Little B Goes Pro

Dear readers!!

Holaaa…. and assalamualaikum wbt πŸ™‚ I haven’t been writing for almost a week.. It has been a super hectic week and everytime I come back from work, I fell asleep. Most of the time, I fell asleep while brestfeeding Bella. I can’t remember who slept first, me or little B (must be me then!!) I don’t even realized when the daddy pick her up and put her in her cot. Hahaha.. Yes, it was THAT bad!! Today is my free day before another oncall tomorrow.. It’s my precious day with my little family!! Hooray!!

So, I wanna update you with B’s progress πŸ˜‰ This week, on April 4 to be exact.. she started crawling forward!!! Did you hear that?? FORWARD!! Hahaha.. Setapak dua and terpeleoot balik.. but it’s ok.. at least she is moving forward, kan!! She is getting better in using her knees to push herself. Alhamdullillah πŸ™‚

And.. we have enrolled Bella for a swimming class!! Baby swimming class!! Haha.. after all the reading and studying from DVD and youtube.. We finally settled for a swimming instructor for B. Hahah.. We just don’t have the guts to do it ourselves… Hahaha.. Yes, I worried too much when it comes to B. Mak-mak kan.. biaser lar πŸ™‚ I think we should just let the professional handle her.. So far she had 3 sessions.. and she loves it!! Of course daddy was with her in the water all the time… Mommy cheerleader jer πŸ™‚

For the babies, the most important thing, you need to teach them how to hold their breath underwater.. Started with 3 seconds and now she can hold up to 7 seconds *proud mommy moment*

Yes, that’s how it’s done.. Mula-mula seram jugak tgk instructor nie rendam little B.. Now getting used to it πŸ˜‰

57 thoughts on “Little B Goes Pro

  1. Ahah! Dah agak dah..since yesterday I saw Dr pnye post about your offday..the next day nya mesti Dr akan updates blog..:)
    Anyway..good luck for Bella for her swimming Bella’s mommy turn kan! πŸ™‚
    Happy working today Dr! πŸ™‚

  2. wow… xpernah tahu pun yang baby pun boleh berenang. hebat! πŸ™‚ sy pun xpndai berenang lg. huk3.

  3. halina..gerunnyer tengok..but of course instructor knows better kan..kalau idak tkkan dier buat camtuh..bella soooo beruntung..kecik2 dh pandai berenang..dont be like pandaiiii..muahahahahaha

  4. salam..

    Hi Dr, if i may ask, do you hire a private instructor for ur lil B or is it a class with a group of other babies? I ve been looking for swimming class for babies, but most of the classes only accept 3 and above. TQ

      1. Bestnya kalo saya leh sediakan kelas ni utk baby saya huhu.. Teringin juga tapi xmampu+takut nak2 anak saya mudah panic & trauma bila sesuatu terjadi pd dia dan agak sukar utk dia lupakan sampaikan kdg2 kami risau dibuatnya..huhu

      2. Bunyik mcm mak dia jer yg cepat risau πŸ˜‰ baby learn very fast, mummy.. InsyaAllah cepat dpt..

      3. salam Dr…camne instructor tu ajar ye? cara nak tahan nafas tu…kalau cakap dgn baby suruh tahan nafas,…dia paham ke?

  5. Hi Dr. Halina,

    Wow!! Great to see Baby B enjoying herself. My son will “freak out” sey bila masuk dlm air. Started it out as early as 7 mth. Till now, he still hesistate when he immerse himself in the water. Share some tips pls.

    p/s: Love to read yr blog, tips and great recipes for babies.

    Jun (Singapore)

    1. Hi Jun, in Bella’s case, we always accompany B in the water.. she needs to be with someone she trusted. it will take time for a baby to get use to the feeling but as long as ada org teman the baby, i think slowly the fear of water will go off. always try to make playing time with water fun experience for your baby.. get some toys ke.. we, adult must show them water is fun! good luck!

  6. Dr Halina, i suka sgt baca cerita yg u share dgn fan,start dr awal, tgk pic Bella dah pandai menapak 2-3 langkah n ,menyelam bagi ibu2 mmg rasa happy anak semakin pandai dpn mata, I pun rasa macam nk ajar anak i berenang, tapi kt Perak Taiping air byk tercemar dgn virus yg diperkatakan sekarang, so mmg tk berani lg la, sini ada kes dah. Insyallah kalu dah ok i kene praktis kt pool berendam sampai kecut pun sanggup heheh acah ajerrr, Bkn senang nk jd ibu bapa yg terbaik untuk ank2, tp doc n suami berjaya menjadi ibubapa yg terbaik utk baby B. Tahniah…. I bangga dgn doc n family wpun Doc kata “little family” janji bahagiaaa tk gituuuu….ok nanti update lg cerita2 yg menarik about ur family… Daaaaa

  7. Swimming instructor selalu accept babies 6 mnths and above. Selalu mmg x ramai, sbb kena focus. Ye la… Nnti lemas mcm mana. Tapi, kalo yg accept ramai2 tu, biasanya dia x amik baby…

    Happy swimming bella! You’re just one little lucky girl to hv all the best things in the world. Wish i hv lots of $$ too to do so many things with my litt one. Heheheh πŸ˜‰

    Happy working doc πŸ™‚

  8. i’m husband excited to teach my 3mth plus baby to swim..haha i can’t swim too..maybe doc, we have to learn b4 our baby can swim lol

  9. hehehe..kwn i yg tgl kat amerika pn hntr anak g swimming..mmg mcm tu..hehe..seriau je tgk at first but actually mmg gitu la caranya..hehe…good job bella!

  10. hi doc!! saya nak tanya something. bella kalau swimming pakai diapers apa, swimming diapers or regular? i always have this fear yg my baby will poop/pee in public swimming pools.

  11. Doc, i’v been struggling to find a swimming instructor for baby,but never find one. Mine is 6m old,and already been introduced to pool since her 5m old. If u dont mind cud u pass me some of the contacts that u have..huhu..really need help…tqvm.

  12. bestnyer tgk bella.. i pun dh start ajar my 5 months baby swimming… however, my mother in law protes habis2an… dia kata still early nk bagi baby mandi kat swimming pool…sejuk sgt for baby, klorin lagi and+++…not good for the baby health…. tapi my husband and i refuse, and senyap2 bawa our little one for swimming…huhuh(Mcm menderhaka pulak)huhuhu…whats your oppinion doc ttg swimming for baby?

  13. hate it or love it….I like to read this blog…very informative and showing an exciting parenting life and encourage unmarried couple to get married and have baby immediately …..time really flies…B will be 1 yr in few months…any plan for the b’day party yet…I can share few good/reliable event planners if you want…

  14. wahhh dasyatnya bella!!! amazing!! now my hubby dh start nk buat program utk babynye yg akan lahir lg 2 bulan.. nk train swim mcm bella katanya.. hayoohhh hopefully, we can get some information in ur blog Dr! Thanks.. share lagi ya πŸ™‚

  15. Salam Dr.
    If u dun mind,boleh share kat mana nk enroll swimming class for baby?
    or else,Dr boleh bg contact num?

  16. satu persoalan dalam fikiran saya : air tak masuk dalam telinga ke uwaaaa seramm tgk , biasalah typical mak mak hehehe …. bella start belajar breathing dulu ke or floating tuh?

    1. Mesti lar masuk, dia dah berendam dlm air tuh.. Baby knows when to hold their breath when underwater.. We just need to train them..

  17. still wonder..kinda miracle kan..mcm mana that small baby boleh survive dlm pool hehe…sedangkan kita yg tua2 pun still ramai x boleh swim πŸ™‚

  18. Hi there! Your little girl’s name is a combination of my BFF and my baby’s name. Sophie Zahra & Aiyu Isabella (mine). They are exactly a week apart πŸ˜€

    Aiyu did go to swimming class, and she really enjoyed it! She was 12-13 months masa tu. After winter, we went back for the class, and she started to show that she was afraid whenever she was on her back. So sekarang ni kami break dulu, perhaps we will try to continue during summer.

  19. Huhhhh!!! Mcm aku plak y nk nangis tengok Bella swiming, mmg Genious betullah Bella ni!!! Mc Baby dh penuh dgn ilmu pengatahuan!!!

  20. salam dr halina. nak tanya tak bahaya kalau kecik cmni belajar swimming? yela nnt air masuk ke dalam telinga n paru2.. boleh ker doktor? tq..

  21. salam doc
    can i know the contact details or do you know any club that do this beginners class for baby or toddler. i’m staying at ampang and my HM is 2yo this july and would love to enroll her in the swimming class. if you any info on this swimming class, preferable in ampang area would be better. can also email me at thks

  22. I just love reading this blog and keeping up with bella’s progress! she’s super adorable! You inspire me to become a good doctor n mother someday insyaAllah.:)

  23. Won’t hesitate to do that ? Wow, if it was me, I will be like, crazy drunk dog.. But, how a great job..
    Just wondering, is Bella using any diapers while swimming ?

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