Answering Your SSWK Questions

Dear readers..

I received many emails regarding to this Secret Skin White Kawaii Collagen drink product. Here’s the answer to most of the questions. I’m answering this from my knowledge and experience. Hope this will answer your questions..

1) Is it safe for pregnancy?

From my professional opinion, try to avoid any extra supplement / medications during first trimester of pregnancy. This is because first trimester of pregnancy is where the organogenesis (development of the organ) of the embryo will be form. No strong study to support this supplement is safe to be consume. Please don’t take the risk. After completion of first trimester, it is fairly safe to consume because embryo’s organ formation is complete. InsyaAllah.

2) Is it safe for breastfeeding?


3) Should I not taking caffeine while consuming this product?

As of any anti-oxidant supplement, it is not advisable to take caffeine. Caffeine is a diuretics. Diuretics mean it makes you pee a lot more. Peeing a lot can cause your body to be dehydrated. When body is dehydrated, so does the skin!! Dehydrated skin will hasten your aging process.

On the other hands, you are drinking anti-oxidant and collagen at the same time to slow down your aging process.

In other words, you are actually contradicting the effect of anti-oxidant and collagen. Do you get what I mean? No point of taking supplements and counter act the action at the same time.

I’m a caffeine addict. Well, no so bad but I need my daily dose of caffeine. And I drink my caffeine in the morning to get me going. On top of my coffee, I drink a lot of water to make sure I stay hydrated. I don’t think I can function without caffeine. Hahaha.. So, to all coffee lovers, we still have hope ok!!

4) When is the best time to take the anti-oxidant / collagen supplement?

As far as I know, the best time to consume any anti-oxidant / collagen-containing product is at night. This is because the skin renewal activity is happening while we sleep. Just take it before you go to bed and leave it to your body to do the job. I don’t think to is wise to take it first thing in the morning for me because I’m taking my coffee during daytime and I want to make sure my body is well-hydrated while I’m on my mission to beautify myself. Haha.. So, before bed works for me!!

5) Is it halal?

Yes. It’s enclosed with the product leaflet when you buy it.

Have you seen the latest packaging..ย It still comes in small sachets inside this jar. That makes this SSWK product better than others. The quality of the anti-oxidant content is guaranteed because the content will not be oxidised every time we open the jar. Previous, I wrote about why we need anti-oxidantย in our daily life..

I hope I have answered all your questions.

Remember all coffee addicts, drink a lot of water. We still have hopes!! Hahaha..


44 thoughts on “Answering Your SSWK Questions

  1. Hi Dr. Halina.
    Thank you for your information on the collagen. Just wondering, any studies shows that it is safe for a long term consumption?
    How do we know it is perfectly safe and no side effects? Berapa lama dah product nie available in the market and apa reaksi pengguna? 6-9 months is not that long enough to see any effects kan? just wondering.. risau sangat nak try. hahaha

    1. i hope you realised that this is not a drug that needs to have massive study and approval by WHO. its just a daily extra supplement. like how you drink coffee everyday, without you knowing, coffee also contains drug that is called caffeine. do you know long term effect of caffeine, no massive study done. as for now, scientists only know that caffeine might have a protective effect over Alzheimer’s disease..

  2. Doc… when consume this ur appetite bertambah tak? Someone told me bila u mkn collegen ur selera akan naik mendadak.

  3. Dr, it works wonder for me! The result of softer n flawless skin is seen in only a week. I am amazed! Lg senang nk pakai mekap n my hubsy said im more gebuz. Hahahh. Thanx to Dr for introducing tis product to me! xox!

  4. Interesting, doc nak tanya. Since this is only supplement, can a thalassemia trait take it too? If can, than saya nak try juga :).

    1. I think thalassemia can consume. But you always can check if its contain high iron, therefor, tak boleh nak consume juga. sebab iron can buat thalassemia pt can collapse.

  5. Salam dr. I still doubt about zofea beauty (including secret skin kawaii) products range esp approval from kkm. I asked the sales assistant at any beauty n supplement shop but most of them said that the product isnt officially get approval from kkm. Does it safe? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  6. Dr, saya banyak terbaca dlm grup endometriosis, doctor gynae x galakkan mknn berasaskan collagen & soya. Kerana ia merupakan bahan yg akan ‘menggalakkan’ pertumbuhan cyst. Ibarat baja kepada cyst. Adakah benar?

  7. clearly asking for the supplement and not coffee. definitely not a drug for sure. but why is Shaklee doing massive research of their supplements on their products? baru terbaca their journals published tu yang tertanya2 tu.

    and no am not a distributor. just a cocern citizen.

    1. Shaklee has a massive lab in US. Thats why they can do study and all. This is a local product that follows the study done by others.

  8. Assalam dr.
    sy confuse atatement doc referring to doc ckp 1st trimester avoid extra suplement. So mase 1st trimester vitamen ape yg boleh consume n what not.

  9. Dr, i tengah buat fertiliti treatment. masa pregnant boleh minum coffee tak? i pun pagi2 mesti minum coffee 3 in 1 ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Doc, is chemical peeling safe hmm wanna try but not so confident. Am 24y/o this year, i heard if it is deep peeling anaesthetic will be needed.

  11. Dr halina..i’m just recently taking sswkc for 2 days n like u, i am a coffee lover..but since the dealer adviced me not to take caffeine..hence, i’m decided not to consume it for those 2 days…after read your blog..maybe i’m gonna continue to drink it…hehehehe….we still have hope!!!!!!!๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜† #captionwin

  12. can we consume this when we are taking other meds / supplements as well. contoh if we are taking evening primrose oil, can we consume this also? hope to get your reply. thanking you in advance! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. ok ke kalo I consume this n also my folic acid? I take this supplement in the morning, and before sleep I take my folic acid..ok ke doc?

  14. Salam semua. SSWKC memang the best collagen yang saya pernah ambil.
    Saya Pengedar SAH Secret Skin White Kawaii Collagen ya, area Bangi/Kajang. Confirm ORIGINAL.
    Boleh dapatkan juga dengan saya. Boleh whatsapp/call/SMS/telegram di 019 232 7637 . Fast reply.

    Thanks ya ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Salam… hye.. saya sangat adore kecantikan kulit Doc Halina dari dulu lagi and now dah taw rahsianya..saya pon consume SSWKC lepas dapat tau DOC ambil SSWKC ni..dan memang benar dalam banyak2 supplemen collagen, SSWKC ni paling berkesan dengan saya sampai dah jadi penjual dah.. saya pun PENAGIH KOPI juga..takboleh tinggal dalam sehari! Alhamdulillah walaupun kuat minum kopi, saya dapat kulit seperti yang diidamkan..kalo si penggemar kopi nak consume SSWKC ni juga dan dalam masa yang sama breastfeeding baby, bolehlah berhubung dengan saya ye..dengan syarat jadi customer sy dulu.. muuahh..

  16. Dr, byk kali sy google tp x de info whether kanak2 can take this supp or not..bole ke dr sy nk bg anak sy umur 10 thn?

  17. Salam Dr Harlina, why do u choose SSWKC instead of other supplement? I see a lot of supplement nowadays & it is really hard to select which is the best to consume. Thanx.

    1. Takda masalah ibu nak consume suplimen..but make sure kena tahu dan kenal pasti suplimen yang sesuai. If puan beli dengan mana2 dealer yamg menjual suplimen..kena info mereka masalah G6PD baby puan.


  18. Good info doc! Nak ambil mana2 supplemen pun kena banyak minum air sebab memudahkan khasiat diserap dalam badan. Kalau boleh kurangkan kopi tak lebih dari 250ml sehari. Saya pun coffee addict. tapi memang kena banyak minum air. Then kena jarakkan pengambilan supplemen dgn kopi. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Hubungi kami utk COD #SecretSkinWhiteKawaiiCollagen area Bandar Sunway, PJS, Subang Jaya, USJ, NPE, Tesco/Giant Besar Shah Alam, Kelana Jaya, PJ, Puchong Jaya, Sg Buloh, Damansara, Subang, Bangsar South, KL Sentral. Lain2 tempat boleh pos, postage percuma! PM/sms/whatsapp #0132088406 utk agen berdekatan anda. Free guide & tips.

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    + 1 jar Kawaii White Maxx Extra (35 sachet)
    + Brightening Serum
    + Miracle Water

    โœฎ 1 jar SSWKC (35 sachet)
    + 1 jar White Maxx Extra (35 sachet)

    โœฎ 2 jar SSWKC (70 sachet)
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    โœฎ 2 jar SSWKC (70 sachet)
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  20. Assalam doc..

    Sy plan nk try this sswkc slps tgk bahan2 utama dia plus mcm2 superfruit antioxcidant yg bagus…but problemnya skrg tgh mkn supplmnt vit c nk tau if sy ambil dua2 sekali ada apa2 masalah x?

  21. Salam Dr,
    saya terbaca dlm kawaii ni ada glutathione. Boleh Dr tolong komen sedikit ttg glutathione ni? Samada selamat atau tidak dimakan setiap hari.

    Terima kasih Dr.

  22. Salam Doc,

    I purchased SSKW last month and received the product leaflet you mentioned above. I tried to call the number stated because there was no halal logo on the bottle and to my surprised the number was unknown. I check the product on KKM websites but I couldn’t find any. Do you mind if you giving me the product registration number or something? They should definitely update the phone number.

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