PD Ostrich Farm

Remember I posted this up on my Instagram? Last weekend was super fun!! My husband insisted we go for a quick holiday. The girls needed a break from the city life!! Hahaha.. yeah, right! So, we decided to go for a short getaway in PD.  When we arrived there, my husband asked me to check … Continue reading PD Ostrich Farm

B’s School Trip

Tomorrow Bella has a school trip!! Her day out without mommy.. Gosh!! B and her classmate will be going to a fire station!! Hehe.. I think that's cute! When I told her babatok, of course, knowing her babatok, he will come out with ideas on how to make things / trip / toys more educational … Continue reading B’s School Trip

The Laid-Back and The Clean-Obsessed!

Another outing day.. This time the girls get to enjoy the beach!! We were in PD yesterday evening. It was just a day trip. We drove down to PD after lunch and already back in KL by 7pm. Both grandparents came and join us together with their cousins. We had real fun, we brought food … Continue reading The Laid-Back and The Clean-Obsessed!

Another Animal-Friendly Trip

It's family outing time again!! Both me and my husband are on leave until next year!! Haha.. January 1, 2014 is in 3 days time!! After that, we will be back to our daily work. I guess every parents are the same, we try to spend as much time as we could with our children. … Continue reading Another Animal-Friendly Trip

Big Bad Wolf is Back!!

It's the school holiday season and the best event during year-end school holiday is on!! Aren't you excited...! (or is it just me alone? Haha..) It's the Big Bad Wolf book sale!! Woot! Woot!!!! Calling all book lovers out there!! Its 24 hours a day starting from Dec 6, 2013 at 7am until Dec 15, … Continue reading Big Bad Wolf is Back!!

When a Rooster Crows..

Living in the city and having a kampung which is not so kampung.. Bella has never heard a rooster crows.. Hahaha.. During our trip to the Bird Park, she had her first encounter with chickens and roosters.. Here's her first reaction when a rooster crows.. X

KL Bird Park

On Deepavali Day, both me and my husband were free and jobless for a day.. So, my husband decided to bring the children out to the Bird Park near Lake Garden.. Yay! I love family outing. It is so nice to get to bring the girls out and let them enjoy nature. Well, it's KL, … Continue reading KL Bird Park

Dining Out..

I don't know about you but my husband and I love to dine out sometimes.. from courting time until now. The different is the entourage. It's getting bigger now.. We always bring Bella and and Tasha along.. It's now table for four with 2 baby chairs! Haha.. And lately, our table always end up looking … Continue reading Dining Out..

Thank You!!

Dear Barely Supermommy readers.. Thank you for coming to the Wyeth S26 event yesterday. I met many of you.. and of course, your little ones!! Yes, Bella has been on S26 when she turned 1, and I still continue to breastfeed until she was one an a half year old. Breast milk is still the … Continue reading Thank You!!

Come & Meet Us!!

Hi Barely Supermommy readers!! I wanna personally invite you to this Wyeth event in Alamanda Putrajaya on the August 31, 2013, this coming Saturday. There will be a lot of activities for your children like colouring contest, rocket making contest, face painting and a lot more. Healthy check up will be provided from Hospital An-Nur … Continue reading Come & Meet Us!!