Deepavali 2010

Deepavali 2010 is special to me.. That was about one month plus after we got married.. It was somewhere in early November..
In my lifetime, I never had any headache before. Trust me.. Never! But a week before Deepavali.. I started to have headache.. morning, day and night.. and crazy mood swing (How can a newly wed has mood swing?? I was supposed to be in honeymoon phase!!)

Then I started to think.. what could possibly when wrong.. like some brain pathology, or some viral infection.. some hormonal imbalance.. I already made a checklist to rule out my illness, until my colleague told me to do Urine Pregnancy Test..

I gulped! Is that possible? It has only been a month?? So, I went to the pharmacy, and I bought like 5 different brand of UPT!! Hahahha.. I just wanna make sure there’s no false positive happening here!! 5!! For Godsake!! Hahahha… And no, I didn’t tell my new husband yet.. I was scared!!

Deepavali morning, I was on call..

(Come to think about it, I’m always on call on Deepavali!! Today pun on call!!)

Woke up early, according to my gynaecology knowledge, urine for pregnancy test has to be done early in the morning.. First urine in the morning because that is when the beta HCG hormone is at its highest level in the urine.. I drank glasses of water to get the system running 😉 Hehe..

So, to the toilet I go… First time peeing on the stick!! Woohooo… Of course I didn’t manage to complete all 5 sticks!! Hahahah.. Only 1. Geezzzzz..

I closed my eyes, no actually I peeped with one eye.. it took a while for the blue line to come out.. First line is out. Then there was a faint second line. I fainted for 3 seconds! Two lines.. two lines.. two lines.. Breathe Halina breathe… This is huge. I better breathe.. It was surreal. Then I get ready to work.. I was on call remember. Hubsy was already awake. He was in front of the computer reading news. I told him… “I think I’m pregnant” and showed him the stick that I peed on. (Haha.. cleaned of course!!) I think his jaw literally dropped… and the rest is history..

Here we are.. 4 years later..

Blessed..Photo credit to Rashidee Azman 


Happy Deepavali to all who celebrating.. Wishing you a wealthy, prosperous and delightful Deepavali. Happy holiday to the rest!!


41 thoughts on “Deepavali 2010

  1. macam baru lagi je tengok siaran langsung Dr. bersanding dekat PICC. Truly blessed Dr & the whole family. Happy Diwali too ! i’m workinggg sobb Lol 😉

  2. Salam doc…i love reading ur blog and i want my daughter to write like u. Do you have any tips? How to start doc? May Allah bless ur familym

  3. hahaha so you got pregnant after a month of being married???LOL. Super fast. I enjoy your post everytime. Selamat oncall ICU, kan?? Wishing you a very uneventful call:)

  4. Happy holiday Dr… Whoops u r on call today! Anyway .. Me my self faced da same to all my 4 pregnancies. Thnx to Allah all boys. Hope u gonna get a boy later .. 😊

  5. I feel u.. me to.. I got pregnant after one month kawin.. its really super fast..siap ajak en suami g klinik.. then the doc said.. keep calm.. klau it show 2 lines mmg confirm pregnant.. xyh check byk kali..hahaha I was super excited to be mummy then.. now I have 2 kidz.. abang sebaya bella..hihi

  6. Doc, this is out of topic but still i need to ask u on it. I have been eyeing on some chemical peeling lately to heal my skin hmm my main concern is, will it makes my skin worst in future if i stop one day? I have read lots the good and bad but was confused when people said it must be continuously or u will end up having back your previous skin when stop the treatment. Perhaps there is better things that can be opt first and the peeling comes second? Helppp 😥

  7. You shd be happy it took me eight years to get my first baby.And now i had five in total..syukur.All grown up well and im blessed with three girls and two boys.Alhamdulillah.

  8. At least not too late to write the first pregnancy experience. Love to read that. Did you have any morning sickness other than headache Dr.?

  9. Assalam doc….sy akan menjalani operation d hosp selayang 27 nov….are u on duty that day?…😊😊😊😊😊

      1. Hihihihi……hope can terserempak ngan u….nnt jln2 kt wad ye…😉😉😉😉….but actually i’m so nervous thinking d operation. Hope everythings going well n smoothly…insyaAllah

  10. Hi doc! I just went out from OT hosp slyg, just had my d&c. After i wake up, i ask for u. Hahah. Sbb suddenly remember u are in hosp slyg too. But the nurse said u on call last night. Tade rezeki nk jpa. Kalau jpa, i xbawak phone to take picture with u. 😝 anyway, hopefully bumped into u one day. 😄

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  12. Saya pon rasaa mcm baru smlm makan tergesa2 cepat sebab nak tgk drr bersanding dlm tv…waktu tu tgk sambil senyum2..untungnye dr.halina..lst2 dia dapat..beribu org nak kawen ngan angkasawan..

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