Palestine – The Land of Anbiya’

I believe most of you heard about Gaza, Palestine stories. Gaza has been bombed non stopped since last Monday. This time they are attacking residence, hospitals and even coffee shops!! Basicly, the whole Gaza town. Israelis dropped missiles from the air, sea and land. This is genocide!!

Photo googled from the Internet 

Israel wants to kill the Palestinians.. literally vanish from this world!!

Where I get these stories from? No.. not CNN, BBC or ABC. Of course they will report to you that Israel was bombed by Hamas. ABC “wrongly” reported that the scene of destruction that they are showing is in Israel where in real life, it was in Gaza!! They gave the wrong impression to the world!! Anyway, I get my stories from the twitter (yes!) You can follow @BreakGazaSiege_ or even one of the doctor in Gaza hospital.. @GazaBarca for real life update from Gaza itself. My Twitter timeline is full of these story from people in Gaza itself. Israel laknatullah can’t fool the world anymore. All the news that were not reported in CNN or BBC or what not.. is available on social media!

Here we are in Malaysia, living in peace (well, I know there’s snatch thieves here and there but at least we are not at war!) nicely go shopping at Bazaar Ramadhan buying food luxuriously (guilty of that!) and 5 baju raya!!

And those in Gaza.. living in fear, not even sure whether they will still be alive the next second because missiles and bomb and just drop anytime. MasyaAllah. I can’t even imagine how would they feel. I’m always in tears every time I read my twitter timeline, they are in so much pain, physically and emotionally.

I keep thinking, what can we do to help them..

1) Boycott Israel product

or whoever or whatever that supported Israel. Our contributions to Israeli’s economy will be used to by bombs to kill other human beings. I DON’T WANT!!! I’m not gonna kill another Palestinians. They have suffered more than they can bear. May Allah grant Jannah for all the Syahid and Syahidah..

No more Starbucks, McD. You may think a cup of frappucino might not hurt anyone. But what if a thousand people thought the same way.. what if 10,000 people still buying Starbucks frappucino?? That one maybe equal to a missile probably.. I don’t know. I never bought a missile before..

Here’s the list I get from Boycott Israel Campaign 2012.

Read under Nestle.. Oh my.. I have to find substitute for my Maggi and Nescafe!!

Check out the sub company under Estee Lauder & Loreal.. I think I’m left with NARS, SKII and probably Chanel!! (That is actually quite a good news for me!) Haha..

2) Donation

Money. Clothes. Food. Medical supplies. Whatever things that they need to survive day by day. I know this established NGO AmanPalestin has been around for quite sometimes to help the Gaza, Syria and Egypt during their hardship. They are very well-known for their charity work. I know they are doing this donation drive where you can just donate from your phone. Even it’s small amount.. it does matter to them.

Type PALESTIN <space>10

(for 1 / 3 / 5 / 10) in Ringgit Malaysia

and send to 39111

When they received, they will send back a message to you saying…. “Terima kasih kerana menderma untuk Tabung Aman Palestin”

Easy right. Just grab your phone and donate. I believe you spent more that RM10 at Bazaar Ramadhan for buka puasa, right. Let’s sacrifice one piece of murtabak (that’s about RM3, I believe) and donate to these Palestinians.. We can do that, right? 1 piece of murtabak today, tomorrow maybe no ayam percik, the day after that probably no tepung pelita.. Even it’s a little bit, it’s still count. Ever thought about donating 5 times a day? Like every time after prayer 😉 Maybe can score a little brownie points from Allah too!! 😀

Maybe there should be a NGO that can help us sent bomb to the Israelis too.. Something like..


Send to 39xxx

That would be a great help, right?!!

3) Du’a

That our most powerful weapon. Trust Allah.

Photo googled from the Internet

Look at these Palaestinians. MasyaAllah.. They know the Israelis can drop their weapon anytime, but they still come for solat even in an open air area. If we were in their positions, would we be able to do that?

I am not a professional writer. I’m just writing from my heart. My heart feels heavy for these people. I hope you don’t mind sharing this articles with others so more people will contributes to the donation drive. More people will boycott Israel products and more du’a for the Palestinians.

This is not about religion anymore. This is about human right!


54 thoughts on “Palestine – The Land of Anbiya’

  1. Kalau ada israel space bomb… I think i want send it to…. Luluh hati tgk palestinians & sangat sakit hati tahap max dkt israel.. I will stop use clinique n manggi.. Also want to find alternatif for my nescafe… (Caffein addict)

  2. babe, fyi u can substitute maggi to Koka brand. great news is dat they’re Without MSG n tasty too!! One problem solved 😉

    1. agree!it is well written…and most of the the time mmg terkesan di hati 🙂 thanks for reminding us about the products that we shud boycott….

  3. Doc, kat situ takde tulis Milo. So bolehlahkan? If kena tak tahu nak ganti dgn ape. Takde brand yg boleh kalahkan Milo. 😂

  4. Scrolling on the Israelis products were easy until the beauty products. VS? substitute? Mac? I just bought Loreal Revitalift last night. I have to change to another product too. Like you said, the money we are paying is being used to hurt our brothers. Well written dr Halina. It brought tears to my eyes.

  5. good job dr halina..dulu sy prnah boikot tp kali ni insyaAllah istiqamah..geram tahap xtau nk hbq dh ni.demi saudara Islam kita yg mempertaruh nyawa menjaga kesucian agama.tergamak lg kah kita buat x tahu ? 😦

  6. Well written doc. But I doubt about the boycotting issue. Mmg kalau bole kite boycot semua. But how about those who worked at nestle, McD? Dorang tu mostly anak melayu. Unless we can help to crate jobs for those who work with jew’s related company, then we can boycott habis-habisan. Not only the workers, but the whole supply chain for that companies.. yup mmg kesian n sedih tgk apa jadi kat palestin. I fell so useless n helpless coz I can do anything besides praying for them.

    1. Mmg kesian. But rezeki ada kat mana2 dear. Percaya pada Allah. Tawakal. Insyaallah ada jalan. I always thought the same. Until I quit my job and joined a MNC company which allows me to wear tudung.

    2. Agree with you Ninie. Mostly people are just awared of boycotting food brand. What about Intel? Mostly our computers are using Intel (be it home or office). I think the most important thing is our “niat” and pray to Allah SWT. Insya Allah, Allah melindungi setiap perbuatan kita. 🙂

    3. the boycott targeting the funding to Israel activities. Yes memang halal kerja di McD and so on, tapi bumi Allah luas. usahakan dahulu yang lain. InsyaAllah Allah akan buka pintu rezeki yang lain bila kita buat Lillahi ta’ala. Sound easy, but it is easy compared to the Palestinian lives. InsyaAllah kalau semua komited dan sungguh2, mana tahu one day we will able to eat McD (healthier one compared to now as claimed by Chef Oliver) again. 🙂

  7. Thumbs up for this post Dr 🙂 i’m starting know a bit about palestine through your post-visited palestine land (I’m aware about palestine before but none of other post I found on internet cant beat yours) .so touching and its a promise land as a lot of prophets came from palestine. Its mean a lot to us (muslim) and non muslim as well. I do hope muslim can unite and at least what we can do for palestinian is boycotting Israel’s product. Ramadan kareem to you and u 🙂

    1. Yes true ana!! Syrkt telco akn ambik bape share..if u want to donate better dekat masjid atau surau..x ragu2..

    2. Yes true ana!! Syrkt telco akn ambik bape peratus..if u want to donate better dekat masjid atau surau..x ragu2..

    3. Yes true. Kalau tak yakin, insyaAllah banyak NGO lain yang boleh usahakan saluran donation secara menyeluruh dengan tidak mengambil kos operasi yang terlalu banyak. We donate 100, of course we want them to receive 100 also. Semoga kita belajar tentang amanah jua~

  8. Maybe there should be a NGO that can help us sent bomb to the Israelis too.. Something like..


    Send to 39xxx

    That would be a great help, right?!!

    cool!! #prayforgaza

  9. hanya mampu berdoa untuk gaza…Lindungi mereka Ya Allah…sampai xsanggup nk bukak FB/IG sbb xnak tgk gmbr2 rakyat gaza yang menyayat hati…sedih sangat2…:(

  10. Thank you Dr Harlina! Lepas ni kena kuatkan semangat nak boikot semua ni.. Bila dah ada anak ni lagi terasa sedih tengok anak-anak palestin jadi mangsa kekejaman israel.. Berdoa banyak2 untuk keselamatan mereka..

    For those yang rasa was-was nak derma thru NGO or SMS, boleh salurkan derma dekat NGO kat bawah ni.. He was my schoolmate. Satu-satunya anak malaysia yang sedang melanjutkan pelajaran di universiti Gaza.. Semalam dia keluar kat Buletin Astro Awani..

    CIMB : 7600809829 (Umm Salamah Ahmad Syah)

    1. Reen, I totally agree with you. Now that I have a daughter, the pain is extra painful to see those kids in Gaza suffer. Untuk mengubat hati, I will always tell myself, Allah swt tu jauh lebih besar and HE has HIS miracle ways to prove things. Kalau tak ubat jiwa mcm ni, rasa marah dan sakit hati je. That is not healthy too kan.

    2. Saya percaya dan yakin dengan Aman Palestin. Saya juga pernah beberapa kali menjadi sukarelawannya. Tiada was-was dan ragu. InsyaAllah. Tapi apa-apa pun kita boleh gunakan mana-mana peluang untuk menyumbang kepada Palestin, Tak kisah mana2 NGO atau pertubuhan pun yang penting Allah redha. Salam Ramadhan buat semua 🙂

  11. Subhanallah Dr Halina, sangat terharu dengan post Dr kali ini. Saya sangat menyokong Dr! Moga Dr juga mendapat ganjaran di atas usaha yg murni ini. Jom kita amalkan baca doa qunut nazilah untuk saudara kita di sana dan di seluruh dunia. May Allah bless.

  12. Teringat perang di Bosnia, same like Palestinians,Israeli sedang laksana “Pembersihan Kaum”.Allahuakbar;Alllah Maha Besar.
    Semoga Allah kuatkan semangat Mujahid Islam di sana dan sentiasa dilindunigi Allah.

  13. Well written, Dr! Bye bye Frappucino..bye bye Java Chips.. Dah lama boikot Starbuck.. setiap kali lalu depan outlet dia, ambil bau pun jadilah. Saya tak akan kalah kali ni!

  14. salam
    what abt fb? mereka collate data semua org yg guna and hating them ie the kaum…
    shld stop that.

    they even hv yr address,email, picture n family n friends…

  15. Dr, dr boleh follow twitter @aqsasyarifhq utk update 24/7 yg diterjemah drpd sumber2 berita terkini dari Gaza. Very nice post, doc. thumbs up! inshaAllah sama2 istiqamah boikot & maybe lpas ni boleh buat post how to subtitute boycott product in ur kitchen? very mommy one 😀

  16. Semoga kita sentiasa selitkan mereka dalam doa kita..yang boikot tu pulak kalau tak boleh boikot satu, jangan tak boikot semua..sedih jugak bila terpaksa ‘berpisah’ dgn the best coffee to my tastebuds, Starbucks but i have to do this!for my brothers and sisters yg bersusah payah pertahankan tanah Islam di sana..saya xkan lagi menyumbang kpd tabung senjata Israel Laknatullah!

  17. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation however I find this
    topic to be really one thing which I believe I’d by no means understand.
    It seems too complex and very wide for me. I’m taking a look forward in your next submit, I will try to get the
    hold of it!

      1. As far as i knew, the science is Japanese but the business is P&G. Just like Shu Umera under Loreal.

  18. Hi, sorry for multi-commenting this post. I have to confess this one really got me haunted for several days apart from the media reports regarding our Muslim brothers/sisters there in Gaza. Sometimes I wonder why don’t we stop buying/using US and Germany products too, they are Israeli strong supporters. Damn, it’s very hard. They are everywhere. I just realize we are already within their control. What about Google, Yahoo, MacBook and etc ???…… my tears fall. I depend on them every day. Have I spent my cents and Ringgits for that bullet inside that innocent little body I just saw on TV?

  19. Yup, Do’a danboikot ni lah jihad kecil kita semoga kita tergolong dalam golongan orang2 yang di redhai Allah dalam sama-sama memerangi musuh islam sejagat…

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