Umrah Part 1

Alhamdullillah.. We are back from our umrah trip.

It was a short one but I believe a visit to the Holy Kaabah will always be memorable for me. We brought Bella and Tasha along with us. I have to admit, they can be quite handful sometimes but the thought of leaving them behind is… unthinkable! Haha..ย 

We flew to Jeddah via Dubai. I was sooo thankful because Frozen was shown on the in-flight tv. That one will keep B quiet during the flight, and I only left with Tasha to deal with. Haha..

I get a lot of questions from mothers out there on how to manage toddlers while in Tanah Haram. I’m not an expert, I’m just a struggling mommy like most of you.. *cheers* and of course with the help from my dear hubby and God’s willing, alhamdullilah..
B is already at the age where she can understand what what we are trying to tell her. So it’s quite easy to bring her around for solat at Masjid Al-Haram.. We can tell her not to run around, where we gonna pray so she know where to find us, or the easiest way to make her sit down and quite… the ipad!!! Hahah.. I know I know you’re giving me that you-give-your-child-ipad look ๐Ÿ˜‰ I rather let her play with ipad next to me than losing her.. So pls, if you wanna judge me, go ahead as long as my kid is safe!!
But on the other hand, T is still young. She only 15 months old, really active and her hobby is running around and climbing whatever she can climb and not to mention picking up anything that looks edible on the floor and shove it into her mouth…! That is the challenge!! Hahah.. I got T a harness where I can strap her to myself. She can still run around but only as far as 1 meter away from me. So, during solat, it’s either she’s attached to me or my husband will hold her during solat (and put her down during rukuk and sujud). That’s the only way to survive. Haha..
We decided not to bring stroller for this trip since we are not going around so much and I tend to forget about the stroller easily.. (Almost lost a stroller during our trip to Jordan/BaitulMaqdis before!!) And my girls prefer to run around rather than sitting in the stroller. When they are tired, we just carry them ourselves. No baby carrier ok!! B is about 14kg and T is about 8kg. That will definitely tone up our arms!! Haha.. Many parents put their child on the wheelchair available in Masjidil Haram. I didn’t see many stroller there. I don’t know whether it is allowed to bring it inside or not..
We did our tawaf and saie after subuh when the weather is not so hot and the crowd is not too big. During tawaf, B loves to sit on her daddy’s shoulder and I will carry T. When I came across a crowded area especially in front of Hajar Aswad, I tried to carry T a little bit higher to make sure it’s easy for her to breath, or else she will cry..
Saie is quite fun for B because she ย can walk on her own (without people pushing her) and stop to drink zam zam water and walk again.. B loves to just hold the tail of her daddy’s ihram, and Tasha will be carried. B can walk for about 3 trips to-and-fro between Safa and Marwah before she demanded us to carry her.
B and T taking a break drinking zam sam water during Saie..
By the end of the tawaf and saie, my legs were already shaking. It’s like going to the gym!!
In front of Masjidil Haram, there’s a huge road/empty parking space (facing the Royal Palace) where pigeons always come to eat, bird food were provided for them by the general workers. We brought our girls there in the evening just for them to do kids stuff (and that is running around!) So, in between asar and maghrib, they will be chasing the pigeons.. and feeling tired after that!! Speaking about smart parenting ๐Ÿ˜‰ Haha..
My husband has a Malaysian friend there who owns a Malay food restaurant. (We will get back to this restaurant story later..) One morning, he brought us to the camel farm (Hurmmmm.. Is it called farm? I’m not sure..) Anyway, he brought us to see this big fat camels who are taken care by the Badwis. Seriously.. These peoples are Badwi!!! They live under the tent in the desert, like Rasulullah SAW time but I saw one of them holding a mobile phone!! Haha.. Not bad for people who actually lives on a desert!!
Having fun with camel, I was just actually playing brave in front of Tasha!! Haha.. Mommy must show good example, right?? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Diancam camel.. hahahah…
I seriously think Tasha is much more brave than me!! Hehe..
Fresh from the camel!!
For the first time, I drank camel’s milk!! Surprisingly, it doesn’t have any funny smell and it taste quite good. One funny-but-real fact about camel’s milk.. You can’t get any milk from the mommy camel until the kid camel drank from the mother first!! Isn’t God great?? MasyaAllah..

Part two coming soon, insyaAllah.. till then..


54 thoughts on “Umrah Part 1

  1. may Allah swt bless you, Dr Halina n ur family. i really adore you. i rarely drop my comment, just be a silent reader. but for this post, it’s really interesting n make me amazing. ๐Ÿ˜€ as always, ur daughters are so cute. smoga Bella n Tasha jadi ank yg solehah. amin… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Dr.halina…tq for sharing ur stories at, husband & the kids (6yo, 5yo n 14mos baby)are going there too end of may.pls share some good tips on how to handle the kids, their food will be a tough one to handle all the 3 kids there.may Allah ease our journey…

    1. Salam. Kindly drop me email on ur experience handling ur kids at tanah haram. Or if u have any blog that i may visit… Tq

  3. Subhanallah seronoknya dpt bwk anak2 tawaf & saie sama2…In sha Allah nk anak2 sama during my next visit to Mekah…mudah2an Allah makbulkan…amiin

  4. Dr.halina…do share to us what kind of medication tht u bring along especially for the kids…the weather at the end of may could reach 40+ degrees…

  5. What a beautiful family Dr. I really adore how you deal with these beautiful toddlers. I adore how you and Dr SMS teach your kids. It really inspire me. May God bless you and your family. Hugs and kisses to the sisters.

  6. really admire how u and hubby managed to handle 2 toddlers there! syukur alhamdulillah berkat niat suci Allah permudahkan urusan kat sana

  7. B & t were so adorable with the jubah. Camel’s milk is very milky. Rindunya tanah suci. Beautiful story doc. Awaiting part 2

  8. salam… hai doctor harlina, i really love ur blog and always update with ur stories.. hope i can meet u 1 day, visit brunei pls โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ

    Love from Brunei, Hawa


  9. really miss the Holy place…ur pics had bring backs d memories…really wish that we can go there back there soon…
    nway..welcome home doc… ^__^

  10. Assalammualaikum Dr nak bertanya soalan berkaitan membawa anak kecil utk umrah bercadang utk ke Tanah Haram disember tahun ni in shaa Allah.dijangkakan anak sy ketika itu berumur 1tahun bercdang utk membawa anak sy bersama memandangkan anak sy masih breastfeeding.soalan saya :
    1)perlukah anak sy mengambil apa2 suntikan sebelum pergi?
    2)adakah selamat utk sy breastfeed selepas mengambil suntikan yang diperlukan sebelum menunaikan umrah?
    3) adakah selamat membawa anak kecil yg dibawah 2tahun dari segi cuaca panas n keadaan ramai org? ( suami tidak ikut kerana sy pergi bersama makcik dan abg)
    Terima kasih.


    1. Saya baru balik dr umrah 30 mac yg lalu. Saya tlg jwb ye berdasarkan pengalaman saya bawa 4 org anak dan suami tidak sihat ketika di sana

      1.Bawah 2 tahun xperlu. Saya br bawa anak saya yg berumur 13 bln

      2. Selamat….xde efek pada anak yg disusukan. Malah susu bertambah banyak ketika di sana. Doa yang paling utama

      3. Di tanah haram Allah melindungi anak kita. Perbanyakkan doa insyaAllah semuanya baik2 saja ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Assalammualaikum…
        Terima kasih pn mimi ats jawapan anda.sangat gembira sbb ada yg sudi berkongsi nak tanya pn mimi : macam mana pn mimi solat dgn adanya anak kecil 13bulan?semasa dalam flight,anak kecil pn.mimi menangis x?

      2. Very helpful. How buat solat n bagaimana dgn tawaf wif kids? Tumpang soalan jugak ye ni

  11. Alhamdulillah. Enjoy reading your post. Bella is 14kg? Same weight as my 28 month daughter. I know the feeling whey we have to carry them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Seronoknye.. ๐Ÿ™‚ tk sabar nk baca part 2.
    Sent from my BlackBerryยฎ wireless device via Vodafone-Celcom Mobile.

  13. alhamdulillah, insyaAllah merancang untuk memumaikan umrah soon. mula2 pikir macam2, ye la sbb my doter baru 4 tahun..nak tinggal tak gamak..mmg tak boleh berenggang. after reading ur xperience, it gv me more courage & perhaps will be there soon ๐Ÿ™‚ insyaAllah.

  14. We are planning to do umrah next year and were wondering would it be confortable for the little one. Reading this and looking at Tasha and Bella enjoying themselves, I feel relief and excited to visit Tanah Haram. InsyaAllah. Excellent entry. Tq for sharing:)

  15. Dr Halina,
    Alhamdulillah.. Diberikan rezeki dan kesempatan buat umrah… TQ for sharing some tips.. I’m planning to do umrah next year.. InsyaAllah, will bring kids together with us… Some people said to me, it’s hard and tough to bring the kids together for umrah.. Some said it is not recommended.. But, when I read your story, I’m sure Allah will ease the journey and help us in Tanah Haram.. InsyaAllah.

  16. Hebat sangat pengalaman yg doc share. Thanks doc. Pls update next part! love to read. Buh gambar banyak2..

    p/s: i bet Bella can sing frozen song Let It Go. haha

  17. wahhh….kagum lah tgk doc n suami mengerjakn umrah smbil bwk B n T yg aktif dn dlm msa yg sama xjemu mlayan karenah si comel 2org tu…
    semoga B n T jg anak/wanita solehah nnti…aminnnn….salam pelukcium utk B n T….doakan sya dn keluarga ke sana suatu hari nnti bsama anak2…aminnn….

  18. Alhamdulillah..pengalaman yang tak dapat dilupakan ketika menjadi Tetamu Allah dan Penziarah Rasullallah S.A.W

  19. Wow, that’s really amazing Dr.! I got an opportunity to perform Umrah before, but we were not confident enough to bring our 3-y/o and 14-months kids along. But you had proved that it is possible to do so, with lots of patience, do’a and tawakkal of course. Thanks for sharing the details, really inspiring =)

  20. assalamualikum dr, alhamdulillah dr selamat balik dari umrah,i like reading your stories, and cant wait for part 2 to come up, tasha and bella look so cute wearing jubah

  21. Alhamdulillah…patutla dh lama x de news from doc n family..especially d luvly kids…sy pun br blk umrah with my husbd n my 2 little kids…very happy n sometime adela jugak my 2 ys son merengek…very memorable….

    1. How do u handle ur 2yO wktu solat n waktu tawaf ye? Im on the edge of leaving my daughter behind bt this entry really change my mind. Need more insight.

  22. salam doc…

    what a great experience!!

    planned to bring my son….eventho he is 4 this year…but he loves to sit in a stroller….doesnt want to walk…quite a big challenge for me! huhu

    btw…does B still wearing pampers and does her wore any during the trip?

  23. Eye opener! Im on the edge of leaving my 2yO girl behind for this holy trip. But this entry totally change my mind. Ya Allah, moga permudahkan urusan kami yang berpergian ke sana. Thanks Halina.

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  25. Assalamualaikum….sy dan suami akan mengerjakan umrah pd dec ni..n bawa our dotter 1y 1m sy nk tnye nmpk perlu sgt kids keeper harness tu ye..boleh tau sis pakai brand ape ye..tqia!

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