Why IKEA Why.. 

Im stressed up! Im at Ikea right now, blogging while queueing to pay for my things. Today is actually my second day coming here in 2017!! Its only 3rd day of the year I know.. hahaha..

I was here yesterday but there were too many people. Despite coming quite early, by 10am the parking was almost full and I tried to shop as fast as I can (that means I go according to my shopping list and no wandering around…! Impressive!) I had my longest queue ever in my life! Probably there were 50 ppl in front of me in one single queue and not many counter were opened. I ditched my trolley and come home immediately because I feel like fainting.. nah.. I was just hungry. Whacked two Ikea’s hotdogs, got home and sleep. Haha.. but I really wanted to organize my kids toys. It’s really all over the place and I dont have enough space to keep them.

Today, Im back again! Determined to fill up my trolley and queue again no matter how long the line is! (And I ate first before entering the hall!!) 💪🏻

Now trolley is full and I’m queueing. Cant believe only 7 counters open considering its the new year and I believe many people are just like me.. in organizing / decorating mood because our new year resolution is to have a clean and neat house! 😝  There’s more underneath my big pile of baskets! My kind-of-toys!

I’m done writing and posting this and believe it or not, I haven’t yet reach the counter.

But Im determined!


16 thoughts on “Why IKEA Why.. 

  1. Assalamualaikum dr Halina. My family and I were there also on the 2nd day of 2017. The queue was soooo long. We also ditched the trolley. We came all the way from Sg Petani Kedah. Kids complained why didnt I wait. Told them that I would rather spend my time sitting idle while watching them play at the kids section at the Curve. “Alaaa…tapi I want ti decorate my room” says my 5yo doter. Well I guess we have more reasons to come again next time huh!

    Happy new year dr Halina and family. May 2017 be a better year for both our families! Much love from Kedah! ❤❤

  2. Dear Dr. Halina,

    Dun wori u can use my PS service for IKEA. Dont have to que and come to IKEA. I go to IKEA everyday. Can delivery and install IKEA product at your house. Ini lah income saya n husband since my 2nd baby nak lahir last April.

    For me, beratur panjang di IKEA is my stress therapy hahaha…

    Bole whatsapps saya 0162982125.

  3. Those white plastic container with cover, i beli from daiso je..rm5.30 including cover, not separate like ikea. Huhu..janji boleh stack and nampak toys kat dalam, i’m fine

    1. I read somewhere, the quality of plastic is important because it can release chemicals that might cause cancer. I have nothing against Daiso but it’s too cheap and questionable. I have no evidence on that, it’s just me being paranoid. Maybe it’s just me..

  4. Since im working around here, i escape public holiday, a day before or after public holiday, school holidays, and weekends. The best days are Wed or Friday, still depands, and avoid lunch hour and que before 900pm.. lol.. so many restrictions 😂😂

  5. Which ikea u went? Cheras or Damansara? Well I’ve experienced it before! I wanted to buy doorgift for an event so My troli full of the glass, after tour the ikea and finally reached the cashier… jeng jeng i can imagine your situation hahaha i mmg tak sabar dan tak gigih nak beratur in long queue.. same like u did, ditched the trolley and just walk out , i came the next morning at 9.30am parking almost full, i quickly use the shortcut from the cashier to enter the ikea grab the glass and quickly pay, the queue is better than yesterday only about 5 peoples infront, moral of the story if really want to shopping at ikea don’t come on PUBLIC HOLIDAY, window shopping tak pa 😆

    1. It was the Damansara one.. never been to the Cheras one but I believe the amount of people are just the same.. everybody loves IKEA 😅

      1. Cheras one waaaaayy less crowded, Dr.. i can assure u tht

        Dsara one always packed maybe because of those frm surrounding workplaces/offices/residential all go there. Unlike cheras one dia isolated building. Effort lebih sikit nk keluar office, park there and had lunch. Maybe la..

        Or is it because of mrt ? 😅

  6. Have to go ealier & wait until they open their gate, run with trolley while grabbing things in your list (no wandering) & go straight to the counter to pay. Buy that cheap but nice Ikea ice cream after that to celebrate. Works almost every time for me haha!

  7. Hi Dr, dunno which Ikea you went on the third of Jan.
    But I went to Ikea Cheras on 1st Jan, queued for payment at 12 pm and suprisingly fast.

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