on the bag.. “My Mommy’s Milk”.. how cute  :)

This is Medela’s storage bag.. I’m not really a big fan of this bag because it is relatively small. Maximum capacity is only 5oz a written on the bag.. and that little space above it is just nice for the milk to expand during freezing.. and the material is quite hard, it doesn’t bend or fold easily makes it feels fragile. The only comes with single zipper mechanism.. If  didn’t zipped it properly, that’s it.. it’s just gonna spill.. There goes your liquid gold😥 The good this about this bag is it is attachable to your breast pump because of the extra hole made for it.. It is not in this picture because I threw it away. I use milk bottle to attached to my breast pump (coz it comes with the breast pump.. duhh)

I haven’t tried any other brand yet because I still have about 10 of Medela bags.. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to drop your comments.. Thank you mommies🙂

Have a good day everyone!!


58 thoughts on “Milk Storage Bag

  1. as salam dr halina, saya biasa pakai brand playtex.. ada dua saiz, 4 dan 8oz. dah 2 org anak pakai brand ni.. very reliable, pendek kata puas ati la. cumanya, die bukan sealbag la.. kena ikat dgn getah atau beli klip. lagi satu, jangan beli brand youhavebaby.. liners die nipis, letak ebm frozen kalau jatuh memang pecah liners tu.

    good luck :))

      • Kalau pecah,konfem nanges!! Harta plg berharga tu hehe.. Just to share, sy cuma guna liners utk simpan ebm on friday je tau, utk buat stok beku. fr mon-thurs (fresh ebm) sy guna bumblebee bottle, ni kes nak jimat kos beli liners larr hehehe..

  2. hi dr. halina!
    ive been using 2 types of storage bags , The 1st years and Jingle Jungle.
    both came with double zipper lock and they are big enough to store your milk up to 12oz!
    I like The 1st years more because it has this feature, like a handle where you can hold the bag while pouring it out. but i think its doesnt really matter if its not there😛

  3. Try Autumnz milk storage bag. 12 oz capacity with double zipper. You can get 25 bags for around RM12 on the net (quite cheap compared to medela) I’ve been using it for 1 yr now and I’m loving it!

  4. guna bumble bee bottles n stylo mama bottles..ok jer..since sept 2011 i guna..with my stylo mama bag..hehehehehehehe…….pump kt opis..

  5. i pakai mom little one, so, ok la…for me, i rs yg penting 1 bag sekali baby minum,…sng…dulu masa baby kecik, i guna botol yg kecik, skrng baby dh 5 bln, dia minum byk, so i guna storage bag Autumnz yg besar… botol mahal sgt, plus i guna refrigerator 2 pintu je, yg bhagian ats dia kecik, so guna bag…jimat ruang…. :))

  6. agreed. a few ppl were selling preloved milk bottles. at preloved baby stuff on fb. or fabulous mom having year end sale till 2nd jan.

  7. hi, found your blog via a fren’s fb. i dun really fancy using storage bag. cos somehow i feel that there will be left over in the storage bag. and kind of messy when u pour out the milk. so, still prefer bottles. currently using medela, autumz and avent bottles.

  8. since lots of you suggest autumnz, will definitely check out that one.. kenapa saya tak guna bottles, if i used bottles, gamaknyer fridge tu penuh dgn susu jer lar.. bottles takes too much space. bags ni once dah beku, tunggang terbalik dlm fridge pun taper😀 thank you mommies!!! X

  9. Dr, is it ok to use plastic bags to storage the milk? i read through in mommies forum, some of them advise to use bottles because the plastic bags will reduce the quality of milk… is it true? as u said, if plastic bags, it will save space in the fridge… i’m looking forward on this matter too…

  10. apa petua Dr nak bg susu badan byk?? share baby lahir 28jun2011 n sampai skrg fully bf..tapi nak tambahkan lg susu la..

    • petua mmg yg saya tahula…supposed kena selalu direct feed…susu tetap akan reduce even pump nak kasi baby….

      • puan2 saya ni bukan ibu tapi ibu saudara..hehe
        kakak saya kata dia minum air rendaman kismis buat air susu dia byk.
        ambil dlm 3 sudu teh kismis dan rendam dalam secawan air selama setengah atau lbh..insyaALLAH cubalah ye puan2🙂

  11. dr halina..nak tanya. Nanti dr. pegi keja…sapa yg nak jaga baby? ada maid dah ke? or antar kat baby sitter or nursery. ish…sibuk lak saya nak ambik tau..ha ha ha…saja je.

    • salam,
      saya guna autumnz n jingle jungle.
      autumnz yang baru sekarang 12oz. lebih selesa guna autumnz sebab lebih jimat ruang berbanding jingle jungle..
      satu lagi kan, saya simpan EBM dalam kuantiti yang sikit. cukup untuk sekali feeding, contohnya 3oz, atau 4oz… reasonnya, baby minum tak banyak untuk satu session, senang nak budget susu yang nak diberi nanti…

  12. Salam Dr. Soalan mudah dan direct to the point, dan mungkin sgt polos (sbb 1st time nk dpt baby)… Ibu2 lain pn blh tlg jwbkan klu ada jawapan ye. Duk crita psl breastfeeding, breastpump, milk storage segala, tiba2 otak ni dpt soalan berikut: mcm mn ibu2 mnyusukan bayi dengan susu yg telah dipam? pkai botol susu ke?! sy ada baca la pamplet hospital psl breastfeed ni, tak elok susukan baby dgn puting selain puting ibu sbb takut baby keliru puting yg blh merencatkan kelancaran penyusuan susu ibu… pls… pls… pls… nk sgt tau!

    • That is called nipple confusion.. Yes, we give the milk thru milk bottle. But it is suggested to give through milk bottle only after one or two month established breastfeeding with your baby.. But not all babies have nipple confusion..

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  14. as salam dr. or momiess …. i d jangka deliver on jun …. so after berpantang will start work back … nak tnye …. mne nk cri produk you all mention kan 2 ….. where can i find it ….

    • salam ema, baby stuff skang byk online. just google and u’l find almost everything u need. most importantly depends on ur requirements and budget🙂

      • salam. thanks for info…. i pnah nmpak brand autumnz nie jual online. brand nie bleh reusable ke …. bleh basuh x …

  15. autumnz 12oz for me. besa gabak, double zip lock and CHEAPER!!! hehe. btw doc, mind if im asking why you wean off bella at 1yr old? xnak continue full bf smp 2yrs old?🙂

    • I was already pregnant with Tasha. When you’re pregnant, milk supply will go down. Not enough for Bella..

      • owh thats what i thought. hehe been reading that when you’re pregnant mil supply will decrease and pumping is not a good idea to do while pregnant since it may cause early labor and pengecutan rahim is it? doc, how do u manage family planning? after bella reached 1yr old? or unplanned pregnancy?

  16. assalam dr…sye nk tnye semua storage bag tu reusable ke..ada yg kata reusable and sye pernah terbaca kt 1 blog kate utk skali guna je…

    • The one i use is disposable. Reusable bag ada jugak tp saya malas nak basuh!! Dah cukup byk dah keje saya!! Hehe..

  17. Doc, makan ape2 supplemetn tak utk tambah susu?skarang ni sy tgk byk org promote shaklee tuk tmbahkan susu. do u think it is neccessary?

  18. AsSalam,
    First time preggy, so nerbes! takut tersalah steps to prep for baby thingy. But syukur, nowadays a lot of readings can be as our ref. and definitely your blogs is one of it! Thank you so much! it does hav so much info on baby thingy. Jus a few Q tho :

    1) My uterus is retroverted : will it expand normally as in outwards, to house the growing baby as per normal pregnant lady? m still at 2+W now.
    2) Is it safe to take supplement other than FolicAcid during pregnancy? i.e : to decrease the nausea.

    Sorry a bit off topic from breastfeeding thingy…

    • 1) yes, it will grow naturally as the baby grows
      2) check with your gynae first. Not all medication is safe to be taken during pregnancy especially first trimester

  19. Assalamualaikum Dr. Halina

    Sangat seronok tgk bekalan stock susu Dr. Harlina, boleh share dengan saya, mgk cara pemakanan atau apa2 supplement yg Dr. Halina ada ambil utk kumpul stock sebanyak tu selain daripada pump yg kerap? Anak saya baru nak masuk 7 bulan, stock dah makin berkurangan, sangat risau sbb cita-cita saya nak menyusukan bb sehingga 2 thn lebih.

  20. Dr. Halina,

    Saya ada masalah baby saya x mahu puting daripada botol..saya pernah cuba pam & bg masa selepas pantang tp dia tolak ngan lidah..saya dh cuba puting NUK, AVENT, MAM;S…etc..tolong saya bagi pendapat nk buat mcmna..skrg mak saya jaga baby..dia bg melalui string ubat tu… mcm nk giveup BF ni..

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