Hello UMMC!

Hi all!!

Guess what.. I’m starting my old new life, as a student! But this time, even worse, working and studying at the same time. *insert cry here* .. as if my plate is not full enough.

I’ve moved to UMMC to further my study. This is my first week, orientation week to be exact, hence the extra time to write to all of you πŸ˜‰ So far, it has all been great. The distance from home, the colleagues, the choice of food thats available inside and around hospital (if I had the time to go and eat! πŸ˜‰ ), coffee place (yup, that’s a criteria for a good hospital!)..

But the toughest of all is to fight for parking spot!! Hahaha… common issues in all government hospital I guess. The parking area is probably 1km away from the faculty. I’m saying goodbye to my heels. Hello flat shoes and owh.. Umbrella! Hahah.. I can’t believe I actually googled “pretty umbrella” and believe me there’s quite a number of pretty umbrella out there. All my life I only knew my dad’s golf umbrella! πŸ˜€

Another solution to my parking problem is to get my husband to send me to work! Great! He can drop me at the hospital before going to work, and fetch me later in the evening. You know.. with the bike.. so we can be like the couple in that 80’s movie… Ali Setan!! Hahaha…

Gosh! So many new things going on with my life right now. I’m adjusting to it.. What I know for sure.. I miss this bunch from Selayang Hospital. That place is more that a work place to me. Selayang Anaesthesia Department is like my second family..

These are just part of them, more family members not in the picture.. Selayang people.. I know you miss me too… or maybe not! Wahahahahha..

Wish me luck!



29 thoughts on “Hello UMMC!

  1. Gud luck Dr Halina..May Allah ease yr way..Aamiin..may be you can share later yr experience,tips & advice for those out there who want to work & study at the same time.. : )

  2. dr., im a UM student too.. I wanna meet you in person,. we can take a selfie (maybe two!)..please!
    #optimist #dreamsdocometrue

  3. Congrats Babe! I just said bye bye to UM. No more parking atas and bawah bukit yay!!
    Jangan jonah ok. Have fun – you will do fine. Boss anaesth UM baik2.

  4. Wish u all the best & gud luck doc..insyaAllah😊😊 We are of same age & u r one tough lady to go all out in ur study..maybe i should challenge myself too πŸ˜‰ Very inspirational doc..keep it up !!

  5. With bike?wowwww..so sweet dr..wish u good luck dr..nak jadikan u idola..tp dah terlambat nak jadi dr..nak kawen ngan angkasawan gak,macam x layak..but 1 thing yang i minat kat u,ur smile and your teeth..cantik..nak ikut yang tulah..senyuman dan gigi yang cantik..heehe

  6. memang patut kena naik moto doktor..sy kerja kt ummc..petang memang jem gggleeerrr..nanti bulan puasa..ya Allah..lagi dasat..nanti mesti dr selalu lepak kt gloria..hehehe

  7. Congrats Dr & welcome to UMMC. I was there during your registration. Cute girl (perasan..!) at IT counter when u r activating ur SSO id…hehe. X sempat nak meet you in person..dpt berbls senyuman / gelak pon jd la.

  8. I think my hubs is still unsure furthering the study part..oh well i dont mind either way. All the best!

    Wife of your ex-colleague

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