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Hi all..

I would like to share what I have done and still doing for Bella and Tasha.. Of course we, the parents wants the best for our children. Here is something that we are doing for both our girls.. and that is the usage of flash cards!!

Children’s brain is like sponges. They can easily absorbs information. So use the time that you have to teach them words, pictures in whatever category. Try the ABC flash cards, animal, transportation, household, you name it.. I’m sure it’s available at the book store or you can even make it on your own. Just google pictures from the internet and paste it on to the card.. We have a lot of flash cards for Bella and Tasha. We showed them, yes, even at Tasha’s age. Their brains are forming and expanding fast, why waste time? No point giving then all this high tech milk with DHA hoping our children to be bright but we are not doing anything to stimulate their brain..

Try to show the cards everyday, make it like a playtime for them. Let them enjoy looking at the cards.. They will pick up very quickly.. insyaAllah..

At this point of time, we are still exposing Bella and Tasha to more and more things from the flash cards. Hoping they can benefit from it. I want to share this with all of you so your children will have this benefit too. InsyaAllah..


56 thoughts on “Flash Cards

  1. So true. You’re right about their brain is like sponge. Even though they cannot talk doesn’t mean they don’t learn. The 1st 4 years of baby’s stage is important to stimulate their brain. All babies are born genius but it takes 6 years for parents to de-genius them. Well done doc!

  2. salam Dr..boleh tak tolong tanya ur mom, dia bagi u all makan apa dulu2 masa kecik..pandai anak2 dia jadi Doktor doktor ni..boleh ler share Dr, teringin anak anak jadi bijakpandai ni.

    1. Just read and learn a lot, and apply it on your kids. Do stuff together a lot too. Dont pressure too much on preparing themself to be what you wanted them to be. Eg: doctor. The most important thing is akhlak.

  3. very true. i start ajar my DS1 at 2mo with abc,numbers,shapes,colors..etcs..masa dia 7mo dah boleh point..1y10m dia dah boleh baca abc n nos..now he is 3yo dia pula yg sibuk ajar adik2 dia..hoho

    1. We use The Shichida Methods. Its really amazing to see how fast they can absorb all the new words and language.. Mcm seronok pulak bile they can igt all the flashcards..hehehe..

  4. my LO loves flash cards so much~~~we have loads of flash cards… beli and buat sendiri…ala just print from words and paste on manila card…and also convert powerpoint slides to movie type file…easy peasy..I am doing Glenn Doman methods nowadays…<3ing it…

  5. Salam Dr., Bella is so smart!
    My friend suggested arabic alphabets for children and I am currently practising on my 3-month old boy. His attention is impressive! I quote my friend’s saying, “Kalau la anak-anak didedahkan dengan huruf-huruf Al-Quran, apatah lagi dengan perkara-perkara lain? InsyaAllah cepat dia belajar!”
    Brain is such a wonderful and mysterious organ to me!

  6. Assalam dr..I can’t wait to read your entry on what you have in ipad for bella..I plan to get one for my 2 yrs old boy but still undecided because I heard there’s a lot of pros and cons on kids with ipad..hope to hear from you soon

    1. I downloaded flashcards on my phone for my boys. Yang best tu bila they follow the voice ikut flashcards tu sekali dgn accent2 slang mat salleh skali. Kelakar! I agree that kids grab so fast. Mmg macam sponge!!

    2. ipad is just during travelling, to distract her from being bored. at home, no ipad for Bella. either me or my husband will play with her..

  7. Betul doctor. Agree sbb saya dah tgk kesannya jugak. Alhamdullilah, anak saya masa setaun dah kenal semua huruf abc, numbers , alif ba ta. masa 2 tahun, dia dah boleh membaca sikit sikit. 3 taun dah boleh menulis n spelling. Now, he will turn to 4, dah boleh ngaji n membaca n im concentrating on math. additional dia dah pass, but saya nak make sure dia master betul betul. Semuanya bermula dr awal, dan saya sendiri masih belajar dan sentiasa carik ilmu untuk mengajar anak.

  8. Salam doc.. X blh buka la video bella? Saya x dpt nak tgk video bella.. Guna pc, laptop, iphone n tablet

  9. Did Tasha already started her swimming lesson? Just wondering because she is already five months, if I’m not mistaken. Bella started when she was one month, isn’t it?

  10. Doc, tumpg tny, cra nak sembuhkn selsema mcm mn? Bnar ke mkn buah oren bnyk2 blh shat?

  11. Assalamualaikum Dr., my son baru 2thn 4bln..dan dia suka menconteng/ melukis..dia tau cari pen..masalah dia lps habis dia akan koyak even buku, flash card..mcmana yur Dr atasinya

  12. I love ’em flashcards, and babies’ brains are superb. I remembered how stunned I was when Haraz knew all his animals at 13months. I think people should put their prejudice towards flashcard aside and just go with it. But to also remember never to force a child to learn something. Learning should be fun πŸ™‚
    This is a link on how we do our flashcards at home: http://ourwonderland.blogspot.co.nz/2012_11_01_archive.html#!/2012/11/flashcards-how-to-mamaharaz-way.html

      1. Bestnyerr.. Nak bg nama anak HALINA la in t future supaya bijak pandai betuah n beriman mcm doc.. πŸ˜‰

  13. sometimes you have to respond to your blog supporters to show that you appreciate them…

  14. my girl very fast to read but my boy a little slow,
    my girl read until sleep and boy sleep during reading ,,ha3
    flash card make them enjoy reading too, congrats to B n Tasha,,

  15. hi doktor.. is it different to use the traditional flash card (like Bella’s) and digital flash card?

    1. Im not sure. I like the traditional one because she gets to touch and play with it. Besides, i doont quite like the idea of B playing with my phone or ipad..

  16. TQ for sharing an effective method to educate children.Just wanna know how long do u spend for a session showing the flash cards to bella? I’m trying to do the same thing too to my little ones..

    1. Just for a short while. Only one round. Then she’ll get bored. When she was much younger.. She used to chew her flash cards!! Haha.. Try to make it like a daily thing..

  17. chew her flash card? hehehe…my son first 5 minutes je really concentrate…lepas tu susun tinggi2 flash card jd building hehehe

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