PD Ostrich Farm

Remember I posted this up on my Instagram?

Last weekend was super fun!!

My husband insisted we go for a quick holiday. The girls needed a break from the city life!! Hahaha.. yeah, right! So, we decided to go for a short getaway in PD. 

When we arrived there, my husband asked me to check out this place called “PD Ostrich Farm”. I was like…”Seriously there’s ostrich in PD?” So, I googled…
It was nearby to the hotel that we stayed, somewhere in Teluk Kemang.. After checked in, changed the girls diapers, then off we go to the ostrich farm…
My first impression..
“Hmmm… they could do better with the deco. Let’s give it a chance first..”
This place looks like kampung houses style, but with deco here and there. It gives you the kampung vibes.. Nice for a change..
We were greeted by ducks and geese (in a gated area, of course!!) and goats!! (I proudly fed the goat myself with my own bare hands!! That was part of my proud moment of the day!!)
Then there was also baby chicks and ducklings in their houses.. Oh my God… Bella went “Mommy, mommy I want baby chick!!” she actually wanted to bring it back!! She promised she will feed it, bathe it and sleep with the baby chick!! Hahaha… Dream on, Bella😉 And Tasha, as usual, she’s quite cool and calm..
There was also donkeys which were trained to take photograph with visitors. That means, they won’t kick you with their hind legs when you come near them😉
That’s T watching the guy bathing the donkey..
And check this out!!! Haha..
She must have gotten it from her mommy!!
Except that Tasha looks super cool and mommy looks like chicken! Haha..
If you’re wondering where’s Bella..
That’s her favourite…
Too much of drama when we wanted to go home. She actually wanted to stay with the animals there.. Haha.. Don’t even think about it… balik!!
Is it worth going? Yes, it’s good for children.. very educational. And they get to pet and play with the animals. Much better than seeing on Youtube!!
How do you find it.. Go google PD Ostrich Farm!

B’s School Trip

Tomorrow Bella has a school trip!!

Her day out without mommy.. Gosh!!

B and her classmate will be going to a fire station!! Hehe..

I think that’s cute!

When I told her babatok, of course, knowing her babatok, he will come out with ideas on how to make things / trip / toys more educational for the kids! My father is very good at that. When I was still schooling, he made me and my siblings write essays everytime we went for a school trip / vacation or anything. Come to think about it, it does help us with memorising, language and writing skills. Those were the days.. This time, for Bella, he suggested us to pre-educate her before her trip. He suggested us to buy some toys or books that is related to the trip (in this case, a fire truck sounds good!)

We rushed to the toy shop and got this for B..

A toy fire truck and a little storybook of fireman (in a shape of fire truck!!)

Hahahaha… Mommy yang over reading this book over and over again to her.. and B was like.. “Mommy, I’m watching Nemo, can we read this later?”

What??? *kiasu mommy mode on*


The Laid-Back and The Clean-Obsessed!

Another outing day..

This time the girls get to enjoy the beach!!

We were in PD yesterday evening. It was just a day trip. We drove down to PD after lunch and already back in KL by 7pm. Both grandparents came and join us together with their cousins. We had real fun, we brought food from home, with tikar.. had our teatime under the tree. It’s just so nice to be together with the family enjoying the nature..

To our surprise, we gotta know Tasha is such a laid-back child. She loves running around (ok, not really running but walking..) with her barefoot enjoying the sand. She just sit on the sand and started to play with it (and that includes putting it in her mouth!! Haha..)

That one definitely she got it from her daddy!!

She doesn’t even bother the sand in between her toes. She loves it!!

And that’s her enjoying the waves and wet sand on her own. No drama at all!!

And Bella, on the other hand… is a clean-obsessed!! (Like mommy!! Hahah..)

She wanted to build a sand castle but doesn’t want her hands to get dirty. Haha.. I had to sit down with her and slowly make her touch the sand and explain to her it’s ok that her hand is dirty. It takes time but towards the end, she’s getting better at it!

And to get her into the water, is another episode of drama. Maybe the waves scares her. She’s only convinced to go into the water when I told her the sea is just a huge swimming pool.. Hahahha.. It’s true isn’t it??

And she believes me!!

Owh, and my sister (Dr Hamizah) is back in KL for her maternity leave. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last September, Rhea Aireen, now 3 months old. Here she is with her babatok..

Check out her thigh!! Yummehhh!!!

It was definitely a memorable day for all of us. Since we had too much fun.. and Bella needs more beach-training (hehe..) we definitely gonna do this more often!!😉


Another Animal-Friendly Trip

It’s family outing time again!!

Both me and my husband are on leave until next year!! Haha.. January 1, 2014 is in 3 days time!! After that, we will be back to our daily work. I guess every parents are the same, we try to spend as much time as we could with our children. To compensate back with our busy schedule!! So, we use these days to bring our girls out. Yes, we have plans for ever single day until new year!!

Today, we went to KL Tower.. Nope, not the tower itself, I don’t think our girls would appreciate KL Tower yet but we went to the Animal Zone at the base of KL Tower.. 

This is just a small place where they keep exotic / rare breed animals. Just a friendly reminder, this place is definitely not a stroller-friendly area. The floors are made of wood and rocks. Too bumpy and small to manouver a stroller (and we brought two! Huh!)

When I say exotic.. this is what I meant with exotic.. hairy spider..

Two headed turtle..

and tokay gecko!!!

Yup, I still remember the computer game called Gecko I played when I was a lot younger. Got really excited when I first saw this lizard.. Haha..

These is one of the smallest snake they have here.. there was also a huge phyton and albino phyton.. probably bigger than me!!

These tortoises are my girls favourite..

But nothing beats Bella’s obsession with chicken.. Hahahha..

Next to the Animal Zone is the Aquarium@KL Tower. Again, not a good idea with stroller because the place is quite congested (but we survived!)

This place is really dark. The lighting comes from the aquarium. Hence the poor quality pictures.

Getting two toddlers to smile for a camera is really difficult!!

It was a short trip but we had fun! And tomorrow, if it doesn’t rain, we will be by the beach!! InsyaAllah..


Big Bad Wolf is Back!!

It's the school holiday season and the best event during year-end school holiday is on!! Aren't you excited…! (or is it just me alone? Haha..)
It's the Big Bad Wolf book sale!!
Woot! Woot!!!!
Calling all book lovers out there!!
Its 24 hours a day starting from Dec 6, 2013 at 7am until Dec 15, 2013, closing at 9pm!! You can go anytime… ANYTIME!! People even carry a luggage to carry their books coz it's really really really cheap.
We bought a number of books for our children. Even the big colourful cardboard book for kids only cost us RM8 each. You'll definitey go crazy when you see the RM2 ones!! Hahaha..
I found this! Must buy! Hahaha..
Mommy didnt buy much book this time, I just need to focus a little more on Anaesthesia this year, so no more non-Anesthesia for a while. Only some cooking & recipe book. I know everything can just be found online nowadays, but nothing beats the feeling of holding a book in your hand, and the smell of a new book.. ahhhh.. I just love the smell of books! *nerd*
It was crowded yesterday and my girls were hungry and mommy being kiasu not to miss any good books for the girls, I just had to walk 3 times to-and-fro just to make sure I didn't miss anything interesting for B and T.. Hahaha..
So people, bring your family and friends to the Big Bad Wolf book sale. You'll enjoy it! And you can stock up books for the next one year.. until the next BBW sale!!

When a Rooster Crows..

Living in the city and having a kampung which is not so kampung.. Bella has never heard a rooster crows..


During our trip to the Bird Park, she had her first encounter with chickens and roosters..

Here’s her first reaction when a rooster crows..


KL Bird Park

On Deepavali Day, both me and my husband were free and jobless for a day.. So, my husband decided to bring the children out to the Bird Park near Lake Garden.. Yay! I love family outing. It is so nice to get to bring the girls out and let them enjoy nature. Well, it's KL, where to find trees and birds and all? So, Bird Park is definitely a good idea..
We left after feeding Tasha for lunch, and let Bella has something light at home first..
We had lunch at Hornbill Restaurant outside the park.. good food but not pedas enough. Hahaha.. I think the made it to cater the tourist tastebud😉
Bella was bored while waiting for the food.. and Tasha was ready to eat the menu.. After we had our lunch, off we go into the 'jungle in the city'..
B super excited seeing a peacock.. she actually chase it around until the peacock disappear in the bushes..
Kesian burung tu kena kejar dgn Bella..
Observing some exotic birds.. What excites her was the owl..
Bella really enjoy playing with the chics.. She insisted to hold them.. Mengamuk-ngamuk refused to come out from the show room…
She bugged her dad to lift her up until she finally get hold of the chic herself..
And she kissed it!!
Memang berani.. She loves the chic so much and not letting go… Hahaha.. poor chic!
And that's Tasha, doesn't really understand what she's looking at but giving us her best I'm-really-enjoying-this face.. I guess she's having fun looking at the birds flying around their big cage..
And Bella, kept wanting to touch the parrots.. No fear at all! Mommy yang takut dia kena patuk..
Anyway, we had fun at the Bird Park. Something different than our normal routines.. Should do this more often 😉