Deepavali 2010

Deepavali 2010 is special to me.. That was about one month plus after we got married.. It was somewhere in early November..
In my lifetime, I never had any headache before. Trust me.. Never! But a week before Deepavali.. I started to have headache.. morning, day and night.. and crazy mood swing (How can a newly wed has mood swing?? I was supposed to be in honeymoon phase!!)

Then I started to think.. what could possibly when wrong.. like some brain pathology, or some viral infection.. some hormonal imbalance.. I already made a checklist to rule out my illness, until my colleague told me to do Urine Pregnancy Test..

I gulped! Is that possible? It has only been a month?? So, I went to the pharmacy, and I bought like 5 different brand of UPT!! Hahahha.. I just wanna make sure there’s no false positive happening here!! 5!! For Godsake!! Hahahha… And no, I didn’t tell my new husband yet.. I was scared!!

Deepavali morning, I was on call..

(Come to think about it, I’m always on call on Deepavali!! Today pun on call!!)

Woke up early, according to my gynaecology knowledge, urine for pregnancy test has to be done early in the morning.. First urine in the morning because that is when the beta HCG hormone is at its highest level in the urine.. I drank glasses of water to get the system running😉 Hehe..

So, to the toilet I go… First time peeing on the stick!! Woohooo… Of course I didn’t manage to complete all 5 sticks!! Hahahah.. Only 1. Geezzzzz..

I closed my eyes, no actually I peeped with one eye.. it took a while for the blue line to come out.. First line is out. Then there was a faint second line. I fainted for 3 seconds! Two lines.. two lines.. two lines.. Breathe Halina breathe… This is huge. I better breathe.. It was surreal. Then I get ready to work.. I was on call remember. Hubsy was already awake. He was in front of the computer reading news. I told him… “I think I’m pregnant” and showed him the stick that I peed on. (Haha.. cleaned of course!!) I think his jaw literally dropped… and the rest is history..

Here we are.. 4 years later..

Blessed..Photo credit to Rashidee Azman 


Happy Deepavali to all who celebrating.. Wishing you a wealthy, prosperous and delightful Deepavali. Happy holiday to the rest!!


B is Turning 2!!

Hi all..

Today is B’s 2nd birthday!!

MasyaAllah.. Time flies really fast. My baby girl is already two years old.. (Or 2 ers yold, according to Bella..! Haha..) Alhamdullilah, I am really blessed having her and Little Tasha in my live. They are my source of joy and happiness and occasionally makes me crazy. But above all, they are my life!

See, big girl already.. dah pakai makeup!!

On the other hand, Little Tasha is turning 6 month old!! Yay!! You know what that means? Yup, weaning! She’s gonna start eating all boring, blended baby food until she’s old enough to eat our yummy food. I’m all excited to feed her.. at the same time, when Tasha is 6 month old.. you know what that means?

That means mommy is going back to work!!!


Yes, I do miss work. And trust me, after starting work, I will cry to my husband telling him I miss the girls so much.. and that will last for about a week or two until I’m emotionally stable. Haha… If you see me at the hospital with flushed face or maybe teary eyes, yeah, maybe I just cried.. hehe..

Thank you for all the birthday wishes on Twitter. I’ve been receiving them since last night. And I actually told B about it.. and she just angguk2 and smile. I don’t know whether she understand whats going on or not…

We are gonna have a great day today, insyaAllah.. and hope you are too!!


When Tasha Sneezes…

Bella was sitting with Tasha at the backseat of our car in their own carseat..

Suddenly Tasha sneeze.. Acchooo…

Bella : Hamdulillah

Then Tasha sneeze again..

Bella: Hamdullilah some more..


Bella Says..

This morning in bed..

Bella sneezed…

Then she said “hamdulilah” (yes, she missed the al- but its ok..)

Daddy: Very good Bella. You said Alhamdullilah..

*mommy feel super proud!*

Daddy: What do you say when you want to eat?

(We’re expecting a Bismillah answer from her..)

Bella: Yummy. Yummy..


This One Makes Me Happy..

Despite having said what I said in my previous entry, this never fails to make me smile..

Probably some of you have seen coz I’ve put this up on my Keek..

Hope you love this one too..

“Rain, rain go away.. come again another day…”


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Hello all!!

To cheer up your Monday morning.. here is B’s version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Sorry there’s no picture in the video because it was taken in the dark, before she goes to sleep. Yes, she sings for us.. not the other way round! Haha.. Most of the time we fall asleep first before she does.. and the only word she can pronounce properly is “diamond”!! Hahahha..



“The moment a child is born, a mother is also born”

Yes, it’s true, we women find the bond with our baby immediately. The moment baby was born, when she first held the baby, the bond is created. When a woman breastfeed her baby, a hormone called “oxytocin” released. It triggers more milk production. It also nicknamed as “love hormone” because it’s also produced during affectionate moment. It makes us feel good. Even just by gazing at your baby’s eyes while bottle feeding him/her, massaging your baby and snuggling also releases oxytocin.

That’s how easy for us mommies to bond with our child.

But it’s a different story with the daddies..

I remember when Tasha was only 1 week old, my husband said “I belum bond lagi lar dengan Tasha.” I tried very hard not to ask him every day whether he has bonded with our little girl or not!! Hahaha.. Kepoci🙂

And finally, last week, when Tasha is about 6 weeks old, he told me “I rasa I dah bonding dgn Tasha dah!!” Yesss!!!! It took awhile for daddies to bond with their baby. I guess because most of the job dealing with infants are done by us, mommies.. From giving birth (isn’t it obvious!!) to breast feeding (duhh!), changing diapers.. Urrm.. yes, that’s all babies need I guess🙂

What I did was I let my husband bottle feed Tasha especially at night, so I’ll get to sleep a little bit more😉 Don’t worry mommies, daddy and baby will do fine without you. I have some my friends who is scared to let their husband takes care of their baby. Just because they afraid something might happen. As far as I’m concern, the fact that daddy wants to help is enough to show that they care for their child. Let them spend time together, bottle-feed and some snuggling tome with the baby while we… rest!

And the result.. the bonding between them!!

And don’t forget your other children too!!

That’s Bella bonding with Tasha when she was just a few days old..

Love, X