The Best Birthday Gift!!

This is the best birthday gift ever!

I asked B to sing for me again  and again and again until she got fed up and changed from “mommy” to her name.. Hahaha..

I’m so blessed. Alhamdulillah..


35 thoughts on “The Best Birthday Gift!!

  1. Reblogged this on FahriyahSuhaimi~ and commented:
    Hai Assalamualaikum.
    Hari ni start final exam sem 1. Yeay!! Insha Allah. Moga Allah permudahkan segalanya. Amin. Debar juga nk exam ni. Tapi xpe, yang penting, kita study dengan ikhlas, bersedia dan letak sepenuh kepercayaan pada Allah dan x lupa juga, kenalah confident ye. Yakin. Yakin. 🙂

    Oh i just in love with this Bella video. Shared from . Have a nice day!!

    Pray for me to.
    XOXO. F. Fahry. 😉

  2. Dr Harlina, I lurrrrvvvveee reading your blog and whatever that you rumbled in your blog. So before I make you yawn reading my comments here, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Wonderful Joyous Blessed Birthday. Doesnt matter what’s the number cos its simply numbers.. Yang penting, hati mesti happy and muda 🙂

    Lynn doakan agar Dr Halina akn diberkati Allah sentiasa and moga bahagia disamping ur 2 lil princess and your Prince Charming.

    Hope you will be able to fulfill your 2014 resolution and keep those rumbling in your blog pouring cos I am enjoying every sentences….

    Enjoy ur B Day dear 🙂

  3. Happy birthday dr halina !
    bella’s slang made me jealous coz i didn’t hv one :p
    keep on blogging, pretty doctor

    1. Happy birthday Dr. Halina..sma bday dgn ank sy & tak sangka msa kelahiran ank sy, Dr. Halina la doktor bius sy msa..kalo sy tau sy da wish msa tu.huhu..

  4. Clever, cute & cheeky Bella! ♥
    Happy birthday dear Doctor. May Allah bless you with taqwa, happiness, health, wealth & all good things.
    XOXO, AN

  5. Happy belated birthday dr halina! Keep calm and stay gorgeous! hiks
    excited setiap kali doc ada new entry kat blog. excited juga dengan Bella dan tasya..
    rasa macam nak ada anak sekarang lah.. hahah

  6. Salam.
    Hiiiiiii dr halinaa!! Happy birthdayyy!!! Birthday doc 30hb dec ke? If yes, we share the same date!! Omggg!! Excited nye saya! Btw, selamat hari jadi doc. Semoga sentiasa dirahmati Allah selalu.. ceria selalu..bahagia bersama keluarga & may all ur wishes comes true!

  7. Happy belated birthday Dr.Halina.. Admire ur daughter Bella, same age with my daughter, Orked Amani.. Can u share with all the readers, how u manage to make Bella speak english fluently.. I tried to speak english with my daughter but she will reply me in bahasa, maybe because I sent her to nursery surrounding with all the people who speaks in bahasa melayu… Any tips or specific video that u showed to Bella to learn? =)

  8. B is sooo adorablee! And I love lovee her accent. Very english.
    Happy belated birthday dr halina.
    Hoping to be a great doctor and mummy like u one day.

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