Toy For Mommy!

S bought me a new ‘toy’ today..

An audio baby monitor!!

This is mainly use to monitor Tasha whenever she’s awake from her sleep. So, after charging the set, my husband explained to me how to use this thing and then he said “OK, I dah letak satu kat Tasha.. and this one is for you. Make sure you have it with you all the time..”


That’s the trick!! I knew it.. It’s for me! So every time Tasha cries, I have to run to her because I have the monitor!! Sooo clever! Hahahah..


Thank You Notes

I received this parcel yesterday..

Somehow, every time my parcels arrived, it’s always my husband who received it. I always get caught!! Huh..

But this time, I’m innocent😉 I didn’t buy anything yet this week and it’s already Friday

*pat on my back*

Hubby: Aper pulak you beli nih? Makin lama makin besar parcel you I tengok..

Me: No! No! I didn’t buy anything (yet this week!!) *innocent face*

I checked the slip on the box, it’s from SuperMak Shop.

Must be  a gift!


Hamper for little Tasha and Bella! Yay!!

Cute stuffs they sent to my girls..

And this is my favourite..

Cute kan!! And it’s perfect size for Tasha and Bella!

Suka! Suka!

And this is really unexpected..

Cute little future bantal busuk!! Hahah.. so comfy, I’ve tried it myself!!

This is my little thank you note for SuperMak Shop.

Check out their cute baby stuff on FB: Supermak Shop

Thank you again!!

Love, X

Mommy Likes : Baby Skin Care

Happy Sunday peeps!! Today is my lazy day at home!! Yes, you heard it right! LAZY!! I usually have to work 3 out of 4 weekends in a month but today.. is my one and only lazy Sunday at home!! Woohooo!! This is the day where I just lay in bed with Bella and hug her till noon! Hahahha.. Sounds heavenly to me!! But most of the time, it doesn’t really happen that way.. Mommies always have something to do. Either change the bed sheets and/or clean the bathrooms and/or anything under our house roof!! You name it.. we do it all, right!!

So, today I’m doing my checklist for my new baby, what to buy (and NOT to buy!!)😉 The baby is coming in a few weeks time🙂 I’m currently at about 30 weeks pregnant… and that leave me about 2 months more to go (and walk around like a penguin!!) This time, my baby shopping list is really short! I mean it! Hahah.. I only need to buy my new baby his/her skincare products!! And by that, what I mean is the diaper rash cream and baby oil massage🙂

My favorite diaper rash cream is by Burt’s Bee.. It’s called Baby Bee Diaper Ointment. I have been using this for Bella since birth and she never had any issue with diaper rash. The reason I choose this diaper rash cream is because it is made of mainly natural ingredients like beeswax, sweet almond oil, jojoba seed, lavender, rosemary, soybean.. Sounds yummy isn’t it? I think it’s important to keep our baby’s skin chemical-free especially when they are young. And of course it doesn’t stain her cloth diapers as it is made of natural ingredients.

You only need a little bit of this cream to cover the skin as it’s very thick in consistency. This whole tube lasted for about 5 to 6 months. I really recommend this cream for mommy’s out there who is obsessed (owh yeah.. that’s me!!) about chemical product on your tiny baby skin😉

Another favorite product of mine is the Baby Bee’s Nourishing Baby Oil. Again, it’s made of apricot, grape, wheat, sunflower and rosemary oil. My verdict.. love it! Love it! Obsessive mommies.. take note!!😉 I use this one to massage Bella when she’s a lot younger. No chemicals and filled with nature’s goodness!

The good thing about Burt’s Bee product, is that if you bring your empty Burt’s Bee product container on the 31st on the month, you’ll get 20% discount on the your next purchase. Yay!! I love discounts!! Haha..

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. Items are purchased by me. Views are solely  based on my experience. 

Mommy Likes: Bumbo Seat

A lot of mommies asked me about this baby seat.. it is called Bumbo seat!!

Babies can use this Bumbo seat as soon as they have enough control to hold their head up.. and that is about 3 to 4 month old.. Orthopaedic-and-paediatrician-approved as said on the box of the seat🙂 We only discovered this seat for Bella when she was 4 months plus.. First of all, it is colourful😉 For us, of course as you can see.. it’s our favourite colur, lime green😉 There are also pink, blue, purple, softer green hue available. It is easy to clean, you can just wipe with wet cloth of even put it under running tap if you wish, so mommies won’t go crazy if your baby spilled anything on the seat🙂 *the kiasu-ness in me*

This seat is very light, easy to carry around. We always carry this whenever we go out because Bella sometimes doesn’t fit very well in many baby high chairs.. So, this is a good option for her instead of holding her all the time (berat ok!!) or leaving her on the stroller.. she might feel left out!! Who knows😉

Bella seems to enjoy this seat to, it also comes with a detachable play tray.

That is how the play tray looks like.. So it is easy for us to put her toys on the tray, or just let her bang the table🙂 Not much noise because it is made of plastic😀

One great concern from this Bumbo company is to make sure we don’t put this seat on an elevated surface as the baby might fall. There are a few issues in the States where this company get sued from parents when their baby got injured after a fall. Anyway, everybody get sued in America, right? So, no big deals.. Just make sure you don’t put your baby seated on a high surface or leave them unattended.

So, that is my likes this time.. This is purely my opinion, I don’t have any shares or interest in Bumbo company (I wish I do :D) Just a humble opinion from a mommy🙂 You can find this seat at Mothercare🙂 and I don’t have any shares at Mothercare too!! Poor me.. Hahaha..

Mommy Talk: Cloth Diapers

Since we are on the topic about diapers.. let’s keep the ball rolling.. Are you using cloth diapers?

I have never heard about cloth diapers until I went to Baby Expo in MidValley somewhere early this year! See how ignorance I have been before this.. and that includes my friends with children who doesn’t use cloth diapers! Hahahah.. (Korang pun sama!! Alasan.. takde masa nak basuh.. :D) After knowing about this cloth diapers, I have decided to use this as my baby’s daily diapers at home.

Reason #1: It comes in bright colours!! I love bright colours!! Memang cantik! Not need to wear pants anymore🙂

Reason #2: The surface contact with my baby’s bottom is fleece. It is super soft, I dont have to worry about her skin.. It’s very comfy!!

Reason #3: I can reduce my long term cost on disposable diapers.. Well, knowing my husband, he wants 10 children.. hahahah.. better start saving from now!!😀

Reason #4: Save the earth, mommy! For Bella and other children!!

Reason #5: It’s made in Malaysia (support our local brand!!)

Unfortunately I can only use these cloth diapers during daytime because Bella wears long pants at night (therefore she has to use the disposable diapers..) and only started using when she is already about 2 month plus. I didn’t use it earlier because she was too small for the diapers despite the adjustable buttons.. She looks  funny like a baby stucked in a huge diaper ball!!

So far, I’ve been using these cloth diapers about almost a month and I love it!! During daytime, I need about 3 to 4 diapers including inserts. To those who is not familiar with cloth diapers, inserts are another layer of cotton piece cloth you insert (hence its name!) into the cloth diapers to enhance absorption. Apparently they have many types of inserts.. part tu I blum pandai lagi.. I only use the basic one.. I have no complaint and will continue using it until my next 10 children.. insyaAllah.. hehhehe..

Mommy Talks: Diapers

What’s your favourite disposable diapers mommies? I just wanna know your opinion. Nak beli byk2 brand utk Bella rasa rugi pulak..

Currently I’m using Huggies for her.. Tried Drypers but I think it’s a little plastic-y for her skin.. Well, she never complained anyway.. I jer yg rasa macam tuh😀 Other brands, I tak tau.. I’m still using disposable diapers at night.. during daytime, I use cloth diapers.. Trying to do my bits to safe the world for my baby!! The cloth diapers are really nice.. it’s made of fleece.. sgt sgt lembut..

I just wanna share your experience with disposable diapers.. do reply mommies😉

Mommy Likes : essential baby box

I just bought this awesome, colourful baby box to make my (or my husband’s) life easier when we go outing with Baby B.. It is a (bright and colourful) container that holds a changing mat, diapers and baby wipes inside it!! I was looking for something like this to avoid another episode of “diving” into my handbags looking for stuffs when I want to change B’s diaper. Everything I need is already inside the box. In fact, I can always slip in a sample size diaper rash cream too!! Its mainly for short outing like when we go to the malls or visiting relatives.. Well, I do have a baby bag to carry all B’s stuff if needed but sometimes mommy needs to look chic too!!😉  This baby box is cool and practical, hence the name, Essential Baby Box by!!

This is how the inside looks like.. the changing mat is folded and held with a holder. You can also slip in 2 or 3 diapers in it and also on the other side of the cover, there is an opener for your baby wipes.. This box has 2 wipes opener sides.. from the inside or the outside. Not that I have found any wipes brand that have double-sided opener but at least with this box you can either choose to access from inside or outside..

Yes, I am an organizer-freak person! Not 100% freak.. but maybe 83%😉 I love everything that’s organized and well-arranged. Owh.. another good news, this Essential Baby Box is BPA, PVC and Phthalate free and made of durable and washable materials like polypropylene. In a simple  words, it is free of the harmful chemical to our baby and easily clean..

It comes in 5 different colours.. all are eye-catching! But when I saw this one in lime green.. I’m sold!!

My Verdict: Love it!