Mermaid In Training :)

I don’t know how to swim!! Hahahah… Ikhlas ni bagitau πŸ˜€

On the other hand, my husband is a professional swimmer. He represented Malaysia in SEA Games when he was 10 years old in swimming. Taddaaaa… Hahhaha..

We have decided to teach Bella to swim at very early age.. Sometimes I think we are very kiasu parents πŸ˜‰ So, we bought this book titled How To Teach Your Baby To Swim.. Keyword here is BABY!! Yes, not need to wait until 5 or 7 or whatever age.. baby can swim!!

We have started familiarize Bella with water at very early age. If I’m not mistaken, it was when she was about 2 weeks old, right after her umbilical cord detached πŸ˜€ ~super kiasu!!

This is her picture when she was less than 1 month old, listening to her daddy brief her on how to swim.. Hehehhe…

That’s Bella again at less than 1 month old.. She definitely loves water..

Once she’s ok with water. we put her in this floating device for baby which surrounds her neck nicely and let her float in the pool πŸ™‚ Nope, don’t worry, she wasn’t alone in the pool. Daddy was in there too.. In this position, she will learn how to use her legs and hands.. This was at 2 month old..

We also did this in the bathtub.. while allowing her to float, we slowly introduced water from the shower tap. This is to train her to close her eyes and hold her breathe under the shower tap.

Faking the current in the jacuzzi πŸ˜€ Serabai kan rambut Bella. This was taken at about 3 month old before we decided to fully shaved her hair.. We are running out of hair style for her!! Hehehhe…

Up until now, Bella loves to chill by the poolside..Β 

No she doesn’t know how to swim yet. At this point of time, she is comfortable being in the water. She is still learning how to use her hands and legs to swim. We would love to bring her to the pool more often but unfortunately work (and bad weather!!) always interfere.. Haih… Biler nak pandai nih??

I would love to hear from anyone who has experience teaching their baby swimming at early age πŸ™‚

So, now.. who wants to teach ME how to swim?? πŸ˜€

P/S: Please please please don’t simply do like what I wrote here unless you have read the book “How To Teach Your Baby To Swim” or you know signs of aspiration or CPR!!

49 thoughts on “Mermaid In Training :)

  1. dulu masa kt Terendak ler akak belajar swimming.. masa form 2… huhu..too bad u joined in masa form 4.. masa tu cikgu english dr australia ajar… Mr Rodney Smith okey..hahaha…sijil masih ada dlm file tau…jgn sbb lama x practise..rasanya lemau kot..hehe… sorry yek komen out of topic..sesaja nak mengimbau kenangan kt Terendak la plaks

  2. bestnyer….pernah gak terfikir nak hanat my baby aisy ke class berenang..tapi ada ke kelas utk bayi 7bulan? hihihii

  3. i dunno how to swim too.. but wat u guys try to do is very bold. luckily u hv sporting parents… if it were my parents, da lame tak bg jage ank sndr… lols~~

  4. wahhh..patutnye daddy kene ajar mommy bella swimming dulu,barulah ajar bella…hehe..sekarang ni daddy kene ajar dua2 sekali lah..tak pon gilir-gilir,bella naik,mommy turun dalam air,mommy naik,bella turun..daddy sampai akhir dalam air..

  5. (*_*) suke…dan suke…dan terus suke writing this time doc….
    but unfortunately i oso dont know how to swim….but appreciate your effort is good kan to teach our kids to this activities since their childhood nnt dia akan suke n learn fast…
    im gonna teach my baby like this oso if i had one πŸ™‚
    may you success trainned your cute little mermaid-to-be doc!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. thanks innanie.. thats very kind of you πŸ™‚ i guees we, women always try to give the best for our children. all the best!!

  6. Salam Doc,

    Is the book ‘How to teach your baby to swim’ by Glenn Doman? Because my husband and I have all his other books except for this and have been looking high and low…can you share where did you bought it? We’ve introduced my little Akaschah to the pool too at 3 weeks and so far he loves being in the water (except for when it’s cold)…wondering if we have any heated pool facilities locally…if not still have to get him get used to the low water temperature…love seeing Bella in action… ^_^

    1. Yes its by glenn Doman!! Dya teach your child the reading and math too?? How old is your son now? I got my book from either MpH or kinokuniya.. Tak ingat..

  7. i dont how to swim too and im scared to put my Hana in the water even with floating devices..hehehe..but will definitely try to teach her when ‘mama’ is ready..hehehehe..

  8. hi dr halina. love ur blog. u know what. me and my husband pun at the moment tgk sibuk nak teach our baby swimming. like u i cant swim too. ive always been terrified of the water since dis incident when i was 12. i almost drowned in the SEA! long story but yeah. since then mmg nampak pool or lake takut sgt2. so i dun want my baby to be like me. been checking out baby swimming videos kt youtube. there’s so many. in the US they have lots of survival swimming lessons for babies. i xtaulah if kat KL ada, but yg i tau classes kt sini start when they’re at least 2 yrs old. itu yg i tau. we’ve been training our baby ‘DIY’ style based on those videos matsalleh. every weekend bwk our baby p swimming pool at our house alhamdulillah he’s managing pretty good… dah pandai float (with daddy supporting his head) and insyaAllah when dh ready we’re gonna try letting him float sendiri. practice makes perfect, no? hehe. good luck baby bella! kids nowadays shud start swimming lessons early kan?

  9. well, that’s a gd start ma… l dunno much abt training babies but, if training people, normally after teaching to float on the backside facing the sky, f;oat on the tummy by holding the side of the pool & then, when the students are a bit confident in the water, training to hold breath while holding the bended knees & submerged the head in water la.. may be u can ask yr hubby to teach u.Best join any swimming association @ classes at nearby sports centre that has a pool. If u still stay near UM where l used to study, there’s a sports centre with an olympic size pool at 5th College, UM. Ask if they do training for public πŸ™‚ All The best to U & Bella! Really proud of u guys to promote this kind of sports to others πŸ™‚

  10. There is a hadis which says ‘β€œAjarlah anak-anak kamu berkuda, berenang dan memanah”
    (Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim) So, you’re on the right track in teaching Bella to swim. Teach ’em young, doc coz bila dah adult like us.. it’s more fear than fun.. hehehe..

  11. Dr.,
    I x ada anak lagi but my mom told me that when she was in the US, most of her friends yang ada anak start biarkan their children in the pool since they were about 2 months old because babies have the ability to swim by themselves especially when their faces are submerged in water, it’s called swimming reflex or something. But the reflex only up until 6 months la. like rooting reflex.

    for now, i think it’s better to let your child in the water tummy-side down so that she can move her legs and arms like a paddle. and my lecturer in paeds said that humans have the ability to float once their faces are submerged under water.haha

  12. i got a nephew aged 2 months, and he is totally loving being in water. i often watch his grandma showers him and he moves so active in his tab. that is so funny. He looks alike swimming. we always laugh seeing him. people dont believe that he is not more than 3 months. lol,

  13. i did that as well .. tapi hasilnya belum terserlah(belum boleh swim W/o pelampung macam anak zahnita model).. ada la bila time2 dia berani dia akan kayuh kaki n tangan dia dalam pool tu .. i mula masukkan dia dalam air since she was 4 months old.. n now da 10 months.. apa yg i buat adalah.. masuk sama2 dalam pool then tunjukkan gerakan apa yang i nak dia buat.. such as kocak air .. i kocakkan i dulu biar dia ikut.. bila dia ikut i..then go to another step gerakkan kaki.. bila da lama2 buat biarkan dia floating di bantu oleh pelambung leher tu.. dia akan gerak sendiri.. dan ransang dia agar dia happy..

  14. Once my nephews completed their early vaccinations we brought them to the pool. Each learned at their own pace but we just let them go in the water, ready to support them out if needed, but almost all the time we let go, they float up on their own and they dog-paddle … when they were a little older and became more aware of the water, that was when they were a little more cautious. But by then, they could do the basic.

    I myself learned to swim in my early 20s. I taught colleagues how to start learning and most of them can swim now after practising on their own. It’s all about confidence and how much you want to try. You start swimming the width of the pool and then go down the length. Keep to the sides in case you get tired and until you build up your stamina and improve your technique. The deeper the water the easier it is to float so don’t be afraid … Ask your husband to teach you πŸ™‚

  15. hi dr. halina. saya dulu pun cam dr. gak. tak reti swimming. lau kena campak kat laut, memang untung batu laa..kompom tenggelam πŸ™‚ tp sekarang, Alhamdulillah. saya dah leh swimming. saya blajar swimming masa ari jum, lunch hr kat kolam renang stadium bukit jalil. ni antara cikgu yang ajar saya alhamdulillah, lau dulu saya dugung, kini saya duyung. eeheheh *perasan skit… (^_^)

    pasai swimming utk baby lak, saya pun amik apporach utk introduce anak saya dengan air kolah air laut ni masa dia baby lagik. tak seawal bella, lau tak silap dalam 5 bulan ke atas. saya nak share skit guide (harap2 leh membantu. lain orang lain cara kan…)
    1. saya cuba avoid baby utk fobia air. jangan tarik dia dalam kolam lau dia tak redi. biar dia turun sendrik.
    2. saya bawak baby mandi kat pool adult.
    3. lau pool ramai orang, try jauhkan dari tempat orang ramai @ air yang berkocak kuat.

    sekarang ni anak saya (baby di atas) dah 4 tahun. boleh berenang tapi teknik tak betut. jadik, saya dah sign up dia untuk join swimming class yang di ajar oleh cikgu yang ajar saya jugak memang tunggu umur dia layak utk join the class.

    no wori dr. halina. insya-Allah bella mesti bolehnya & mama nya jugak skali k πŸ˜‰

  16. Hi Dr Halina. this is my first time visiting your blog. Yup! swimming for baby can start at very early age as at that time baby doesn’t have feelings like fear. and it’s good to start swimming lessons with your baby early to prevent accidental death- drowning and also helps your baby to develop self confidence πŸ™‚

    So, apa yang Dr buat tu, mmg sama apa yang I belajar masa dalam kelas dulu. Mula-mula baby kene biasakan diri dengan air. lepas tu, baru ajar baby how to float. when baby starts to crawl at the age of 7months, secara automatic dia akan kayuh kaki tangan dia dalam air.

    Itu jela yang I ingat. Huhu! and one more thing, it’s a lot more fun if dr singing to bella while swimming. It helps develop her speech πŸ™‚
    Happy to read your blog. Very interesting πŸ™‚

  17. doc,i also bought the same neck float like bella!seriously,baby loves to swim!excited sgt bila pkai neck float tu..well,actually mummy yg lg excited sbnrnya,hehe.ok,for those mommies yg nak beli neck float boleh contact i..i sell neck floats!hehe~

  18. i like ur style Doct.. gud that she’ll hv the water survival skill from small.. dun be like me, a diver who can’t swim.. hehehe.. setakat float sikit2 & paddle little bit bley laa.. bljr swimming pun half way.. keep it up Bella.. u gonna be good swimmer like daddy πŸ™‚

  19. dr…just wanna ask, air tak masuk telinge baby ker doc? bile tgk gmaba2 bella tue…just trus tefikir yang tue… xmerbahaya ker if air msk telinge baby?

      1. DR…. where to get floating device like Bella used and what we call it? I want my baby swimming too, xnk jadi cam her mom xtau swim…heheh….thanks….

  20. salam.. dr, sy rase bella is still too small to learn all these.. kesian dia.. maybe dr. kena tunggu dia besar sikit mcm 3 thun baru start dgn lessons.. i think for the newborn babies ape yg diorg perlukan is the attention n love from their parents.. πŸ™‚

  21. since 2 of you love to train kids and kiasu, i suggest you can plan for second child already.

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