Tarawikh & Little Surprise! Hint: Discount Code!

Its has been almost half of the holy month of Ramadhan. I hope all of you are coping well the usually Ramadan hectic schedule.. You know, the sahur, the fasting, catching up with tarawikh and tadarus… May Allah bless us all for our efforts. InsyaAllah..

Like previous years, my husband and I always bring our children to the masjid. When I was a kid, my parents always brought us to the mosque, even when we don’t pray, we will sit at the back trying to finish our homeworks.. Nahhh… I was just kidding, we play at the back with our masjid friends πŸ˜€

So, this year, we are glad both our girls are big enough to handle themselves. That means no more rolling on the floor by the pillars. They are quite independent, easily make new friends and starting to make noise! Haha.. that part I’m not really proud of..

I just wanna share with you some of the things that I do when I bring my toddler to the masjid. These are the things that I do to make sure my girls are familiar with the environment and I feel confident leaving them playing at the back..


Bring them often to the masjid. So they will be familiar with the place, make some new friends and be comfortable with the environment.


With toddlers, I can’t pray at the front saf, not even in the middle. Just in case of emergency during solat, (like B suddenly wants to go to the toilet!!) it’s gonna be very difficult for me to get out of the saf. So what I do is, I pray at the last saf or at the side end of the saf. Not a good advice, I know but I have toddlers to take care. As long as I still get to follow the imam, I’m fine..


Carry one bag that they know it’s yours. I have one particular bag that I bring to the masjid. And they know by heart that it’s mine. Familiarity is important. So they know where to find their things in the bag while you are performing solat.

Β #4

Put your bag (refer to #3) behind you (rather than in front of you). Why? So they can find you easily when you are performing solat. You’ll never know what kind of emergency these kids can have and seriously I want to avoid them from screaming “mommehhhh” out loud!


Make them occupied. I’ll bring some colouring books and colour pencil so they can do something together with their friends. I don’t give them gadgets because I’m afraid they might lost it (and I can’t concentrate during solat). Eeekkk..


Bring something for them to drink (duh.. everybody knows that!) I bring their milk and plain water along and keep it in the bag (refer to #3 again!). If they need something to drink, they can just spot that bag and dig it themselves.


Sometimes, I wear different colour telekung.. and I will tell them like a thousand times before solat.. ” Bella.. Tasha.. mommy is wearing brown telekung today! You must remember this colour because they will be many people at the masjid” Bella will say.. “OK mommy..” and Tasha will just do her whatever face! Haha.. Wearing different colour makes it easier for them to spot me among the crowd.

It’s not as simple as that bring the toddlers to the masjid. It can be embarrassing too.. The other day, Bella and Tasha were together with a few of their nursery friends, and they made their own performance of “Let It Go” while we were in the midst of our prayer. OMG! That was loud and emotional singing from them! Another day, they found someone’s umbrella and played with it in between saf. HOMAIGAWD! I was really scared if they accidentally poke someone with the umbrella.

That brings me to tips #8

Apologize profusely to the jemaah!!

So, that’s my story with B and T at the masjid.. another part of the story is about this bag…

I got mine from Gin&Jacqie. A local brand and makes a lot of functional bags and bag organizers. I used a lot of Gin&Jacqie bag organisers for most of my totes.. or otherwise, its just a black hole with too many stuff in it. Hahahha..

I like it because it is simple, not too striking with a hint of and pink! I think both B and T also can recognise this bag easily because of the pink colour! And now Gin&Jacqie is having a promotional offer for this bag!

This pretty and functional G&J canvas tote comes with the Organize Mary. That is the name of the handbag organiser that I have inside the bag. I have quite a few of this handbag organisers myself (in different colour and sizes to match my other totes!! Hahaha). I love it’s functionality, different pocket sizes and that little top handle that makes it easy when I’m changing my totes..

Probably Gin&Jacqie one day should have Organise Halina as well! Hahah…

The original price for this tote bag (RM85) and Organize Mary (RM64.50) is worth RM149.50. However, they are having a promotional discount for BarelySupermommy readers… (Yup, that’s you ladies!!!) The offer price is RM73 for both! This offer valid from July 1 until July 10th, 2015!! And you can enter SUPERM15 at the code area to redeem your discounted price on their webpage.

Why wait! July 1st until July 10th ONLY ladies!! Happy shopping!


36 thoughts on “Tarawikh & Little Surprise! Hint: Discount Code!

  1. Dulu pakai beg coach with beg organiser.. Kemas je.Skarang pakai madela bag .. Dengan breastspump lagi.. Haihh.. Bersepah.

  2. Dr. I am experiencing the same thing. My 2 daughters are about B and T ages. They only follow the imam for Isya’ prayer. the rest, they will run here and there, play with each other and with some new friends, cry, etc. I chose the most end place of the saf.

  3. I always love to read ur blog..although i don’t have small kids anymore..they are not in the age of 9 – 18 yrs old..but I still love to read your sharing because you can inspire other young mothers. Well done , Dr Harlina!

  4. Assalamualaikum dr. Dr i hope you can reply this.. Dr, is it suitable for 21 years old lady to start drinking skin white kawai collagen?

  5. Assalamualaikum Dr.
    I love reading ur blog..just 1 question, the organizer fit to neverfull medium right?

  6. Waa…tips yg bagus utk bawa anak ke masjid..sebab mmg tgh berfikir2 nak pi terawih ngan anak baru umur 2 thn (tgh lasak)..
    Tapi bila baca fb setgh2 org yg x suka budak2 kecik ni..semangat jadi down.. padahal time ni la yg nak tanamkan minat diorg kan dr..
    Member cadangankan ikat tali pinggang..sebab penah bwk anak kat masjid n mmg amik saf belakang.. mula2 anak ada kat sebelah (solat skali).. tup2 dia pi belakang…uwaa…time tu x khusyuk dah solat… sbb x sure dia pi mana…isk2..

    1. Bawak je.. Now is the time to teach them. Kids follow examples from us. I let my girls play with their friends at the back..

  7. Dr, are you currently using Clinique skin care products alongside with SSWKC? πŸ™‚ which brand would you recommend to a 22 yo? I think it’s from the stress of studying that all these zits are popping out from my face πŸ˜₯ anyway, good tips u have there and Love the tote organiser!!

  8. Dr.Halina, cannot use the code… * Your cart does not meet the requirements for the SUPERM15 discount code 😦

  9. Salam..code yg dr halina provide tu bole guna utk set ‘GAYA RAYA SET’..cpt uolss beli kat sane..thank u dr halina!! πŸ™‚

  10. I personally think if it is a challenge to bring your kids to the mosque then you should not. Some children love to run around the mosque, make noises and disturb those praying. Parents should respect other people at the mosque so everyone can concentrate.

  11. bulan ni baru sekali je bawak kids ke masjid sebab risau yang kecik tu suka merayau ikut haluan sendiri. hehe . Si kakak main tak ingat adik dah. so hubby ckp terawih kat rumah je..sadis rasanya.. huhu

  12. Lepas ni ramai yang pegi masjid bawa beg G&J.. kalo diorg satu masjid dgn Dr. Halina, nanti B & T tak boleh agak where’s their mommy.. nanti boleh tersilap amik selongkar beg orang.. heheheh

  13. I had received my G&J bags. Thanks, Dr.Halina for sharing. I really love bag with lots of compartment. easy to organize everything. And you gave great tips to mommies about bringing kids to masjid. i am still single and sometimes i am annoyed by those kids who made noise during tarawih. but i also believe we should make masjid more children friendly because back then it was like that. i put myself into mommies’ shoes and i can understand it is not easy to handle kids. hope all mommies can have good time tarawih at masjid or at home. ramadhan kareem, everyone


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