Self-Love Notes

Few more days before the new year!!
I just love New Year resolution!! There is just something about starting a new year and telling yourself “I’m gonna make this year about bla, bla and bla..” I don’t know how long it will last but at least I have my objectives.. and ALWAYS aim high!! Yes, that’s what I always do.. Aim high! Like an old saying…” Aim for the stars, you might end up with an astronaut!” Haaa.. I just made that up! What I meant is.. aim for the best, if you don’t get it, you know you’ve tried your best..!
Or maybe you can say.. “At least niat tu ada…” Hahaha…
There are few things I need to focus this time.. and the most important thing is to slow down the aging process. Not that I don’t want to grow old.. but I just want to grow old gracefully. I don’t want to look like I’m still 19, I just want to look appropriate for my age. Is it too much to ask for..?
Two of the few things I want to do this year, my skin and fitness level!
Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! Always make time to exercise.
That’s my new mantra. Health is wealth (except that you can’t buy handbag with health! Haha..) but seriously, your health is important in long term run.. It helps to prevent you from lifestyle-related disease like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease… (that’s the doctor-side of me!!) If you’re not healthy, how can you take care of others. And the perk of being fit, is that you’ll lose all the baby fat.. hello toned body!! This baby fat that clings to my body is killing me… If I gained 5kg after every delivery, can you imagine me after 10 children?!! Haaaa…
And then, comes the skin care part.. the most common question I get in my email, blog, tweeter. The number one principal of skin care is always prevention is better than cure (well, that is applied to medicine too!) So, it’s always better to do something today than waiting for it to happen.
As you get older, you’ll notice you need more ‘maintenance’ than when you were in your 20’s!! I can get away with just basic stuff like cleanser, moisturiser and sunblock in my 20’s.. But now, I have to add serum, eye cream, skin supplement and God knows what!! Hahaha.. Yes, as much I hate to admit, that is the fact. I need all the help I can get.
My favourite serum is the SKII Treatment Essence aka the Miracle Water.
I have been using it for almost 10 years, I still remember my first bottle of SKII, it was in 2003, I was in my fourth year medical school and my boyfriend-now-husband bought for me!! Hahaha.. I was so into it until now.. And yes, I spent my JPA scholarship on SKII Miracle Water!! 😀
Favourite eye cream… Haih.. I’m not really sure about that. I haven’t found anything that I’m really fond of. I notice that the skin around my eyes looks good when I have enough sleep (which is rare!!) I still haven’t found anyone sell “enough-sleep-in-a-bottle” serum yet.. So, right now, the search is still on…
And skin supplement.. Currently I’m taking this Secret Skin White Kawaii Collagen which has high content of anti-oxidant and stem cells (I need all the help I can get, remember?)
Yes, anti-oxidant is very important in slowing down aging process, in fact it is very good in preventing cancer. Considering our daily lifestyle is highly exposed to free radicals in the environment, supplement of antioxidant is definitely the answer. You can get yours from here..
Of course there’s also new resolution for my career, mommyhood (that includes reading books for B and T every night when I’m not oncall!!) and being a wife (does a promise not to wear ugly but comfy t-shirt at home considered as a resolution?? Haha..) and probably I should be more consistent in writing in my blog!
OK, enough of my new year resolutions. We have a few more days to go before starting fresh in 2014. I’m soooo in my holiday mood right now. Getting together with family is definitely in my agenda.
Happy holiday to all of you!
May Allah bless us all.. InsyaAllah…

71 thoughts on “Self-Love Notes

  1. Whoaa… Doc, like what I thought… You are the one of SK II users… No wonder you look sooo young… and nice skin… I’m a student. That’s true… I have a zombie-like eyes…. hahaha…when I have to sacrifice my sleep just for quizzes and exams plus assignments… macam mana nak segarkan mata balik?

  2. Dr.halina, u know jd pngguna SKII becoz of u..msa u kwin tgk hntaran set SKII. No wonder la kulit cntik..& now sy dh guna SKII 3thn..worth it…

  3. Hmm also almost 5 years using SKII miracle essence..thats true..really has high satisfaction using terms of planning getting u have any other plan for getting boy next year?

  4. Doc. Secret skin white tu formula dia sama macam aura white tu ke? Sebab sy ni jenis risau nak makan produk2 mcmtu tapi nak cantik hehehe. Harap doc boleh bagi nasihat dlm pilih produk yg bagus 🙂

  5. Dulu masa tanya sales girl kat kedai skII for cream utk hilangkan lingkaran gelap bawah mata, dia sendiri ckp xde cream yg boleh remove benda tu except enough sleep.kecewanyaaa….

  6. Hehe.. saya pun ada pasang niat nak pakai this miracle water when I have my own salary.. for now I can’t spend my MARA loan on it, so I need to wait until I finish my study.. xD

    1. Hi wawa..nak buat part time di bank terkemuka di Malaysia?? Flexible working manager..and ada subsidi kereta..trip ke.luar negara 3x long as u umur 21 thun ke atas…. 🙂 u boleh dpt salary berapa yg u nak dan affirm.

      1. Hai….Nadia,
        I am Linda..interested regarding kjer part time mention above….bleh explain cikit

      2. Hai nadia. I am nor. I am interested regarding the part time job you’ve mentioned. I am a student, 22 years old. Would you please email me the details on the application process? Here is my email add, . Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

  7. hi Dr Halina. I adore ur skin. Btw i nak tanya Dr secret white collogen tu preggy boleh consume ke? or kalau plan nak hamil.

  8. Saya bukan pengedar Secret Skin White Kawaii Collagen. sswkc. Saya juga guna. Saya tiada masalah kulit. Jadi tak boleh bagi testimoni hehe.
    Tapi its okaylah. Rasa fresh and energy ok. Kulit lebut ok. Putih tu sikit2 lah. Sy baru consume tk sampai separuh botol lagi. If stop. Takde pape akan berlaku. Preggy mom. I hear that kena 4 ke 6 bulan ke atas. Sebab nak kandungan tu mcm dah terbentuk like that. I dont know tapi boleh tanya seller dia.

    Service dia best. Dpt free gift. Natural yes. Takde bahan2 kimia nih. Kalau ikut kandungan dia. Takde yang boleh kalahkan lagi lah. I also like the taste of the health drink. Tak bahaya. Yang saya tahu. Halal. Lulus KKM. Ada guarentee tak silap saya check fb seller. And kilang bertaraf GMP. Tolong recheck fb seller. 😀

  9. Dr, just wanna suggest you something good. You should try Elken product. Charms Body Shaping foundation and Triple Set comes with Massage machine, El marino blanc(skin nutrition) and UPII skincare. Sure you will love it!! The best ever total beauty package from head to toe. Only spend for RM10K for 3 years. You can google it for the reviews. U can contact me for info.

  10. huuu.. untuk ibu-ibu, sama ada berkerjaya atau stay at home mother, nak menjaga diri ni memang kena disiplin yang tinggi.. diet, exercise, skincare routine, supplements.. tu baru physical state.. mental, emotional and spiritual state.. nak cope dengan cabaran kerja dan rumah.. karenah manusia kawan, family dan ipar duai.. semoga Allah sama-sama bagi kita kekuatan untuk buat the best in 2014 and the rest of our life, insyaAllah

  11. Oh Doctor, you have inspired me to do a checklist on the ‘beauty me’ as well. Hehe. Yeah, exercise is important. Despite taking some ‘kurus’ supplement, I don’t believe any of them. It’s exercise the key to health and slim. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  12. U r truly my inspiration doc;) hope to be just like you one day. My friend even told me that I look a bit like you. Except that u have radiant glowing skin! hehe Much love xoxo

  13. I was giggling while reading this post. Me too. Still searching for the “Enough-sleep-in-a-bottle” serum. Lol! A good resolution by you, Dr. Have a great year ahead!


  14. Ohhh guna SK-II rupanya. Nampak gaya kena tunggu kerjalah baru saya mampu nak pakai produk tu haha. Selamat tahun baru 2014, semoga Dr sentiasa gembira di samping keluarga tercinta. Aminn.. =)

  15. I suggest pregnant mothers please be careful in consuming any commercial product.. coz not much research being done on the safety of any particular commercial product due to ethical consideration.

  16. wow no wonder dr halina looks so gorgeos us all the time. really a “sangat jaga from the inner & outside” person. btw i’m herbalife coach, if anyone like to try herbalife nutrition simply contact me 0193658403

  17. Hi dr, still remember me?? Thanks to u coz advised me to guna sunblock! Now dah tau keberkesanannya, mana2 I pegi semua cakap my face look younger, and yg penting no jeragat ok! Hehehe…take care dr

  18. Assalamualaikum doktor…memandangkan dr merupakan dr kulit,saya ada sedikit kerisauan dalam bab penjagaan kulit..
    Kulit saya jenis bermasalah jerawat dan hampir tidak ada penyelesaian. Sehinggalah sayaberjumpa dr kulit berdekatan tempat tinggal saya dan ia berkesan..telah setahun saya ambil..dan skrg sy telah diminta untuk stop dalam sebulan,tp diminta untuk berjumpa balik dr untuk follow-up selama mana ubat itu berkesan,atau selama mana kulit saya boleh bertahan tanpa ubat…

    Saya agak risau sekiranya untuk masalah jerawat saya terpaksa bergantung pada ubat…dan sefahaman saya makan ubat untuk jangka masa lama mungkin akan membawa kepada masalah buah pinggang pula..harap dr halina dpt bg nasihat atau pandangan..terima kasih.askum..

  19. Of course dah kene jaga kecantikan dari awal tau.. I pernah orang cakap 40’s even I’m only 35 at that time.. I also use this kind of food supplement .. Alhamdulillah.. after 4 months.. from makcik .. I become kakak already… It is the worst experience I ever had.. the best part is husband makin sayang..

  20. SECRET SKIN WHITE KAWAII COLLAGEN mmg bagus….sy minum sb ade jerawat & kaki kejang skrg smua dah ok lps minum kawaii i.. & sy skrg jd pengedar.. 🙂

  21. Salam Dr .halina……
    Sy Ade BC tentang secret skin white kawaii collagen so nk tnyer laa klau nk JD stockis tuu mcm mne ahli plak berapa harga…mana nak dapat produk ni…..
    Dr. Stay kat area selayang ke ? KT blah mana? Mcm ne nk dpt produk nie…Mak saya brminat tuk JD stockis….

  22. salam sume..sesiapa yg berminat dgn secret skin white blh sms atau wssup dno 0173421711..syu..saya menjual nya dengan harga berpatutan dengan free gift skli…

  23. Salam uolls….saya pengedar yang SAH…SECRET SKIN WHITE KAWAII COLLAGEN..sangat bagus…boleh di bancuh @ kemam…
    sms/whtssp 012-3959266

  24. boleh dapatkan daripada sy..sms/whatsApp 017-3595412..utk special price SECRET SKIN WHITE KAWAII COLLAGEN 🙂

  25. assalamualaikum..
    apa sbenarnya kebaikan secret skin white … and knapa datin lebih memilih produk ni, berbanding dengan produk2 lain kat pasaran. contohnya aura white and so on..
    saya harap datin boleh jawab soalan saya ni. tq. =)

    1. Hai sume..sapa berminat dgn kawai collogen bole pm or wassup syu di 0173421711..insyaallah harga berpatutan…

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