Daddy’s Biggest Fan

Tomorrow we are going on a cruise!! Yay!! From Penang to Phuket than Krabi.. together with B’s daddy’s fans and supporters!! 🙂 Time to get up, close and personal!

The cruise passengers are gonna go to Penang by flight from KL, but we are gonna drive up to Penang! Roadtrip.. hooray!!! Having our own transportation in Penang means we can go detour makan2 in Penang for a while before boarding.. We are  sooo looking forward to see the beauty of Phuket and Krabi. Heard the beach there is heavenly!!

The activities arranged on board are fun and entertaining. There will be prizes sponsored by Empire Gallery Furniture (expect a big prize since it’s a furniture shop!!) for these categories…

1) Winner for fanatic fans of Dr SMS
2) Winner for sporting fans of Dr SMS
3) Winner of trendy and fashionable reporter
4) Best attire during trip/ dinner
and TOP MEDIA keep updating our programme through twitter with hashtag #CruiseWithAngkasawan 
To the astronaut’s fan.. If you want to win. you gotta do better than this girl.. she’s daddy’s biggest fan!! 😉

40 thoughts on “Daddy’s Biggest Fan

  1. Bella is so cute . I follow up every post in your blog as I am a big fan of Dr SMS since standard four . I am now a university student 🙂 May Allah bless you and family

  2. i’m one of the big fan of DR SMS..i love to see ur happy family,doc halina..n eager to see ur newborn soon..:D..kerap2 lah update entry ea..hee..:)

  3. Enjoy ur trip doc! Always amaze that u can fit travel with ur husband even though a resident at a hospital. U seem to have such a great n well balanced life. Wishing u well!

  4. salam dr…being ur silent reader but today speak out just because that amazing package…wow!wow!wow! triple wow because huhu!!!never try cruising before (rugi dulu pernah hubby offer tapi mcm xbest sbb kononya boring dlm kapal). 2nd wow because never been to Krabi (and yet we+hubby family supposed to have our trip last year end but end up cancel – my SIL yg in charge last2 xjadi). 3rd wow & the most WOW…..all that with malaysian superHERO. alahai!!!!!bestnye kalau dpt jmp face to face not only with superhero but of course super mommy & super sis to be, BELLA….. next time klau ada pakej2 vacation dgn u al bgt le awal2, NAK ITUT!!!!!!

  5. Insyallah,some day I will met your family in person.I am a sarawakian n only go to kl during school holidays.really hope to join your family one day.have a safe journey and take care

  6. I’ve been there, Krabi Island. Love it so much.. I made perwakilan tour for a week at Thailand. and Krabi, I stay for 3 days. 🙂 Never try cruising before. Eager to meet you supermommy and lil B rather than superdaddy.. haha met him already. Read yr blog, inspired me to be a good wife in hectic life. hee OK fine, I’m 22yrs old.!! hahaa long way to go..

  7. Dr, Bella ok x dalam cruise tu? Xde mabuk2 kan? Doa byk2! Semoga selamat pergi dan tiba! Looking forward more pics since byk event dlm u. hehe.
    p/s; Agree with other readers, haha.. I am also big fan of Dr Halina and Bella.. ekeke.. 😉

  8. Salam Dr, i think ur blog really inspiring me….before this i tot x nak kawen but then after read ur happy love-dovey after life marriage, rs rugi sgt x kawen….. hehehhe keep blogging yea…….

  9. Salam Dr,

    ur blog really inspiring me…..b4 this i’m not into marriage thing but after read ur happy lovey dovey after life marriage, rs rugi plak klu x kawen…keep blogging ye doc… 😉

    I rs Dr SMS sgt different before and after he got married (jumpa ms die bg talk at my university). And I think You, Bella and Marriage brings lots of happiness to him … really shows on his face hehehe…semoga Allah sentiasa dan selalu memberi perlindungan, rahmat dan kebahagiaan buat Dr sekeluarga…. 🙂

    P/S: Dr, u sgt cantik pakai tudung….. 🙂

  10. selamat datang ke pulau pinang 🙂
    sy hari2 tgk cruise park kat port penang 🙂
    selamat bergembira have a safe journey

    1. Salam Dr halina, i’m on of your silent readers. You are really inspiring me…Love you =D..and i wish i can meet you and your little Bella one day. I am pharmacy student and if you have some free time, can you share the secrets of your success…thank you. May Allah bless you..

  11. saya suka baca setiap entry dr. sangat-sangat menarik. hope, lepas saya habis study nanti, saya boleh jadi macam dr. a great housewife, a good teacher(i’m a teacher to -be) insyaallah, and an amazing mommy…amin… 🙂

  12. Dr.,next time kalau ada lagi trip mcm ni can u please update here earlier?? I wanna join this too…..but as one of a healthcare worker too,i need to rearrange my schedule and request my holiday in advance….hope to be a part of holiday trip soon…insyaAllah…just watched on Nona, Bella looks very cute! (^__^)V

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