Mandarin Flash Cards

Some of you might know that B and T goes to Mandarin class apart from their daily school. They really love their Mandarin lessons. Sometimes they sing  Mandarin song at home.. Mommy just go lalala pretend to understand.. At the class, whenever they can memorise a Mandarin word in Chinese characters, they get to bring … Continue reading Mandarin Flash Cards

Answering Your SSWK Questions

Dear readers.. I received many emails regarding to this Secret Skin White Kawaii Collagen drink product. Here's the answer to most of the questions. I'm answering this from my knowledge and experience. Hope this will answer your questions.. 1) Is it safe for pregnancy? From my professional opinion, try to avoid any extra supplement / … Continue reading Answering Your SSWK Questions

Finally.. The Official Launch of has come a long way since they started about a year ago. Both the co-founders, Dr Zahilah and Dr Foo has been working hard on this webpage to cater most of their readers out there. They are expanding really fast, and currently there are 27 members of doktorbudak to assist you in non-emergencies health … Continue reading Finally.. The Official Launch of

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day!! A day to celebrate all mothers out there for everything they have done for us!! Today I’m oncall in maternity theatre, seeing all these mothers in labour reminds me to write something to share with you.. Labour pain!! It’s crazy painful ok!! 20 bones getting fractured at the same time!! Can … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day!!


Getting the girls to read nowadays is not as easy as before. There are so much distractions like the tv, ipad and even the phone. It has becoming quite difficult to get Bella and Tasha to lie down in bed and listen to bedtime stories anymore (or is it because mommy fell asleep before them?? … Continue reading Read!!

Flash Cards

Hi all.. I would like to share what I have done and still doing for Bella and Tasha.. Of course we, the parents wants the best for our children. Here is something that we are doing for both our girls.. and that is the usage of flash cards!! Children's brain is like sponges. They can … Continue reading Flash Cards