Why Instagram Why..

Have you heard.. Instagram is changing its game. Its not gonna be a chronological anymore. They will follow FB marketing style. Thanks to FB who bought over Instagram (and I'm being cynical here 😏) They will come out with a new algorithm “based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the … Continue reading Why Instagram Why..

What’s Your Body Shape Type?

Remember this quote I put up on my IG The other day, I was answering some silly quiz on the internet.. It was about body shape and fashion and stuff.. Haha.. I was stressed up doing anaesthesia thingy ok!! So, one of the question was... What's your body shape type? a) hour glass b) pear … Continue reading What’s Your Body Shape Type?

Happy New… Year?!

Tomorrow is the last day of January 2016, people!! Unbelievable.. how time flies!! I haven't even wish you Happy New Year and we are already going to February! I hope 2016 has been treating you great so far.. As for me and my family, we are doing great so far. Both of my girls settled … Continue reading Happy New… Year?!

Buhbye Pigmentation!!

Hi all!! Do you know about this? The latest product by Zofea Beauty. I just received this one a few weeks ago.. and currently using this in preparation for raya! Haha.. It comes with two different serum and facial soap. One serum is for day time, that is the Brightening Serum Phytocelltec and contains liquorice … Continue reading Buhbye Pigmentation!!

Barely Supermommy Update!!

Hi all!! OMG January 2015 is almost over! Believe it or not!! And Hi again.. I’m back! After two exams in December and last week. I’m back here. Writing. Missing all of you!! I hope 2015 is treating you well. After almost 3 months of disappearing, I have a lot to tell. OK, maybe not … Continue reading Barely Supermommy Update!!

Lately on Barely Supermommy..

OMG!! There's too much spam comments on my blog. What do I do? Should I put up approval permission before each comments? (Seriously?) It will be tiring. I don't have time to approve every single comments.. Any advice? -.- And thank you for the good response on advertisement blog entry. I will reply to you … Continue reading Lately on Barely Supermommy..

FB Page

Hi all!! I haven't been writing regularly like a good blogger should 😀 Well, I never was, anyway.. Since today I'm on my PM shift, that means I clock in at the hospital at 12noon and finish the operation theatre cases until 8pm.. So, I little extra time to spend in front of the computer.Time … Continue reading FB Page

Palestine – The Land of Anbiya’

I believe most of you heard about Gaza, Palestine stories. Gaza has been bombed non stopped since last Monday. This time they are attacking residence, hospitals and even coffee shops!! Basicly, the whole Gaza town. Israelis dropped missiles from the air, sea and land. This is genocide!! Photo googled from the Internet  Israel wants to … Continue reading Palestine – The Land of Anbiya’

Pesan Tun Hasmah..

I was so lucky last night.. accompanied my husband to attend a dinner celebrating teachers in PWTC. (It’s Teachers Day today, peeps!!) And guess who was the guess of honour?? *wink* Our beloved Tun Siti Hasmah!! She was at the table in front of ours.. and I was already fidgety when I saw her.. then … Continue reading Pesan Tun Hasmah..

Family Potrait

B and T wont be small for so long. My husband and I really having a great time raising our two girls. We love to keep their photos and videos whenever we had the chance to do it. About a month ago, we decided to have a family photography session.. Just for fun at FamGlamStudio … Continue reading Family Potrait