Another Animal-Friendly Trip

It’s family outing time again!!

Both me and my husband are on leave until next year!! Haha.. January 1, 2014 is in 3 days time!! After that, we will be back to our daily work. I guess every parents are the same, we try to spend as much time as we could with our children. To compensate back with our busy schedule!! So, we use these days to bring our girls out. Yes, we have plans for ever single day until new year!!

Today, we went to KL Tower.. Nope, not the tower itself, I don’t think our girls would appreciate KL Tower yet but we went to the Animal Zone at the base of KL Tower.. 

This is just a small place where they keep exotic / rare breed animals. Just a friendly reminder, this place is definitely not a stroller-friendly area. The floors are made of wood and rocks. Too bumpy and small to manouver a stroller (and we brought two! Huh!)

When I say exotic.. this is what I meant with exotic.. hairy spider..

Two headed turtle..

and tokay gecko!!!

Yup, I still remember the computer game called Gecko I played when I was a lot younger. Got really excited when I first saw this lizard.. Haha..

These is one of the smallest snake they have here.. there was also a huge phyton and albino phyton.. probably bigger than me!!

These tortoises are my girls favourite..

But nothing beats Bella’s obsession with chicken.. Hahahha..

Next to the Animal Zone is the Aquarium@KL Tower. Again, not a good idea with stroller because the place is quite congested (but we survived!)

This place is really dark. The lighting comes from the aquarium. Hence the poor quality pictures.

Getting two toddlers to smile for a camera is really difficult!!

It was a short trip but we had fun! And tomorrow, if it doesn’t rain, we will be by the beach!! InsyaAllah..


16 thoughts on “Another Animal-Friendly Trip

  1. Doc, dtg la sabah. Sini ada area tanah tinggi called Kundasang, Ranau. Tempatnya sejukkkk dkt dgn Mt of Kibabalu. Ada farm desa cattle too. (try google). Errm, sini ada pulau2 yg best gak!! Dtg la dtg la.. If u’re coming bgtau la senang i nak jumpa.. :)d

  2. Salam doc,

    I would stongly suggest you bring your kids to the Farm in the city at seri kembangan. I’m sure they will love it. Just Google..

  3. Hi doc. I went to Kl tower too on Saturday. Hehe. But i just skipped the animal zone area. If bella “obsessed” with chickens, my daughter has fascination for birds 🙂 happy new year in advance doc! 🙂

  4. salam doc! can’t help but to notice your girls sneakers. mind sharing where did you buy them? i have 2 girls also and rasa lagi senang pi jln2 pakai sneakers!

    thanks and happy new year!!

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