Mommy’s Back To Work!!

First of all, I apologize for the super late entry.

Now Barely Supermommy is definitely BARELY SUPERMOMMY!! I am back at work.. That means less time for B and more tiring factors everyday!! Haih..

Yes, my day starts as early as 5.30am.. Taklah awal sangat as compared to rubber tappers out there right.. No, I am not complaining.. I’m just ventilating my feelings and reasoning why sometimes I take caffeine more than I should! Hehehhe.. Bangun pagi, first thing I will look for is my ever loyal breast pump. I use the single Medela pump.. I think it is called Β Citystyle. I bought that long time ago when I was pregnant. I just never thought of buying the double pump which called Freestyle.. Many of my experienced friends said it is enough with single pump.. so that will do πŸ™‚

Before Subuh, I already finished expressing my milk, then time to shower, solat and get ready to work.. By 6.45am, I am all dressed up for work. Packed my breast pump for another session at work.. and also Bella’s milk and food. I just grabbed her, changed her diapers and put her in her car seat. Off we go to the school and straight to my work place.. We will be at her playschool around 7.00am!! Nope, she wasn’t the first baby there, so far she is always no 2!! Hehehe.. I try to make sure she sees my face first in the morning.. I don’t want her to wake up to unfamiliar faces.. At least, I have the time to talk to her in the car, to tell her that she ‘s going to school, to play with friends, and I will see her in the evening..

And by 07.30am, I am already at my work place getting ready to go into the operation theatre. No, I am not a surgeon, I am the anaesthesia personnel πŸ™‚

My day at work usually confined to the operation theatre and ICU. And that’s all.. Not even the hospital cafe. We rarely leave these two compound unless it is necesssary. Poor anaest.. Hahhaha.. Hospital prepares our daily lunch.. It is not yummy but slightly better that a hypertensive and diabetic patient’s food.. Heheh… But the most important thing, it is wholesome, complete from carbohydrate, protein, fat (urmm.. yes, that comes from the oiliness of the food!) and fruits!! πŸ˜€

Owh.. yes, after soo long staying at home.. I actually miss eating from this tray!! Hehehehhe.. By noon time, daddy will pick up Bella from school. Yes, she only goes to school for 4 hours, just to learn how to make friends, play with them, and learn a few things from her teacher.. otherwise, she will stuck with adults at home and has no baby friends!! πŸ™‚

I usually finish work around 5 or 6 pm if I am not oncall (oncall is another story!!) I will rush home, drive like a mad woman, wanting to play with Bella πŸ™‚ Hehehe.. So that’s my daily routine. I haven’t started my oncall yet. Maybe somewhere around next week. A lot of school students asked me what oncall is.. Oncall is when you have to stay at the hospital for 24 hours.. from 8am until 8am the next day to work.. and it is 24 hours of working ok!! Sleep is not guaranteed!! And trust me, If you get to sleep at least 2 hours, that is a good call already!! And again you are expected to work the next day.. who said life is easy, but it is worth living for, right??!!

I’m gonna go back playing with my little B..

Enjoy your long weekend everybody!!

43 thoughts on “Mommy’s Back To Work!!

  1. doctor, bella dah tembam sgt la..lg2 peha n kaki nya sket kat syahmina bole?.(huhuhu bby saya kurus je, tp tinggi je lebih)…bella mlm2 kuat menyusu ke doc?..brapa jam sekali..pastu mcmn nk educate bby tido bilik sendiri mcm bella.bby saya kalo mlm mesti nk nenen je..nk melekap je plak tu..
    any tips x doctor?

    1. Lucky for us Bella doesnt wake up at night to feed.. She sleeps till morning baru susu.. Dont ask me what I did coz I pun tatau cammaner jd cam tu.. I guess we were lucky πŸ™‚

  2. miss u bella…dh duduk dgn steadynya…sy pon cam mommy bella gak…pagi2 kena perah susu..dh tgh hr perah lagi…kengkadang..smpai nk tertido while pumping..huhu

  3. With ur hectic working life, Freestyle adalah sangat time saving.20 mins & u r done both sides. Plus,u can use ur hands to email/blogging/writing work stuff while pumping.Talk about multitasking.

    And yes 530 is the standard time of us mommies waking up!

    And yes driving home like mad women also normal to mommies like us.Rindu anak!!!

  4. hi dr your blog.and that lil’ girl of yours is supercute! send my regards to dr sms. met him here few years back at rtm kuching for our radio station interview, redfm.if he still remember la.hehe.have a nice and great day. πŸ™‚

  5. selamat kembali bertugas Dr. Harlina…insya Allah, jika kita buat semuanya kerana Allah, allah akan mudahkan urusan kita, begitu juga ngan anak2 kita di bawah asuhan pengasuh……really, suka tgk bella……sgt mngrammmmmkannnnnn…syukur…moga bella mmbesar ngan sihat dan mnjadi anak yg solehah…amin.

  6. owh just confuse, dulu mcm ingat Dr kerja di Primanora as mcm beautician tu kan?rupanya pakar bius cinta ni… =) btw geramnya tgk peha B…rasa nak gigit!hehehe

  7. alahai,comelnya..bella…saya ingatkan bella duduk dengan pengasuh yang dr kata tu..x pegi sekolah..rupenya pegi jugak ye..balik petang…

  8. dr, xpeke baby x menyusu wktu malam…baby sy kalau x bgun menyusu sy mesti bangunkan…paling lame sy x biarkn menyusu dlm 3 jam shj coz mengikut ape yg sy tahu baby mesti menyusu dlm 2-3 jam sekali…so that, kalo x bgun malam sy kejut n pakse die la pulak utk bile tau bella x menyusu waktu malam mcm xpe jer…any comment dr???;)

  9. haha.. Drive home like a mad woman tu betul sangat!
    Kalau nak beli apa2 pun, rela balik rumah dulu, jumpa baby, baru keluar balik dengan baby. Hehehe… Rindu sangat2.. πŸ™‚

  10. waahhh…it’s look like ur routine at a hospital is quite busy but i think it’s worth it..hehehe…dr…i just want to ask if any of ur friends is a microbiologist???and i wonder what is she or he doing with that kind of it something that quite hard to work in a lab…

  11. Ha ha…on call, i just saw that situation in korean drama, hows the doctor live with oncall job… That must be tiring, but satisfying some how, am i rite?

  12. maybe sebab gerun dan tak mampu bila dengar perkataan on call saya x apply medic..hihi..rasa x mampu bekerja more than 24 hour hehe

  13. Bella is so cute and chubby…my baby susah nak gemuk, makan banyak, poo pun banyak. Harap tinggi je, bila gi check doctor mesti BMI tak seimbang tapi doctor ckp as long as she’s gaining weight, that is ok already.

  14. doc, i think Citystyle is the bag. pernah baca dulu in your blog,maybe u are using Swing kot.anyway, chaiyok..breastfeed la selama mana yg boleh.kalo dpt 2 thn pun alhamdulillah.tak dpt pun alhamdulillah.chaiyok2

  15. Bella ni muka ‘ banyak akai”…bak kata org2 utara….
    hat ada saja dia plan nak buat…hehehe…so cute bella..

  16. Hello dr! I used to b ur silent reader, but i guess not anymore! Hehe dr, looking at ur super hectic schedule everyday, when actually are ur pumping session? Im also working but im really struggling with the pumping sessions. If i do less session the number of ounces by the end of the day mesti sikit. So i need to do at least once every 3 hrs. Maybe u can share how u organize the pumping session and at the same time gettig enough milk for the next day

    Tqvm doc!

    1. I only pump early in the morning.. Then around 10am, and 2pm kalu sempat.. Most of the time tak sempat.. By 5-6 i dah sampai rumah and susukan Bella terus.. I try to do it 4hrly when Im oncall and no Bella around nak susukan dia..

  17. When reading your blog you make me flash back masa awal dapat 1st baby(and still the only ones setakat ni).

    Driving like a mad woman tu sangat true(even sanggup langgar lampu merah gak sometimes)….kalau boleh nak terus BF dia bila sampai rumah,nak cium bau baby dia…

    You just make me smile Dr when reading your journal ni…

  18. Hi doc, would like to know where do u send Bella for play school? Am looking for a good nursery to send my 3 month old baby..

  19. hi, I guess you are a friend of Syerifah Farah Wan Taha; can you pass me her email address? I would like to send her some stuffs, classic and new fairy tales (the new ones she’d have seen, be’cos i usually drop her a CD at the guardhouse; you see, in case you haven’t gathered already, I’m a writer… ta, fabuloso! The classic fairy tales are retellings and renditions… ta, again! God bless!

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