Umrah Part 2

I believe many of you read the Part 1 of my umrah story.. Here comes part 2 πŸ˜‰

But I’m not done yet with my camel story!! Haha.. Here’s a short video showing the camel farm that we went to.

You can see a Badwi guy walking in this video and their house in the white tent. If you notice, there was a bed, right in the middle of the desert! That’s a serious sunbathing going on there…

Regarding food for my girls, it’s quite easy to feed them there because my girls loves nasi mandy ( that is something like our nasi biryani) And when they are in the mood for breads, trust Arabs to serve 10 types of bread every meal and they eats lots of yogurt. Problem solved!!
Remember the part about Malaysian food in Makkah in my previous entry? Anyway, there’s only two Malaysian restaurants there. One is D’Saji, the Felda restaurant in Al-Safwah mall. I believe many of you who have been to Makkah may have find your way to this D’Saji restaurant. But do you know there’s another restaurant there inside the Al-Saraya Hotel!!Β Β I bet you didn’t know this!! This hotel is situated next to the La Meridien hotel. It’s only a walking distance from Masjid Al-Haram, about 300 meters I would say. You can actually see La Meridien from the Masijidl Haram main entrance.
The guy in white jubah on the most right in the picture is the owner of this restaurant.
They serve good Malaysian food, ulam-ulam and sambal belacan there!!
Haaaa.. I even took the picture of the sambal. After a few days, I was already tired of Arab food. This is just what I need πŸ˜‰ Feels like home!! Apparently the owner of this restaurant also owns an Arab food restaurant here in Malaysia.
Any of you have tried Al-Edrus restaurant in Bukit Rahman Putera in Sg Buloh? I have actually went to this restaurant previously and they serve good nasi mandy.. Cooked underground!!
I gained 1kg eating all this food in 5 days! Haha.. OK, enough food story..

If you had the chance to stay at the hotels around Masjidil Haram, please do so. All the hotels are connected to the Holy Mosque. You can hear the azan and what the imam is reciting during solat from the speaker in each of the bedroom. You’ll definitely wake up during first azan about one hour before Subuh. You can get up for your tahajjud or get ready to go to the mosque for Subuh. InsyaAllah you will get to solat jemaah on time, everytime..! According to the Saudi’s fatwa, you can follow the imam in Masjidil Haram for solat jemaah from the hotel’s mosque, but not in your room. It’s really helpful if you have small kids because the space is smaller, the crowd is smaller and less likely your child will disappear!! It’s also really good for the elderly, they don’t have to walk so much and safer for them.
That’s us hanging out the the top of Marwah after we finished with our saie πŸ™‚
Some mommies asked me what medications I brought for my girls. Well, I didn’t actually brought the whole pharmacy with me. I believe God will help us getting through this. I make sure the girls drink a lot of zam zam water, doa for them, make sure they take their meals regularly and getting enough sleep. I didn’t bring them out during afternoon time because the temperature was up to 39 degree Celcius. If we, the adults can get headache with that kind of temperature, I can’t imagine what will it do to my little girls..
How we survived long journey with the girls?
Thank you Steve Jobs!!
The iPad really saves our life. Haha..
Yes, this mom (me!) does cheat sometimes πŸ˜‰
So, I guess, that is my umrah story and tips. From how we tawaf, saie and solat with the girls to activities we did with them and the food story. Thats all we did over there anyway.. Hope that helps.
Tiring? Yes..
Regret? No..
Experience? Priceless!

36 thoughts on “Umrah Part 2

  1. Happynyeeee see your family kat mekah madinah πŸ™‚ suke2 πŸ™‚ hope one day i’ll be there with my family too πŸ™‚

  2. macam mana la Dr boleh menulis blog at the same time mesti banyak lagi kerja nak kena buat. kita selalu tunggu entry baru Dr sebab masuk kat email kita. hehe. pray for me Dr.. thank you. πŸ™‚

  3. Subhanallah.. Rindunya nak ke sana lagi.. Bila tengok gambar Dr melakukan saie n kaabah..tebayang bayang depan mata.. Semoga saya dapat ke sana lg utk umrah kali kedua n soon haji.. In shaa Allah. Amin..

  4. Assalammualaikum dr halina.enjoy reading this 2 post.terbaca pasal stroller, sebenarnya boleh bawa dan guna stroller tp di tingkat dua.

  5. Dr..mers cov came from camel….hope u r family just fine. …I just drank camels milk superb delicious. …but I didn’t know it’s safe for drink…it’s detox…n we were suspect of MERS CoV…Alhamdulillah we negative from that virus…happy Umrah Mabry ok ya Doc.

  6. a very wonderful story from u dr.. really glad that everything went well.. hope that my family and I will have the chance to go there one day.. insyaAllah..

  7. Alhamdulillah..tq so much doc for sharing ur experience on how u take care of ur kids there…their foods….their’s really helps me to prepare for our journey end of may.May Allah bless u & ur family πŸ™‚

  8. The distance frm AlHaram to LeMeridien is actually 1.8km bcause I stayed in Nada Deafah Hotel right next to LeMeridien (or at the back of LeMeridien from the road) & d package tht I was with, provided us with Malaysia cuisine. So it was always felt like at home in terms of the foods πŸ˜‰ my mutawif said the range of AlHaram stops at LeMeridien, so Nada Deafah is not counted as within AlHaram. Nice sharing Doc πŸ˜‰

  9. Love to read ur story..simple sharing notes, but super inspiring..!! πŸ˜€ Happy for ur family and may Allah bless u always Dr. Halina..! πŸ™‚

  10. Dr har, my mom met U and Tasha at the hotel lobby.yes, she stayed in the same hotel with yours. I asked my mom why dont she took a picture with U but she was just smiling, hehe
    I really adore U Dr! Really wanna meet U someday! Wanna know everything how do U manage your job and family at the same time because i am also a doctor, and got no maid at the moment.
    Take care doc.. My fren, Shazwani Zulkifli is also an MO anesth under you. I think U know her hehe

  11. tell me about it…..I brought my three stooges last year…they were 2, 4 and 6 years….and we travelled on airasia X. we were lucky that we got the premium seats but still…..

    anyway, agree too that it was tiring yet priceless experience……but my trip was different as my in-laws live in Ajyad, about 10-15 mins walk from Al-Haram and we sometimes leave the kids with their gramps…..

    anyway, good job bringing the kids…….

    1. Please share your experience handling kids there. Im planning to bring my 3yO girl next year 2015. Pls do share..

  12. wow… so amazing umrah trip… =)…i wish my famly turn soon…

    but dr… restaurant al-edrus has been closed…

  13. Me n my hubby are planning to go to umrah next year… the plan is to leave my 2 kids, a 3y girl and a 1y3m boy… But I really wish I can bring them! Was surprised that you brought yours… Was it easy? Did u concentrate enough on your ibadah?

    1. Salam dear. I also plan to bring my 3yO girl but masih hesitate. The idea of she’s not joining is unthinkable tho the trip are only for 2+ week.

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