Dearest Supermommies..

I have received too many emails, messages, tweets regarding the current vaccination issues. I know some of you decided not to vaccinate your children. It’s your choice but not a very wise one, I believe..

Anyway, I will have a good friend of mine, Dr Zahilah Filzah, a paediatrician to write a post here in BarelySupermommy soon to clarify this matter.


P/S: If you read my entry much much earlier, I’ve wrote about Dr Zahilah before. She’s my tudung guru!!  Speaking about multi-talented doctor 😉 You can find Dr Zahilah Filzah on Twitter: @Zahilah_Filzah

37 thoughts on “VACCINATION ISSUES

  1. Assalamualaikum Dr Halina…

    I’m really love reading to your blog…i get many information in your blog..thanks dr for sharing…

  2. yayy tak sabar nk tggu komen yg pnjg lebar dr paed.this thng mmg bit confusing la.xnak amik risk so ive dcided to vaccinated my baby.precious one.nak yg terbaik utk ank kita kan¿

  3. oh yes dr halina. please do. there is a lot of rumors stories in fb about vaccination! and it is really scary. MMR cause Autism? it true? thanks for sharing! if you happen to be in Japan for holiday, just email me. ^_^

  4. Yes, looking forward for the entry. Too many articles lately on the mercury contained in the vaccine, autism coz by vaccine. I only go for vaccination yang diwajibkan jek.

  5. That wud be nice doc.. I am having second thoughts about vaccinating my baby with all the stories that i heard

  6. matlamat tak menghalalkan cara…we only concern of what we eat daily..halal ke tak halal ker…tp kita lupa ubat or any substances including vaccine we are getting for our children tu halal ke sumber nyer or ada unsur shubhah dlm penghasilannya..itu yang saya khuatiri..Allahualam…we need to read more, search more, dig more..looking forward for d entry. 😉

  7. Its really good point doc..!! In Sya Allah may help other that confuse about this..

    btw, may I know where did you get the merah jambu scarf in the first pic in the dublin trip’s post – the one where your family snap in the restaurant, doc??

    love doc, bella, tasha !! _they rock!!

  8. sy nk tau tahu juga dr:)..sbb kt luar negara (cthnya africa tu) berebut nak di vac kan..sbb takut bnyk penyakit kita kt sini rmai pula yg x nak terima vac..wallahualam..

  9. For how many years, years years children even adults hv been vaccinated with MMR, there was never an issue..don’t believe everything u read from Internet, bnyk ajaran sesat.. Always always consult ur paediatrician first, dun try to be smart and jeopardize ur own child’s immunization, only bcoz of some Internet a smart n wise mother…much love! Staffnurse wrking abroad(Jeddah)

    1. SN Melissa, i aggred with u..i’ve decided to vaccinated my child because i love her..i want the best for far she was 1yr5mth..alhamdulillah she’s doing very well..jarang sangat sakit..pada kami suami isteri kita hnya merancang,lakukan yg terbaik,berdoa & tawakal,the rest of it we leave it to ALLAH…wallahualam..

  10. Kita dengar dari sebelah pihak je,orang KKM yang terlibat dengan perubatan moden memanglah dieorang sokong vaksin.Cuba tanya dari pelbagai sumber contohnya pengamal perubatan homeopati dll..Doc2 sekalian boleh tunjuk pada semua mommies yang kandungan vaksin itu terjamin halal?Boleh??Kalau terjamin 100% halal, saya tak akan sesekali confuse untuk vaksin anak saya.Lain la kalau mommies yang langsung tak kisah tentang halal haram yang masuk dalam tubuh mereka dan anak2 mereka.Terpulang kat masing-masing punya pendirian.

  11. SGT2 MEMERLUKAN kata2 dr seorang doktor..nk tgk penjelasannya pasal vaksin ni pulk…sya masih dlm meyakinkan sya mengenai vaksin..samada vaksin atau x vaksin…dua2 keputusan kene ambil tahu..dan sebabnya…

  12. not one size fits all doc. ada yang tiada apa2 efek selepas di vaksin and ada yang mendapat adverse effects. yang paling penting imun sistem badan anak kena kuat. how? give your loved ones susu ibu until 2 years old, mommies.

  13. bila la DrZa ni nak post pasal vaccination..Love reading her blog and watching her keeks. Writing a scientific article is tough, isn’t it.

  14. ia brgantung kpada bpe kuat keyakinan kita pada Allah…atau pada ubat vaksin…klw kita yakin semua yg berlaku atas kehendak Allah….so, kita xperlukan vaksin itu..kandungan vaksin itu kita xtahu bpe percent halal?

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