First Oncall

Last Sunday was my first time in UMMC. Obstetric theatre to be exact. It was only my day two going into the theatre and I was already oncall. First four days in UMMC was the orientation days.. (Yup, we were so disorientated, UM and UMMC is so big and we are so lost!) Then Friday was day one in OT, Saturday is a public holiday and Sunday my first oncall day!


But thats how we roll. To be honest, despite all the experience of working, moving to a new place and unfamiliarity with the system definitely stressed me up. I forgot where the maternity building is, I had to google Gloria Jeans UM to find the building. All I can remember is the coffee place! My goodness!

After hours of stressing up for no reason, S brought B and T to the hospital to visit mommy.. There’s a playground next to maternity building so they can play there. Tasha had too much fun. She refused to stay still, all I get is this blurry pictures of her busy playing…

And that’s B, eating dinner with mommy. Yup we had a picnic at the playground.

Their laughter definitely cheered me up. Now no more stress. Hahahaha..

S said I mengada-ngada 😉 As if you don’t know me, S..

Owh, and guess what.. I’m oncall again today. But feeling much much better!


12 thoughts on “First Oncall

  1. I guess no matter how many times you do it, it still give you the creeps right? But Dr like Dr S said u mengada2 because hehehee you are so otai in anesth. But new environment, new people have new challenges right. InsyaAllah, you will do great as always. Good luck doc!! Rooting for you!!

  2. Owh.. Dinner di playground. Mesti seronok kn b & t happy n excited je.. Hopefully mommy also enjoy working in a new place..!!

  3. Dr, wish u all the best! 💪🏼 wish me luck too, i have lotssss of finals coming up this month 😭 anyway, dr S is so sweet, siap bawak B and T ro see their stressed mommy at work! So thoughtful 😁

  4. i also wonder how u manage bella and tasha behavior? they look so polite and good kids.. did bella and tasha do their tantrum sometime esp from 1 year until their age now? how you and your husband handle that kind situation? especially when either one of you are not around..? hope u don’t mind to share =)

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