My Unborn Baby..

Remember I told you about my baby is small when I did the scan about 2 weeks ago..?

So, yesterday I went again for my check up. I’m currently at my 35 weeks and hoping that my baby will grow some more.

2 weeks ago, the baby was only about 1.5kg

*insert loud mommy cry here*

In about 2 weeks, the baby only grew about 100g. That makes 1.6kg as off yesterday..

When I was pregnant with Bella, she was already 3.0kg at 35 weeks!! How can I catch up with so much weight gain with sooo little time!!

I’m so depressed because if this baby is born less than 1.8kg, she/he will be admitted to NICU for weight gain monitoring.

Too small baby is difficult to handle. I don’t want my baby to drink milk via tiny tubes in NICU

*louder mommy cry here!!*

In my case, there are many causes that could contribute to my small baby..

1) Stress

2) Not enough rest

3) Not eating well

4) Placenta insuffuciency due to mommy’s high-ish BP most likely secondary to (1) and (2)

And somehow, despite my baby is so small, I’m so big.. I retained so much water in my body thanks to the progestrogen!!

My husband said I reminded him of puffer fish!! Hahaha.. How sweet ๐Ÿ˜‰

Guess what my ObGyn did??

She put me off from work from now on!! She prescribed me enough rest and high calorie intake (sounds heaven to me!!)

Well, of course that means healthy food, not just ice-cream ๐Ÿ™‚

So, I’m on MC till my next visit to see her next week..

Till then, gotta go get my rest and elevate my super swollen legs, peeps..

Can’t be puffer fish forever.. I miss my 3-inch heels already!!

And that’s B enjoying her visit to IKEA. She was so amazed with the star lights and canopy and just refused to leave the bed.. Adoihhh… X

P/S: NICU = Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. It’s like ICU for infants and babies..

85 thoughts on “My Unborn Baby..

  1. dun worry…insyaALLAH ur baby n u also gonna b fine..aamiinn ๐Ÿ™‚ can’t wait to see ur baby.heee โค

  2. Hi doc. Orang tua2 cakap it’s not good if u breastfed ur kid (Bella) when you are pregnant. Cause the milk might not be good for your kid (Bella). But I dont know la kan. Just my 2 cents.

  3. My baby was only 1.64kg during the delivery.born 32weeks due to my high bp … Stay in incubator for 28 days… my leg also like puffer fish same like urs… take care of urself n baby

    1. im trying to avoid the NICU as much as possible, Hana… that’s why I’m worried.. hope your baby is well now..

      1. please take a good care for your unborn baby and yourself.. we all pray for that ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Doc..takes a lot of cake, ice-cream etc ya..all hi-calorie diet..i just gave birth to a baby girl on the last Aug 2012..a month before that (which was on July) i was also facing the same prob as yours..just take it 1 month time the baby weight has increased from 2.0kg to 3.0kg..well..she was born at 3.05kg..far from what i’ve been now u just enjoy your off day and the food of course..insyaAllah…i wish you yg baik2 je ok..take care beautiful mommy :)…

  5. now that is why in planning for the baby….In Islamic views to get pregnant again, much better for the first child is 2 years above..dont worry, sooner the baby is gonna be healthy and ok!

  6. Same case. At 32 weeks, weight was 1.7kg. 34 weeks, 1.7kg. Doc prescribe high calorie intake. At 36 weeks, bb slightly above 2kg. (I put on 17kg). At 37 weeks, rushed to emergency, leaking waterbag, fetal distress, undergone c-cect, bb 2.07kg, admitted to Nicu 1st day, 2nd day dah transfer to nursery, 3rd day, discharged.

  7. first bb saya pn msk wad tu sbb tkena jangkitan…huhu sedih sangat sbb ibu2 yg lain ada bb kat sblh…lbh haru biru ms operate kuokan bb, bb xnangis…yes , nangis dlm hati…huhu

    *nak cari suplier barang murah dari china? ***nak tau cara cari untung meniaga dengan orang australia?$$$$ **blajar dengan orang yg pakar disini—> hop.php?ref=nurain09

  8. I think breasfeed not issue, my experience pregnt second baby n i also bresfeed my 1sy baby until the day before deliver 2nd baby.. Doktor ade nasihat if nk bf baby u kena mkn bnyk supaya bb dlm perut dpt mkn jgk. N i practice like that n my 2nd bb were born in 3.49kg. Jiran sy drluvered bb 1.5kg n xkena warded NICU becoz bb sihat n jantung semua ok.. Im pray for u n bb safe delivered.

  9. I wish u both slmt n bb sehat.. Cant wait 2 c B’s adik!!! Hehe.. I pun tggu masa jg ni.same EDD wif doc. My 1st doter aleesya pun same age dgn bella, a week awl dr bela. Hihihiii…

  10. my 2nd baby was induced at 36wks. Diagnosed IUGR because of suspicious doppler. His weight only 1.77kg at that time. I have no risk factor such as high bp or DM. Tranfered to NICU for a week to monitor weight gain. Now he is almost 2 years old and growing well :). Take care of yourself and don’t skip any mealtime ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. kaki doc dh sembab..kite same weaks doc…dh rase berat nk bjalan n keje also…moga kite same2 d permudahkan 34w beby 2.2kg

  12. salam Dr,
    hopefully everything goes well..insya allah..
    sy pun br je abis pantang for my 2nd bby..
    cant wait 2 c cute baby soon…

  13. Dearest Dr Halina, my 2nd born was diagnosed as IUGR, he didn’t grow, I went into emergency labour at 31wks…he spend 10days in NiCU but he sure grow fast, he was very strong baby, the nurses in NiCU said he was. 1.7kg baby who ate like a 4kg baby, after I’d deliver, they checked the placenta, and it was just small like him, well that was 17years ago, he is an athlete and just a very active person, won’t lie to you though, it was hard taking care of a small, premature baby, I became very paranoid…I’d didn’t let anyone with cough, cold near my boy, if they want to hold him, I make them wash thier hands with those hospital soaps. But it gets easier…don’t worry too much, banyak berdoa….take care dear, put up those feet often k..

  14. Salam, Doc. Harlina.. Ur story is same like mine too.. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am 32weeks Pregnant n last week check up My weight increase another 3KG this month, 58KG, but my baby weight was around 1.3kg onlyy!! So means the mommy was the biggest not the baby… Huhuhuuuuu…
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  15. Omg Doc., i tot the pic of your feet was Bella’s feet.. So comel.. Haha.. Then tgk lama2, knp kuku mcm kuku dewasa, then br sedar its ur feet!!

  16. dear dr halina,

    this is my stories. hope my stories will help put u at ease…

    my 1st baby is prem with IUGR, breech and oligo with the weight of 1.25kg (ONLY!). after a week old, there’s an outbreak in NICU, out of 5 babies, only my baby and one of his NICUmate survived. The other 3 didn’t make it. My baby resides in NICU for 40 days for monitoring. Alhamdulillah, now he is growing like other kids. It’s just that his speech is late.

    My 2nd baby also been diagnose as IUGR. Masa scan doktor kata she is just 1.x kg ( i don’t remember) Tapi masa lahir 2.33kg. Chill, sometimes mesin scan pun tak accurate kan. Most important thing, the baby sihat lepas keluar nanti.

    Memang lah, kalu buleh tak nak baby kena tahan NICU kan. My 1st born tu penuh wayar dari atas dahi sampai ke jari kaki. Ambik darah, masuk darah, masuk Tinam pagi petang. Mom have to be superstrong if baby in NICU. Chill. Ini cuma tekaan dari doktor sahaja.

    Enjoy your free time. Doa banyak-banyak biar semua urusan dipermudahkan…

  17. dear Dr…i’m facing the same prob too during mid last year…on 1st june i’m delivering my 2nd daughter at 34w5d with her weight 1.54kg..IUGR with CMV infection…stayed in the incubator for 2w and another 2w in the nursery…ulang alik evryday to breastfeed her..after 28d with 1.87kg she was allowed to go home…n at the moment she went well with 6kg++…her physical progress is a bit late compared to his brother but thankful that she is growing healthy day by day…hopefully u take care of urself n ur baby n be strong…

  18. Doc, try makan coklat.. org kata berat baby cepat naik kalau mommy makan coklat.. Apa2 pun, saya doakan semoga sihat kedua2nya InshaAllah.. Jangan risau2 and stress sangat eh? Take care!

  19. Salam Dr baby was born premature at 34wks pregnancy. He weighted 2kg at delivery time but Alhamdulillah didn’t have to be admitted to NICU. When my contraction started I recited selawat tafrijiyah non stop asking for Allah’s help. Alhamdulillah my prayer was answered and we stayed in hospital for only 6 days due to jaundice. I had an easy & natural delivery and according to my gynae his lung’s strong & didn’t have to be admitted to NICU. I don’t mean to share my story but the point here is keep on praying to Allah & insyaaAllah your baby & you will be just fine

  20. salam Dr Halina..Banyakkan bersabar dan tenangkan fikiran. Satu cara terbaik dgn membaca Al-Quran dan berdoa. Tangani stress dgn sebaik mungkin..banyak risau tidak membantu apa2. Ok , take care. Bye.

  21. My second pregnancy pun same mcm ni… so end up take carbo food (home made), supplement like 7seas …less salt… & no more fast food … my doc said salty food makes ur body contain lots of water … just my 2cents sharing… May Allah protect u & baby…Amin

  22. Salam Dr. Harlina…
    Saya doakan Dr. dan baby dlm keadaan baik2 sahaja…
    Dr. memang kena byk berehat…
    tgk kaki Dr tu, buat saya risau pulak….
    Saya pun sedang preggy jugak…but still in 2nd trimester…
    jauh lagi perjalanan huhu…
    doakan saya juga ye….

  23. Assalamu’alaikum Dr.

    Chill. You are not alone. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I had IUGR as well. I was admitted at 31 weeks pregnancy and my baby was only 900 g when dr finally decided that we had to go for emergency cesarean because of fatal distress. My lil’ fighter spent 39 days in NICU and despite the size, he managed to survive without any serious health problem. He was discharged at 1.8 kg only! Can you guys ever imagined bringing home such a tiny baby? Mak I kata besar botol kicap je.

    Tapi Allah Maha Kaya, Maha Hebat. All of us, including family and friends prayed so hard, and alhamdulillah, my lil’ fighter is now 2 years old! He is just like other toddler at his age tho he is a lil bit small in size.

    So, keep optimist and keep praying for miracle. I am so sure that everyone will pray for you and your lil’ one inside.

    Take care doctor.

    Allah knows best. Remember, when He puts you on something, it means He knows that you can handle it well. ๐Ÿ™‚


  24. hi, juz to share; my gynae advise to take a lot of high protien food esp 1/2 boiled egg(ayam kg better) n it works for me, my bb increase weight tremesdously…

  25. Salam, Dr makan steak hari2, makan heavy pagi, siang malam. Konon2 nak lepaskan geram nanti dalam pantang x dapat nak makan best2 lagi. Sempat lagi Dr dun worry.Sure baby bam2.

  26. same as my first child… 1.58kg mase 33 weeks…. kene emergency operation sebab high bp…. dapat kesan high bp mase 32 weeks… duduk incubator 2 weeks, pastu sy kene ajar baby menyusu selama seminggu…. 1.7 kg baru boleh balik rumah…. baby prem ni tak boleh menyusu badan sangat sebab lagi die berusaha nak menyusu lagi kurus badan die sebab die takde lemak…. tapi Alhamdulillah sangat this year nak masuk 4 tahun dan kalau orang tengok die tak nampak cam prem baby satu ketika dulu…

    take crae doc…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. just eat doc, stop only when u need.
    Mom’s weight is nothing compared to our unborn child who need more healthier foods.
    May Allah helps both mom & her baby, ameen…
    Be strong and think +ve ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. When I was pregnant with my second child in 2010 I didn’t gain much weight…but the baby inside did…she was born 4.4kg…I ate normal diet as usual and was on Insulin…I guess being a Gestational Diabetes Mellitus mother contribute a lot to her weight…
    There are few more weeks before due…so maybe you could try harder eating more healthy food…for the sake of the baby…I hope everything will be ok…

  29. salam Dr.
    tahniah atas kelahiran baby girl yang cmey.
    looks like Dr Muzaffar will be surrounded by princesses
    hehe. barakallah

  30. Slm doc..congrats on ur newborn..hows bella?
    I hv a at 19 not gaining any weight since the early pregnancy..worried ;(
    Any advice dear kind readers?

    1. It’s only you who not gaining weight, or it’s including the baby? If your baby, I am afraid that is not a good sign. Might be a symptom of IUGR. But did you seek advice from your doctor? They normally estimate the weight and size of our baby from the ultrasound. Based on that they will know roughly if your baby is growing properly or not.

      I pray that everything will be okay for you and you lil’ one.


  31. mcm ni lar kaki saya bengkak masa preggy dulu…sampai betis n almost 2 weeks baru surut. Doc ingat darah beku…susahnye nak bergerak sblm bersalin…

  32. my obygyn told me my baby was small too when i was at 24 weeks. tup 27 weeks, i had severe pre eclampsia and had to deliver. when u mentioned NICU, teringat balik when she was in NICU.,her birthweight was 750grams ..ahh how time flies..

    1. Hi..i baru delivered my baby last sunday n he was only 1.15kg.i was 34weeks time deliver tu sbb suddenly my bp was super high sedangkan last check up it was my baby is in NICU but he can breathe on his own.doc ckp baby has to be in NICU for can i survive without him ๐Ÿ˜ฆ he is so small.sayu sgt hati ni bile i sentuh dia sbb rasa tulang jer.what can i do yer?

      1. congratulations on the arrival of your new baby!! trust me, he needs you more than ever. be there for him. go see him in NICU everyday if possible. get the nurses and doctors to teach you how to do kangaroo care. it helps with the baby’s growth. express your milk and send it to NICU so they can give it to your son. once he is able to suckle on his own, let him practice on breastfeeding with you. your milk is important for him. be strong.. you’re doing this for your son! good luck!!

      2. Hi new mummy…kangaroo care does help to gain ur baby’s weight! Dont worry about your baby. the doctor is taking a good care of him. Just make sure you go and see him everyday and provide him your milk. My baby was in NICU for 80 days. The doc always told me back then that i need to be strong. The stronger I am, then your baby pon akan kuat… Alhamdulillah my baby is already 8 months old. shes one light baby but healthy so far. only 5kgs at the moment. ๐Ÿ™‚

        There is a support group dekat facebook for parents with premature babies. We share everything there..maybe you can join situ jugak.

        Go to this group:

  33. same goes with me..only my mother saids,nk jaga saya mcm nak hidupkan api dlm air..(very hard)

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