The Laid-Back and The Clean-Obsessed!

Another outing day..

This time the girls get to enjoy the beach!!

We were in PD yesterday evening. It was just a day trip. We drove down to PD after lunch and already back in KL by 7pm. Both grandparents came and join us together with their cousins. We had real fun, we brought food from home, with tikar.. had our teatime under the tree. It’s just so nice to be together with the family enjoying the nature..

To our surprise, we gotta know Tasha is such a laid-back child. She loves running around (ok, not really running but walking..) with her barefoot enjoying the sand. She just sit on the sand and started to play with it (and that includes putting it in her mouth!! Haha..)

That one definitely she got it from her daddy!!

She doesn’t even bother the sand in between her toes. She loves it!!

And that’s her enjoying the waves and wet sand on her own. No drama at all!!

And Bella, on the other hand… is a clean-obsessed!! (Like mommy!! Hahah..)

She wanted to build a sand castle but doesn’t want her hands to get dirty. Haha.. I had to sit down with her and slowly make her touch the sand and explain to her it’s ok that her hand is dirty. It takes time but towards the end, she’s getting better at it!

And to get her into the water, is another episode of drama. Maybe the waves scares her. She’s only convinced to go into the water when I told her the sea is just a huge swimming pool.. Hahahha.. It’s true isn’t it??

And she believes me!!

Owh, and my sister (Dr Hamizah) is back in KL for her maternity leave. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last September, Rhea Aireen, now 3 months old. Here she is with her babatok..

Check out her thigh!! Yummehhh!!!

It was definitely a memorable day for all of us. Since we had too much fun.. and Bella needs more beach-training (hehe..) we definitely gonna do this more often!! 😉


18 thoughts on “The Laid-Back and The Clean-Obsessed!

  1. Doc,

    Alah bisa tegal biasa, lama2 ok la si Bella tu, just like my kids, now ni nak suh berenti main pun susah kalau dah jumpa pantai

  2. Sooooo cute lil Tasha and Rhea Aireen ! Bella looks so adorable here…. Biasalah budak2…bila dah pujuk dan prepare dia mentally, dia akan yakin…How come she scare with the sea? Hahaha… She’s a good swimmer right, doc? Like what you said, maybe the sound and the appearance of the waves scares her… Happy family!

  3. Hi doc, never miss your blog everyday…such a routine…heheh…do keep writing doc, such a wonderful story n funny too hahahha….i like

  4. Haraz was a little reserved too but after a few visits we have trouble convincing him to go home but he’s still not a big fan of the water, just the sand and probably washing his feet and hands a little at the water.
    Tasha looks fearless, they’ll soon pair up I reckon and you might be in for a bit of a headache hi hi hi

  5. Salam to all cuters in the family.. Alhamdulillah. Thanks for sharing your self beauty tips in your previous post. Agree that we need to do something to improve our health. Insya Allah, mudah- mudah Allah memberkati segala usaha kita.. .

  6. so cute…the same happens to my sons during our recent trip to langkawi…my eldest nangis2 taknak masuk air..he said there would be sharks and jelly fish in the water,hehehe…whereas the adik really enjoy getting to the water and play with sands.

  7. tasha comelnyaaaa.. dr nanti letak la byk video little B & T byk2 kat instagram.. i duk repeat byk kali tau tgk video yg b masak utk datuk S tu.. she is so adorable la

  8. 1st daughter sangat la macam B. bila nak buat san castle kena sediakan air dia nak basuh tangan kalau terkena pasir..Now pregnant 2nd baby, rasanya mesti macam T pulak cool and rileks..ahaks..

  9. OMG,Rhea Aireen sho cuteeeee! Kak mizah is my senior at MRSM Jasin..she so chantek n I adore d flawless of her skin!! Haha..kem salam n sending my love kat dia!! 😀

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