28 thoughts on “B is 3!!

  1. Lovely bella..happy birthday darling ;)..aunty (aunty ke?hehe i’m just 23..not too old kan?so..sister la..hehe)i’ve been ur fan since u were born!haha..

    1. Me also, Bella’s big fan πŸ™‚

      Happy birthday Bella, im ur big fan from Indonesia..
      Love u..

      Im so glad, im ur Mommy blog reader, and she ever reply my comment, i would never forget that.
      Doc Halina, u are my inspiration.

  2. Sooooo cutee … πŸ™‚
    Lovely bella…. May Allah bless you with happiness and barkah in your ….

    Am sharing birthdate with your mommy .. same date same month same year .. :p

  3. happy birthday BELLA…semoga membesar dgn sihat…(doa utk T jgk)…dn membesar mjadi insan yg baik dn solehah……aminnnn….

  4. Happy birthday bella sayang! She is soo you Dr! heheh..semoga jadi anak solehah dunia akhirat ye..amin..

  5. Happy Birthday Bella dear, moga jadi anak Solehah..penyejuk hati mummy n daddy… Baby boy aunty pun share same birthday date as you.. and he’s 3 years old too πŸ™‚

  6. Happy Birthday Bella…Semoga panjang umur dimurahkan rezeki dan sihat selalu k.. rindu nak dengar Bella nyanyi lagu “rain rain go away”…. heheheh…

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  8. Happy birthday B! Here aunty prays that Allah will make it easy for you to acquire Malay language..and other languages too later! Aunty knows it’s pretty tough for you at this point to start processing Malay and other non-English languages cos English is your first language. Just like other Malay-speaking kids who’ll run away when their parents start conversing in English with them. Try watch Malay-language cartoons so you’ll unconsciously absorb few new Malay words and sentence structures. You’re such a super bright kid and we all love you!

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