What’s Your Body Shape Type?


Remember this quote I put up on my IG

The other day, I was answering some silly quiz on the internet.. It was about body shape and fashion and stuff.. Haha.. I was stressed up doing anaesthesia thingy ok!!

So, one of the question was… What’s your body shape type?

a) hour glass

b) pear

c) apple

d) heart

I don’t think I’m apple-ish or heart-ish, but I’m not sure I’m the hour glass or pear.. ( or even pear-ish hourglass!!) So, who do I asked? He, who sat next to me lah! 😉

The unlucky person was my dear hubsy… Hahaha… He was shocked, like in 2 secs I can see the wire inside his brain sparks trying to make connection between all the brain cells! Then he smartly answer.. “Hourglass. No doubt. I confirmed!”

Safe answer. Well done! He checked my tag on his IG page 😉


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