Riyadh / Mecca 2012

Hi there! Some of you might know that me and Bella followed my husband to Riyadh and managed to perform umrah during our stay in Saudi last month. Its was almost a week stay in Riyadh, followed by 3 days stay in Mecca. Short.. too short in fact but alhamdullilah we managed to make full use of our time there, insyaAllah..

The reason we had to go to Riyadh was because my husband had to attend the Association of Space Explorers XXV Planetary Congress. It was my third time meeting all the astronauts from all over the world!! Most of them attended our wedding when the Congress was held in Malaysia in 2010.

And this is Bella’s first time, of course πŸ˜‰ We all had to wear a name tag, and Bella got hers too!! Haha.. cute or not!!

Check out her name tag.. So full of bitemarks and kelepet2 coz that’s what she did to her name tag!! Haha..

Anyway, we had fun there. While the astronauts attending their conferences, forums and interviews, we (spouse and children) will go around pusing2 Riyadh πŸ™‚ Quite a challenge for me as Bella still needs her short nap at noon and susu every 3-4hourly and at the same time I wanna see the city too. Bella probably the youngest kid attending the conference. Lucky me, a lot of makcik2 wanna play can carry her around. Heheh..Β 

One of the most beautiful scenery I’d seen in Saudi is their desert. MasyaAllah.. Unbelievable. We were brought to see the sunset at the desert in suburb Riyadh.. and it’s breath taking. But to my surprise, it’s actually not easy to walk on the desert sand.. No wonder camels have such a lean leg!! Hahaha.. We had fun riding the camels.. OK, not me.. just Bella and daddy. I don’t think riding a camel would be a good idea for a 7 month pregnant lady, either I will fall or the camel will break their back!! πŸ˜€

But Bella had a lot of fun!! She looks like she wants to conquer the world!! Woohoooo!!! You go girl!! Check out the cloud! It’s so thin because of the geographic location of Saudi Arabia, that explains the weather and minimal rain there. Yup, their rain only twice a year!! In KL, it can go up to twice a day!!

And that’s Bella trying to make friend with the falcon, little that she knows that the falcon can bite her fingers. We almost got a mini heart attack she she genuinely wanna manja2 poke the falcon’s head and the bird was already turning its head to wards her wanna bite her back!! Hahah.. OK, that’s it. I took her away from that bird!!

After about a week in Riyadh, we travelled back to Jeddah before entring Mecca. I remember looking at Kaabah for the first time when we perform Hajj after we got married.. my heart skipped, probably 3 beats!! Hahha..Β 

This time, we come back again with Little Bella. How I wish she understood what was she seeing..

But I’m sure she had fun, from all our three days stay there, never even once she cried or buat perangai. She behaved very well. During prayers time, we brought her down for prayers despite thousand of people in Masjidil Haram. Since Bella can walk on her own, we just let her walk on her own, the only thing that we needed was patience to wait for her to reach her destinations! Haha.. too small steps lar.. But she was good. Really!

This was just ‘trial’ before we brought her into the tawaf crowd. We wanted to see how she reacted to wards big crowd of people before joining the tawaf crowd. We performed our umrah twice and one tawaf for tawaf wida’. Everytime we went into the tawaf crowd, Bella will fall asleep even before we finished our first round and she will only wakes up after we finished our saie’. Subhanallah! She didnt disturb us at all during our tawaf and saie. Unbelievable isn’t it?! Even during our tawaf wida’ which was performed after asar and temperature outside was 38’C, she still fell asleep..

And this is Bella, performing her saie when she woke up after we finished ours πŸ™‚

Little Bella was so amazed with this gentleman’s janggut, she went and pulled it and played with his tasbih!! Hahah..


80 thoughts on “Riyadh / Mecca 2012

  1. YaAllah…Subhanallah…. suka tgk perkembangan Dr sekeluarga… Alhamdulillah..Allah permudahkan perjalanan umrah bersama Bella… Subhanallah… May Allah SWT bless ur whole family now n after.. πŸ™‚

  2. Such a beautiful entry… There tears in my eyes reading this… What a beautiful and wonderful experience. Bella is an angel sgt!! πŸ™‚

  3. Rindu sgt2 nk baca celoteh dr. Puas sgt bc entry ne. Da terubat rasa rindu. Semoga Allah kurniakan anak yg comel dan pandai mcm Bella. U are my mentor,sis.

  4. u are so lucky dr harlina..how i wish a family like yours.!!.bukan saje kebahagiaan dunia tp kebahagiaan akhirat yg kita nak..

  5. Ya allah, cutenya suara bella! Btw, salam Dr halina. I’m a big fan or yours πŸ˜€ Husband saya kerja sama dept dgn Dr(of cz jawatan lain ;))

    Kdg2 husband saya pun agak stress sbb byk benda saya sukaaaa ikut Dr (yup, ur a trendsetter esp brg2 utk kids, mommies and stuff).. Hihi!

    And yes, rinduuu sgt kat blog Dr! Keep on update ya?!

  6. i agree with you doc. It was a great experience doing umrah with the lil ones:) Allah makes it easier for us to do our ibadah as my kids didnt misbehaved when we were in mekah. Our friends said the same thing about their kids as well:)

  7. You are one VERY VERY LUCKY WOMAN, Dr. The wife to an astronaut!! Bella, too, is MIGHTY … VERY…. FORTUNATE to have you both as parents. Subhanallah!!! πŸ™‚

  8. Alhamdulillah…entri ni membukak mata kita betapa besarnya kuasa Allah swt..semoga dr sekeluarga sentiasa dalam keredhaanNya..amin..

  9. Alhamdulilah semuanya berjalan lancar..subhanallah..ameen. Take care both of u..How i Wish be there some day too. Moga Dr seklrga selalu didlm lindungan Allah. hug for bella.

  10. Doc mind sharing tips mcmna kita nak solat di sana sambil bawa anak sekecil bella?coz im going there next year insyaallah, with my 2yo son but without my husband

  11. Bella my dear… Why are you so cute….? Geramnyaaa! I wish when i get married, Allah will grant me child as cute and brilliant like you little lady.

  12. Super super like this post ! I keep on playing that video πŸ˜› Bella is just too adorable ! Geram betul tengok dia. Such a brilliant kid ! Upload more videos of Bella please please Dr πŸ˜€

  13. hi dr halina!!! i really do adore you! :))) could you please share something about getting married at the later age…i mean, ppl are getting married at the age of 24/25..sometimes as early as 21..i’m 26 and i can really feel the pressure already. can you please share your experience? πŸ™‚ btw, i’m also a medical graduate..so that kinda explain why i’m 26 and still have no plan of getting married..

    p.s : my bf is also a doc..started working 2 months ago..haven’t pop the question yet..

  14. Assalamualaikum Dr. Halina, masyallah kagum dengan kebesaran Allah. Anak akak tak buat perangai masa akak dan suami kerjakan umrah. sheila doakan akak, baby dalam perut, bella dan suami sihat walafiat dan bahagia selalu πŸ™‚

  15. yae…dpt tgk video bella. TQ doc..dah besar dah dia..very matured…pada pendapat doc, better bawa anak kecil atau tidak ke sana. Kena banyak bersabar ke?

  16. Salam doc,

    Alhamdulillah and tahniah kerana menjadi tetamu Allah. Just nak tnya experience you pergi sana dalam waktu pregnant 7 bulan….how u managed yr stamina? ada kesukaran tak utk perform tawaf and saie dan semasa dalam flight? i Insha Allah akan perform umrah Jan ni dan sedang preg 25wks…memang doa banyak2 supaya dipermudahkan segala urusan dan diberi kesihatan dan kecergasan..but still takut juga 😦 . Btw ..thanks for sharing your experience…good motivation for me πŸ™‚

    1. InsyaAllah.. when there’s a will.. there’s a way πŸ™‚ letih tu memang terasa tp kalu nak dibandingkan dgn rasa genbira sampai ke tanah such.. hilang rasa pen at πŸ™‚

      1. Dr, bila pregnant kta xdbenarkan amik suntikan utk buat umrah kan?pastu mcm mana nk pegi buat umrah?

  17. So sweet of little Bella.. Somehow it shows she understand the meaning of patience, May her life be blessed n praised Every beat of the heart……..

  18. salam dr Halina.. i plan nak bawa my 1 yr 2 months baby join i tunaikan umrah. Bab vaksin tu mcmana ye doktor, i tanya my doctor paed (non muslim) dia inform yg infant (below 2 yrs old) takleh suntik vaksin meningitis tu.. so doctor any saranan/suggestion tak? kot2 kene suntikan flu or anything. Terima kasih doktor! (btw i love ur blog!! sgt informative dan sangat ‘real’)

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