Pesan Tun Hasmah..

I was so lucky last night.. accompanied my husband to attend a dinner celebrating teachers in PWTC. (It’s Teachers Day today, peeps!!) And guess who was the guess of honour?? *wink*
Our beloved Tun Siti Hasmah!!
She was at the table in front of ours.. and I was already fidgety when I saw her.. then my husband asked me the most awaited question…
“You nak ambik selfie dgn Tun tak?”
Hehehe… “Yes, yes, yessss!!”
So, he introduced me to Tun Hasmah.. and I smiled like “kepah”. Hahaha..
We had a quick chat.. Tun Hasmah pesan..
“Jaga anak-anak, don’t miss the chance of seeing them grow. They grow up very fast”
Haaa… Ingat tu mommies. Tun Hasmah pesan macam tuh…
Owh, one more thing.. 
How can I miss this?
*pls ignore the guy who photobombed our selfie, ish!!*

28 thoughts on “Pesan Tun Hasmah..

  1. wahh doc..bestnyer dpt selfie dgn tun..jeleznya..jeleznyaaa….waaa..nk jugakkk!!tp i really hope one day we will selfie together gether gitu! love u doc..n XOXO to dear B & T…

  2. Saya pernah jumpa Tun Mahathir dekat Alamanda Putrajaya. Masa tu saya antara org terawal perasan Tun. Pastu ramai org duk berebut2 nak ambil gambar dan salam dengan Tun. Saya sempat dengar Tun M sebut ” Awat ramai sangat ni…” Tun sabar melayan semua yang nak bergambar dan salam dengannya sampai keretanya sampai.

    1. when i’m happy.. i smile like ‘kepah’ .. senyum lebar beriya2!! hahah.. so that’s my kepah smile

  3. Doc, unforgetable moment…Tun Hasmah mmg soft spoken orgnya…Tun Mahathir orgnya relax je…hehehe

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