I’m currently in Penang attending the Annual Scientific Congress of the Malaysian Society of Anaesthesiologist. That’s a mouthful of everything..

This is my first time way for the longest time ever from my family. Usually it’s only one night at the hospital during oncall and I’ll be home the next morning.. But this time.. 5 days and 4 nights! That is 4 nights of having the bed to myself!! The thought of leaving the children behind makes me sad, but my husband told me it’s gonna be good. I’ll get to rest, have some me time. It’s like taking a break from chaotic routine at home. I don’t buy that! He is probably happy having the whole bed to himself!! Hahahaha…

I got ready late for the airport, thinking that missing the plane might be a good idea, at least I can get extra night at home reducing my stay in Penang only for 3 nights!! (Hahaha.. Smart, eh?) But my husband’s driving skill is annoyingly skillful. We made it on time for the flight. Urrghhh.. So I had to leave…

It’s funny how I cry every time S left for outstation (he didn’t of course!) and when it’s time for me to leave.. it was still me who is crying.. Totally a cry baby!!

First night upon arrival in Penang.. I was too tired to miss anyone, I just slept like a dead log.. The next day, I had too much fun with my colleagues from Selayang Hospital. We went to Gurney Drive and ate like nobody’s business. At night, again too tired to think about anything…

Day 3.. daytime, I was busy with lecturers and all. Another round of night out with my colleagues to Batu Feringghi but I’m starting to miss my girls.. and S of course. I feel like my nights are too quiet. No little voice screaming around me. No Tasha’s little feet kicking my face in the middle of the night.  No Bella to touch my ears.. yes, that’s her weird but funny habits. She likes to touch my ears before going to sleep. Only mommy ears. Not daddy’s! Hahaha.. I’m starting to miss them..

I don’t want to talk to them over the phone or even FaceTime with them.. just in case they started to cry and I really don’t want to get S into trouble of consolling them. Even worse, if I started to cry. Hahaha…

That’s the whole gang just wasting time by the beach at Batu Feringghi. Waiting for sunset and dinner..

Tomorrow is the last day of the conference. And my flight back home. Yay!! I can’t wait to hug those little minions!!

In the mean time, I have my friends with me, just to keep my sanity intact! (or probably insanity!!)

Check out the rock on my fingers!! Photo taken at Baxter booth, MSA Penang!


9 thoughts on “Homesick!

  1. Salam Dr!

    I know exactly how u feel only a thousand times harder. Haha.. imagine seeing your husband for 48 hours (or less!) every month. Im working in sarawak while my husband works in penang. We can only afford plane tickets once a month and we’ll hv to”puasa” in nov n december bcause plane tickets during school break is extremely expensive. Its been 2 years now. The worst part is when my daughter hardly recognize her father and had to berkenalan with her dad each time we met. She’s one y/o now. Going through pregnancy and raising little baby alone is not easy n only Allah knows how much i’ve cried. I’ve request to be transfered to penang 5times (and still counting) but they refuse to do so bcause my problem “is not that big”. So yeah, still surviving right now and pray as much as i could so that my family can be intact once again. Pray for us as well! May Allah bless u n ur family doc! All the best!! Amin…

    1. Oh dear!! It is a big problem ok!! I wish you all the best! And keep applying to come back to semenanjung!

  2. Salam Dr.
    My 2 years old girl also have a habit of touching my belly before sleep! Only mommy’s belly ok hahaha…my husband offer his but rejected hahaha…sometimes i put some oil on my belly so that she stop doing it, but instead of stopping the habit, she started to touch my back pulak! Adehhh…i just said to myself everynight that this is just temporary…she will stop doing it one day 😜😭😭😭 have a nice day doc!

    1. nak share jgk sikit. my 3yo son suka pegang my elbow. mesti kena luruskan tangan eh. hahaha! realized this habit lepas start proses wean off frm breasfeed…huhu

  3. Happy fasting to u and ur family Dr Halinaaa 🙂 let’s take this chance to improve ourselves in this holy month of Ramadhan.. Selamat berpesta ibadah! Xoxo

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