Dublin Trip

Standing (L-R): Dr Ruzaimi (my sister’s husband), my father, Dr Arif ~newly graduated ;), my mother holding sleepy Tasha, Dr Hamizah (my baby sister at 6 month pregnant)

Sitting (L-R): the writer of BarelySupermommy ;), Bella, Amir (my youngest brother)

Hi all!!

We are back!! Arrived KL yesterday afternoon..

Our Dublin trip was good. We attended my brother’s graduation from Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland. It’s like a get together for my family coz all my siblings were there. Nowadays it is so difficult to get all of us to sit together because we live far apart from each other. Unfortunately my husband couldn’t make it because of prior work engagement. He had events in KL, Penang and flew to Riyadh for meetings. We missed him dearly.. Hmm.. ok, maybe mommy yang over ๐Ÿ˜€

Proud parents ๐Ÿ™‚

We didn’t do much there. Eat,ย sleep, shopping..

morning walk…

some sprinting…

feed the swans and ducks..

playground activities..

feed the birds..

and the zoo!! Dublin zoo!!

and we did what Dubliners do when there’s the sun…

Picnic!! (except that our spot is under the tree, away from the sun!! :D)

We took Emirates fight to Dublin via Dubai. It took about six and a half hour to Dubai, two hour transit and another seven and a half hour flight from Dubai to Dublin. Not that bad because at least we had a break between flights. Not too boring for the Bella, at least she can run around for awhile. Even during the flight, she kept wanting to walk around the cabin and see other people.. Haduih..

My preparation for a long haul flight..

#1 Milk bottles filled with milk powder

#2 Extra milk powder ~ just in case if the one you’ve pre-prepared finished (#1)

#3 Hot boiled water in a thermos, or just thermos will do. The cabin crew definitely will have boiled water at the prep area, but I love to have my own, just in case..

#4 Plain water ~ again, I need some on my own, or you can just ask from your cabin crew

#5 Diapers, changing mat, wet wipes, extra clothing for both girls..

#6 Ipad/iphone downloaded with lots and lots of videos / flash cards / cartoons.. Hmmmm.. Maybe I’ll have an entry about what I have in my ipad for Bella.. insyaAllah..

#7 Mommy stuff : Lip balm, moisturiser, lippie and things that makes me feel pretty ๐Ÿ™‚

What do I use to carry all this.. My trusted Storksak Sofia. I really love that bag to bits. Worth every single cents.. You can get yours here..

I’m glad Bella is not the type that has to have her favorite blanket or bantal busuk.. any selimut or bantal will do for her. Otherwise, I’m sure I have to bring that along too!! Haha..

I just finished with unpacking and the laundry and now back to packing again..

Guess what?!

We are going to the City of Love tomorrow… Paris here we come!!

..and if you’re wondering.. Yes, Bella and Tasha are coming along…

Love is in the air…


100 thoughts on “Dublin Trip

  1. Wow…. Paris….. tgk gambar dr post masa melawat pun dah rasa macam pergi je semua tempat tu…. hihi anyway… doa saya semoga dr sekeluarga have a great and save journey…aminnn

  2. untung mak dan ayah.. semua anak jd Dr. … sbuah keluarga ya patut dicontohi … Dr. Halina I’m admired your family so much..such a great family

  3. Dr bestnye nk g paris…anyway congrats dr arif…xsabar nk grad jugak..dr pray for me pls…gonna sit for my 3rd year exam next month..medik UM susah……………… ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  4. dr halina, im just wondering, its that okay for you to take a long leave? since you r working at gov hosp? coz im in gov hosp too. afraid to take a long leave eventho i have plenty. just curious. no offence

    1. Im on maternity leave plus breastfeeding leave. And yea you’re allowed and only if you boss approved.. Houseman tak buleh lar..

  5. wow awesome!! after dublin, paris.. boleh la pegi try macaroons at laduree.. hehe.. btw, congrats to ur brother and ur family. joyous moment indeed ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Reading your entry here helps me to prepare my own first big trip with my 8 mth old son. I have to bring him to Kuching for my work engagements because I’m still breastfeeding. Thanks for the tips on what to bring in the plane, even if mine is short.

    1. Even a short trip needs good preparation tau!! Kalau anak dah melalak dlm airplane nanti.. Saper yg susah? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. oh my god! after this, dr will fly to Paris?? Oh god.. interesting! i want to join u too. hehe…
    one thing i love most bout the oversea is the cleanliness. there are a lot of clean places! no rubbish everywhere.
    love to see ur all family members were meet for each other ๐Ÿ˜€ a happy moment
    Bella and Tasha are very lucky kids. sejak kecil, they travel to many places to the entire of the world with their beloved mommy and daddy. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. OHh Eemm Gee.. Just wondering jamu urat ape yg doc minum.. After 6+7 hrs on board, unpack, and packing again.. I just cameback from Istanbul with 12hrs on board..pastu pengsan seminggu.. Xcampur jetlag yg tetibe telelap kt ofis kol 8pg.. Hahahaah.. Toloonngg.. Give me some tips camane nk cergas mcm u sis.. **inspired by ur entry, InshaAllah will have a trip to Baitulmaqdis someday**

    1. Haha.. Memang penat.. Dlm flight pun bukannyer buleh tido kan!! Im not on any supplement. Yg tinggal cuma smangat.. and caffeine is good if taken moderately..

  9. Hi dr helina..just wondering..before u travel u ada amik any vaccination for your kids x..coz ramai gak anak2 kawan yg balik travel ja demam..any advice..

    1. I just follow the goverment recommendations.. added with pneumococcal and rotavirus. Make sure they get enough sleep and drink lots of water. Alhamdulillah.. Bella rarely get sick.. Maybe because she drinks breastmilk too.. it boost up her immune system..

    1. My husband is giving a speech at Paris Air Show. Keje sehari je.. Hari2 lain enjoy!! . kitorg ni tumpang sekaki lar ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Doc halina, nak tanya doc guna stroller apa yea utk bella n tasya. Saya nak beli stroller yg senang 4 travel tapi xtau nak beli apa brand? Any recommendation doc? Oh stoller for NB up to 3or 4 yrs old

    1. We use Maclaren Globetrotter for travelling. Sangat ringan. Tasha doesnt really in a stroller, so far only in a carrier when we travel. At home, we have Stokke..

  11. Salam doc. Just to check w u. Pneumoccocal and rotavirus tu available ke kt gov hosp? Usually I saw it available di private hosp or clinic. Can you share where did u took it? Thank you. Have a safe journey.

    1. Private clinic and hosp ada. Government hosp ada jugak yg ada but you have to buy them i.e HuKm..

  12. homaigawd….enjoying ur day Kakna!!!lepas 1, 1 tpt u pegi ek…i wish i can b like u some day..

  13. my children pon amik pneumoc n rotavirus…i love to read ur blog dr..bestnyeee gi paris soon…but ive to bersyukur gak with what i ve kan??? heee.juz talking to myself

  14. Salam Dr. U download apa untuk Bella dalam Ipad tu…? I tunggu ni…
    Semoga terus murah rezeki n ceriaaaaaa selalu camni. Terbaekkk!

  15. Assalamualaikum wbt. Tahniah utk Dr dan keluarga. My daughter now is in Egypt, doing medical too.Maybe next time, u can share a few tips on how to study medic especially during the 1st,2nd and 3rd year. Anyway love to read your story.Jauh berjalan, luas pandangan! Dr. Teruskan menulis.Kalau boleh, ‘ buku kan . Salam ukhuwah.Pn.Halina Ahmad.

  16. Doc say hi to me jugak boleh? hehe..
    can please mention my name when u at Paris, manalah tau satu hari nanti boleh menginjakkan kaki kat sana..
    Love u doc.

  17. Wow nice trip Doc..beautiful photos you added here as well. Rasenye nak pergi sekarang ke Dublin !! Hehe very nice environmentvent. I like t ‘guarded’ swings . Kat Malaysia mcm tak jumpa. Off to Paris pulak..besnye Doc!nak ikuttt. I really wish to be able to visit Paris too and meet my beloved friend there. Safe journey ya for all of you and please take more and more photos to share with us for the next entry…Paris Trip ๐Ÿ™‚ a big congrate to your parents for having such clever daughters and sons in the family ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Waaa best nye.. Lame cuti doc..
    Sent from my BlackBerryยฎ wireless device via Vodafone-Celcom Mobile.

  19. Salam doc, soooo damn eager nak baca post doc everyday….not so skema rama…hahaha…fun reading…btw i got son 3 years old…so can share parenting tip yang good from you…keep writing doc…love ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. salam Dr Halina,

    Wah Paris pulak..best Paris..Kenapa Dr. tak terus ke Paris dari Dublin n tunggu Dr SMS je kat sana? dekat sikit. Happy vacation…

  21. hi doc..

    lovely family..part paling best..u do such a good homework before naik airplane…ghahah…all u did sama mcm sy pegi aussie last month…otherwise..anak melalak dlm airplane..

    btw doc,…sudi tak share application u download for bella..especially on flash card and other type of educational game etc…my son so addicted with our gadget…bende paling dia tunggu setiap kali on gadget is his thomas n friend cartoon….oh myyyy…!!!

  22. doc boleh bagi tips holiday dgn 2 orang baby n toddlers??..mcmner nak handle diorang masa trip n ada tak tips2 berguna boleh dikongsi sebab seronok tgk dr bwk bella n tasya with no problems…even doc dh bwk diorang masa dalam pantang lagi..;)..boleh bagi tips tak tq..;)

  23. drhalina, i found a tablet type formula milk by meiji from japan when i was travelling there. saves a lot of space! nanti nak try tgk kalau ada kat isetan

  24. Hi Dr Harlina,
    Hv a safe flight ! Ada 1 hr tu mak saya sembang dgn sy, isu tentang nenek yg terpaksa menjaga cucu nya..
    Mak sy cakap, nnti kalau dah ada anak usahakan bagaimana nk membesarkan mereka, jgn terus nak bg emak jaga cucu, mak tu tak kisah nak jaga cucu tapi anak kena faham jgn ambil kesempatan terhadap mak ayah yg dah nak rehat selepas penat bekerja dan mengasuh anak… melainkan kes kes yg tdk dpt dielakkan dan ada permasalahan
    Mak sy siap bg contoh, contohnya adlh dr, mak sy ckp tgk Dr Harlina, pergi mn pun dalam or luar negara masih bawak anak, tak tinggal anak dgn mak ayah dia even mak ayah Dr masih ada dan sihat… mak sy ckp ikut mcm Dr Harlina dan suami nya Dr Sheikh bagus usaha menjaga anak walau susah & senang…
    Doakan saya mudahan mendapat pasangan yg baik, menjadi ibu yg baik & dikurnikan rezeki anak yg baik ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice knowing u dr & ur family too… from Pahang wiv luv โค

  25. doc, nak ikut g paris! bhahaha…
    bestnye~~ nak travel gak jauh2.tapi xdapat2 pergi lagi.. jealous lihat mereka2 yg g travelling. can’t deny it. nak kumpul duit banyak2, nak g travel one world..kihkihkih
    later, will make doc jealous pula dgn saya… haha! ^,^

    *kiss and hugs for bella n tasha. muahhh100x!!!!*

  26. Doc, I think u should reveal your beauty secrets. Your face is just AWESOME! hihihi.. waiting for yr reply.

  27. Hiiii! kinda xcted reading ur blog..bella n tasha both are so adorable..doc, i ada dgr carrier y x bagus guna jenis y kaki lurus ke bawah sbb bhya for baby bones. betul ke?brand ape ye y tasha pakai tu?mothercare ok ke?hihi..untung lar kalau doc jwb my q..tq doc!

  28. wah bestnye..rindu nk travel mcam zaman2 blaja dulu.now ade dua kids cam susah je nk berjalan jauh.our kids are same ages.but mine are boys.If nk g jalan jauh for sure yang sulung kene tinggal ngan nenek (+neneknye paksa tinggal).bile tgk doktor travel ngan both babies rasa jeles plak..camane handle babies when travelling.ok ke?

  29. Hi Dr.,
    Nice trip! Dr. can you share to us any tips on how you handle/train your kids to be a good one.. I really admire you Dr. Handling two kids but you still looks awesome! Please share with us!! hehe xoxo

  30. Datin Dr….. you’re really awesome and you got awesome family too… my jealousy rising up lagi hoho… I admire you soo much!! Say hi to me like they way yoi did to the others !!!

  31. Dr.. your brother looks like prince william- malaysian version! only if his hair a bit blonder… pls say hi to him hehehe

  32. Salam Dr Halina, please share application apa yg dr download utk Bella..nak download utk anak sy juga..thanks

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