Wanna go to Al-Aqsa Mosque in Palestine?

Hi all!!

Yesterday, I followed my husband to a press conference for “Jejak Tanah Suci BaitulMaqdis with.. urmm.. him”

Guess what?!!

This is your chance to go there. We are gonna go to Palestine to visit many Islamic historical places like the tomb of Nabi Musa, Nabi Shuib, Nabi Ibrahim,  the mosque that was build by Nabi Daud,  fort that was build by Nabi Sulaiman, many historical islamic museums and the most important thing.. Masjid Al-Aqsa!!

I really really wanna see the footprint of our Prophet Muhammad SAW before he went for Isra’ Mi’raj. Yes, Isra’ Mikraj started from Al-Aqsa!!

MasyaAllah.. do you know Al-Aqsa mosque is one of the three holy mosques in Islam?!

#1) Masjidil Haram

#2) Masjid Nabawi

#3) Masjid Al-Aqsa

Another interesting story.. there’s a hanging stone in Al-Aqsa and it’s called Qubbatul Sakhrah. Correct me if I’m wrong but according to history, that huge rock wanna follow our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW during Isra’ Mikraj but to no avail. So, the huge rock is left hanging. Subhanallah! According to the tour agent guy, the Jews built pillars so people will not see that the rock is hanging. (Biasa lar the Jews kan, always full of agenda!! Huh..)

Owh.. and not forgetting the Dead Sea!! You know you can’t drown when you’re swimming there, right? SubhanAllah! I’ve read somewhere that the sea mineral content made it impossible to drown at the Dead Sea.. you’ll be floating!! Suitable for people like me.. (who can’t swim!) Here’s my chance to float effortlessly!! 😉

This trip is from April 29, 2013 to May 8, 2013 and only available for 32 + 4 persons..

Wonder who is the “+ 4” is?? 😉

Mr Astronaut, Sophea Isabella, Sophea Natasha and mommy!!

Yes, we are gonna bring our two daughters. Bella and Tasha is going to see Al-Aqsa!!

Honestly speaking, I’m really looking forward to this trip. Alhamdullilah I’ve been to Masjidil Haram and Masjid Nabawi. And here’s my chance to go to Al-Aqsa. I know its gonna be hectic because Tasha will only be about 3 month old and Bella is so active running around. The challenge for me is to maintain my milk production because when mommy is stress up or tired and combined with lack of sleep and possibly not drinking enough water and knowing the weather in Middle East country.. Wish me all the best!


The ‘damage’.. it’s RM7230 for adult and RM6730 for a child.

Grab your opportunity mommies. Seats are super limited!

If you’re interested, you call Miss Wany Idris @ 017-305 2663

or you can contact GOTZ Travel and Tour Sdn Bhd at 03-7727 0585

And that’s Bella giving her daddy her talk-to-the-hand face during the press conference yesterday..

Much love, X

49 thoughts on “Wanna go to Al-Aqsa Mosque in Palestine?

  1. Alhamdulillah, doc….wish you all the best… Doc, honestly, your life look really going so smooth with your family…I wish I’ll be there, too…Doc, can you tell me which website is the best for shopping some books?

  2. Huhuhu.. my due date.. Moga2 saya dapat lihat ke -3 masjid tu juga..
    ** INsert here “HOW I DO HATE THE JEWS” …” tengok Al Aqsa masa jejak rasul dulu… Do update ur Blog Dr. Halina. Cnt wait ti see the pict ..

  3. i wish i could go there soon…insyaallah…have a blast trip with ur family doc,all the best!!!!!!!

  4. I want!! Omg!
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  5. as salam…bestnya dpt melancong/lawatan kerja ksana 🙂 mudah2an dipermudahkan perjalanan nanti Amin! btw say hi to ur princess!

  6. how i wish to go with u n ur family!! to b able to pray in one of the holiest mosques in Islam…what a dream come true! …. but pls doc, do not go near or swim in the dead sea. that place was cursed by Allah. it once was a place of kaum nabi Luth. u know, kaum yg mengamalkan cara hidup gay.. then Allah tenggelamkan mereka. now it became the Dead Sea. no living things wanna live in that sea because it is so cursed.. wallahu’alam…

      1. Dr. Helina same to me..mama modern..pantang still cergas ke sana ke mari..u know y?becoz i deliver 2nd baby luckily x koyak & no need ‘jahit’..hahaha..my baby not chubby like his big brother

  7. ya Allah …if only we got money….wish to follow the trip too….. semoga Allah permudahkan setiap pejalanan daddy..mommy bella n natasya.

  8. Alhamdulillah… rezeki saya… I’ve been there when I was only around 10 y.o…. went for umrah with my parents, visited Jordan, & turned out they gave us an opportunity to cross the border… yes the stone is VERY2 big & hanging & yes they built pillars around it, but it is because too many people who saw the original hanging rock had heart attacks & died, those pregnant gave birth because such miracle is just impossible for us humans to see & accept…. oh yeah, during our trip, there were many2 Palestinian & Israeli soldiers around the streets, on top of buildings, all looking at us with M-16 & other weapons strapped to them… pretty scary huh? Hope u have a wonderful & blessed journey!

  9. if i have money for sure i will join… teringin nak jumpa bell n tasya+ memang impian saya nak melawat saudara2 saya di palestine..
    one day i will be there…. can’t wait for the update about this trip from dr!

  10. How I wish I could be there.I started to miss my husband’s hometown in Iraq.It was way much better before the war started…but now banyak tempat dah musnah sebab kena bedilan bom and mortar…including my mother in law’s house and my inlaws.Sedih masa tengok gambar semua tu..termasuklah juga ada di kalangan saudara mara my husband yang mati syahid dekat sana.Yang sedihnya ialah ada di kalangan jiran tetangga my MIL ditembak dan dibunuh dengan sengaja.Termasuklah kanak-kanak…. 😦 Even Syria has become a ghost town…tersangatlah jauh perbezaannya bila I ke sana dalam tahun 2006 dulu…

    All the best to you and the 2 kenits…hehe.InsyaAllah dipermudahkan segalanya, Amin.

  11. How i wish… Kewangan dan commitment tak mengizinkan… tak sabar nak tunggu Dr share experience pegi sana and kalau boleh bagi la tips travel with baby or kids… u know la kan, nowadays mak2 moden ni tak suka dah bagi food yagn dalam jar or kotak tu. semua nak prepare homemade je. so maybe Dr. boleh share how u do it especially for Bella. (yang masih bfeed dah selamat dah… – tasha)

  12. How i wish… Kewangan dan commitment tak mengizinkan… tak sabar nak tunggu Dr share experience pegi sana and kalau boleh bagi la tips travel with baby or kids… u know la kan, nowadays mak2 moden ni tak suka dah bagi food yagn dalam jar or kotak tu. semua nak prepare homemade je. so maybe Dr. boleh share how u do it especially for Bella. (yang masih bfeed dah selamat dah… – tasha)

  13. Yup..agree with U. Jews’ holy land too ard Jerusalem where Moses used to roam & rule, plus where Jesus was crossed ; was Christians’ holy land so, goes the historical Perang Salib with The moslems & Saladin , a moslem’s warrior for 100 years & it was called the war with no end. Today, the war rages on but, on a different agenda…. We know why. May Allah save Palestine ..Bumi para An-bia’s. There’s still hope tho, just a piece of land left for Moslems. They will poke a Sleeping Giant if tried to take over Al-aqsa mosque ..dunno abt the hanging stone much but, read abt the stone somewhere in the mosque where the Isra & Mikraq event took place 🙂

  14. asslamualaikum dr harlina.

    im interested when hearing you gonna have a trip to masjid al-aqso with your husband also baby bella dan baby tasha.
    good la. terpanggil nak tulis, im student at jordan. moga trip dr berjalan lancar, and have a safe trip :))

  15. Alhamdulilah..Not everyone can hv this golden opportunity ..lucky u & family. How I wish I could be there. Anyway i doakan semoga Allah lindungi n mempermudahkan segala urusan, safe journey n plzzz update!

  16. MasyaAllah..lucky you Dr! Hope everything goes well esp with both gals..always been dreaming to visit Masjid Al-Aqsa..insyaAllah..have a safe journey & do share your wonderful trip with us ye! ;D

  17. dr harlina…. jgn lupa tangkap gambar hanging stone tu…. nak jgk tengok sbb ramai cakap tipu…. harap dr dpt update ye nnt

  18. assalamualaikum dr 🙂 ..im your silent reader and fan 🙂 ..im extra happy to know that u’ll go there soon.alhamdulillah Allah izinkan me n my mom jejak kaki there,april last year.it was such a great feeling n bless.hope u’ll enjoy your visit there..btw,im sure your group will visit hebron.there’s a lot of kids there selling souvenirs (ramai org nasihat dont give money or anything to them.sebab dorang akan kerumun kita ramai2.and all the tentera will come to them and push them away.).but please,please bring something for them,even a pack of lollipop will do.and give it to them right before u ride your bus or van.and pray that Allah will protect them.your will very happy when you see their smiling face.that’s the least can we do.making them happy,even for a very short moment :).. Allah will grant u with a safe and meaningful journey inshaallah.

  19. bru je bce buku related to masjidil aqsa tadi .ni pndapat author buku tu ,so maybe de yg x stuju .dye kate,a visit to palestin and masjidil aqsa should not be with the spirit of vacation tapi smngat untuk mmbebaskannya dari cengkaman israel. =)

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