Our Newborn Daughter

We finally have a name for B’s little sister!!! It doesnt took us long to decided on her name this time..

We think the name suits her well πŸ™‚ insyaAllah..

Daddy went to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara today to register her. To those who doesn’t know, you have to register newborns within 14 days after the baby is born. If you took more than 14 days, you’ll be fine!!!

Malu lar kan kalu kena denda.. Haha..

So, we have decided to name our daughter..

Sophea Natasha

(insert fireworks here)


Almost like her sister..

Sophea Isabella.

We love the name ‘Sophea’ so much.. It means ‘wise and beautiful’

we decided to keep it..

and daddy chose ‘Natasha’ because it means ‘strong’. This baby is a strong baby.. after all ups and downs during pregnancy and delivery, she made it through!!

And ‘Natasha’ also means ‘gift of God’.. Which she truly is πŸ™‚

Owh.. And btw, B and daddy is in Kosmo newspaper today!!!

Check them out!!

Where’s Tasha’s pic? Nanti ok πŸ˜‰ X


70 thoughts on “Our Newborn Daughter

  1. salam doc.. hehehe..
    nnt short name utk natasha ape plak ye… ??
    kalau bella called as little B, klau tasha?? πŸ™‚

  2. ingatkan dah ada gambar sophea natasha… laju je sya tekan link ke entry nie..hehe btw… nama yg cantik… seindah maksudnya πŸ™‚

  3. wah…sophea natasha! nice name….hehe πŸ™‚ same mcm name kakak die…sophea isabella…. dua2 sedap namenye…tpi, saya x sabar le nk tatap wajah comel baby tasha ni…heheh hrp cpt2 le Kak Na upload ye…Kak Na,plez hugged ur two princess to me…. πŸ™‚

  4. Askm..amboi..nama glame no..hehe.. Natasha… panggil short name=Tasha ke? πŸ™‚ May she make both of u proud someday.Amin.

  5. beautiful name.. semoga both bella and newborn sofea natasha jd anak yg solehah pd both Dr Halina & Dr SMS.. amin

  6. Ish, pandai Doctor buat suspen tau, excited betul saya, ehheeh ingat dah dpt tengok sophea natasha (what a beatiful name).. may Allah bless Doctor n family.. till Jannah..amin

  7. so we are going to call her Tasha! Tasha, Tasha…be a good girl okay πŸ˜€ congrats Dr. May Allah bless your family, always.

  8. indahnye nama baby…semoga Sophea Isabella & Sophea Natasha akan menjadi anak yang solehah..amin. πŸ™‚

  9. I thought Sophea Isadora.. hehe.. read somewhere on Dr SMS saying 2nd child will be that name.. hehe by the way Sophea Natasha also a nice name.. congrats sis!!

  10. can’t wait to see Sophea Natasha’s photos. she must be as cute as her big sister. i thought your second baby will be Sophea Isadora. But the chosen name also nice and very meaningful. the first one called B and this one will call T..he..he…lets wait what her mummy will call her. of course mummy knows best of what to call her baby. i wish the baby to be fine and happy confinement for you. send my hugs n kisses to cute B.

  11. wahhh , anak akk natasha? my nama is antasya ! my birthday 18 january natasha 19 january? wahh πŸ˜‰ hampir kembar ! haha

  12. Both girls have nice and girlish yet meaningful name.
    Sound lovely too!:)

    Btw, B looks so girlish in that picture. Most of the time she looks kinda ‘tomboyish’ from the pictures:)

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