Is It Time?

OK mommies..
Let’s just straight to the point..
How soon do you wait for no 3?
I’m just curious. I wanted to have as many children as I can.. InsyaAllah but I think Bella and Tasha still needs attention in term of educating and managing them..
Tasha is 15 months now and B is turning 3 years old in 3 months time.
At home, my husband and I managed the girls ourselves even we have a kakak staying with us to help. And these two toddlers are quiet a handful. Bathing, feeding and play time really taking a lot of time. Night time is spent playing with them.. building blocks, pretend cooking, flash cards, play doctor and watching Doc McStuffin (hahah.. must teach them early!!) I haven’t watch Glee for soooo long! Hahaha.. American Idol? Forget it.. too much commitment!!
Imagine when I’m away and my husband doing this on his own..
(God, I’m so thankful for him!!)1-photo 1
This is what happened when I leave them with daddy..
All sorts of adventures.. Hahaha..
And now Tasha is at the stage where she wants to feed herself. The mess after meal is like..
*I have no word for it!*
and I keep telling myself “she’s learning.. let her learn..” over and over again.. Haha..
And if we leave them alone, they will definitely look for us.. There’s no where to hide at home. It’s like they have GPS tracking to look for us!! Trust them to stuff their face behind the glass door until we come and get them..
So, how long do you wait?
What’s your experience with having 3 children (and two hands to hold all three!) Haha..

94 thoughts on “Is It Time?

  1. my mother have 12 anak…I cant imagine how strong she is !!! Nasib baik la dia a housewife..hehe
    But now worth it la besarkan anak2 susah payah bcoz seme dh berjaya and getting married..Alhamdulillah
    But for ur situation, doc seorg yg berkerjaya..Tp time masih muda dan sihat ni la ok if diizinkan Tuhan 🙂

    1. 12?? MAsyaAllah.. She’s such a strong woman!! I have so much respect for those with so many children. It’s definitely not easy… But you’re right.. masa muda ni lar better kan.. ok.. one point for Pro! Haha..

      1. yeah…supposed to be 13 org but sorg died masa kecik lg…she so strong, until now … alhamdulillah
        and she’s doing it by herself bcoz my father keje jauh balik sekali skala jer 🙂
        anak anugerah Allah…
        Good luck doc !!!

      2. Boleh, Halina… u can do it..Allah SWT beri rezeki kepada hambaNya yg mampu nak manage rezeki tersebut. Look at Azza..adik dia (Anna) our junior masa kat Terendak (she is 1 year younger than u) now expecting no 6. Cousin akak at the age of 36 dah ada 9 anak! But yes, the difference is you are full time working Doctor..tapi rasanya with S around… akak yakin both of you can manage 🙂

  2. Salam,

    I got married in 1995, got my 1st son in 1996 followed by my 2nd son in 1998 and finally my bongsu boy in 1999. A handful i must tell you. Tak menang tangan!! But i was privileged to be able to stay home and become a fulltime mom n housewife.

    They grew up together. They played together they scream at one another and they definitely fought for my attention. But now into their teens, they have become my good friends. I wouldnt have it any other way. I am grateful for my rezeki and as long as i can i will try and make sure they remain close to one another.

    But it is actually a very subjective matter. In the end it is up to you and your hubby to determine how far or how close in age you want them to be.

    1. That’s quite a close gap! IT’s definitely worth it especially when you can see how close they are. And you’re so lucky given a choice to be a full-time mommy!!

  3. hehe i told my husband..

    ‘even im not deliver our baby yet,but i think.. i want to get pregnant again next year..for our second child ok sayang??”…bulat mata husband saya …hahaha

    #now my first pregnancy almost 36 weeks….

    1. good luck!! hope that will not changed after delivery and no proper sleep for 3 days straight!! 😉

  4. Saya harap saya ade 11 org anak. But now baru 1 dan bru 2.2 y.o. with my age 29 (masuk 30 sbnrnye) Hehehehe…seorg ibu bekerjaya mustahil ade ank ramai walaupun inginkannya. (Pendapat saya la)

  5. Hai doc,

    2012 my 1st son was born… 2013 my 2nd son was born… I feel like i want to get pregnant again but i feel am not ready yet because am still bfeed both my son & the boys are very ‘manja giler’ which is i can’t imagine hpw to handle the 3rd one in the future… Hahaha

  6. Salam dr halina
    Saya rasa bila b & t dapat adik nti itulah masanya nak ajak b & t brsama2 tolong daddy & mommy…pling kurang bleh latih b tolong ambilkn baju adik, bedak adik, lampin adik, dn bila t menangis boleh latih b ‘tengok2’ kan t, pujuk t, pelok t, itulah masanya latih b mnjdi ‘ kakak sulung’ dgn pnuh ksih sayang…tpi prlu sokongan kuat dri mr.s la tentunya ♥♥♥. Slamat brjaya 😀

    1. thank you!! B is sooo like kakak now to Tasha.. haha.. typical anak sulung attitude. can’t wait for her to grow older and help me with laundry! Haha..

  7. Betul Dr better tambah sekarang. Hehe. Lagipun rezeki anak bukan semua org boleh dpt dengan senang. Moga Allah permudahkan semua ibu bapa untuk menambah umat nabi muhammad saw. Amiinn ya rabb

  8. Dah boleh tu. By the time dpt baby tasha dah nak masuk 2 yrs. Insyaallah dipermudahkan Allah. I wish I pun dpt anak yg comel macam Dr. Juga.

  9. Dr. Halina, just go for it and pray to Allah to give the best for your family. He knows when you are ready…kan?

  10. Assalamualaikum, Dr Halina,

    It’s a great thing to have many children. It will give you a happier life, insyaAllah. But it’s something important to consider as you are a very busy mother. But in my opinion, if you really want to have many children, just proceed with it. Maybe you’ll be very tired in handling them, but trust me that you’ll get the satisfaction for having them. Good luck, doc 😉

  11. At the age 31 sy dah ada 4 org anak..5thn,4thn,16bln dan newborn 30 days which is mmgla rasa agak sukar menguruskan rumhtgga,suami,anak2 dan rezki drAllah ni akan menambahkan kbhgiaan kami sekeluarga….

  12. I would say just go for it doctor! Sya dah kahwin for few years tp msh xda rezeki lagi :’), tp kalau dr ada peluang tu apa salahnya kan? 🙂

  13. dr, im 25 and x kawen pon lg. but my experiance as having 7 sibling is soooo much fun..jarak cume 1-2 tahun sahaje. dr kecik maen n membesar same2..mak is working till now.and i know she is sooo tired back then. tp mak kate, anak sorang ke, atau anak ramai same je tetap kene jage.better jage sekaliarong..kumpol penat wkt tu..n she knows that she can be a good mother n teacher for us. and alhamdulillah, as from daughter point of view, i love having sibling with not much age gap.

  14. Salam doc.. my 1st one is currently 7month, and i just found out i am pregnant again. And to our surprise, the doc said we’re looking at 2 sac.. twin! hee.. when i think about the fact that we are in long distance marriage memang rs pening sekejap. But above all, we feel very grateful..
    So..i would say.. go for it, doc! Challenging to handle 3, definitely. Tapi insyaAllah, ada jalan nya… 🙂

  15. I’m currently 29weeks pregnant of my 1st child and i must say i cant wait to get pregnant again after this! I think i want a close gap for my children, so its easier nak slim n melawa balik. :p

  16. considering eh.. umur pun dah meningkatkan, so have to consider that too.. myself, the first and the second one gap 2 thn, 2nd and third gap 3 and half years.. i thought enough time for both of them to get attention from me.. tapi tak la.. they still want my attention.. specially my second one.. when i have my third.. after 2 years i have my forth.. 4=letih sangat.. sleepless night for years.. kerja lagi kan.. rumah dah tak kisah dah.. dulu i’m quite fussy.. now i have to let go some other things like lipat baju seminggu sekali dua.. panggil org cuci rumah time weekend.. mainan sana sini.. now my third and forth really need my attention.. they are 3+ and 1+.. sometimes yg lagi dua org dah besar tu kurang attention.. sian jugak.. nak monitor they are doing their homework etc.. really need your time.. my husband pulak balik lambat.. so all on me.. huhu.. apa pun.. they are our tanggungjawab.. we do our best.. masih teringat lagi we were in a&w.. i was telling about my two kids to you.. and you were still single that time.. and now you have two!! i know you can do it halina.. 🙂

    1. Kisah puan sama dgn saya..4 anak..bekerja lagi..ada sorang 1 tahun 8 bulan,3 tahun,7 tahun dan 8 tahun..husband balik lambat.nak perhatikan home work anak..nak lyn bf si baby.lum lagi anak anak lain nak perhatian.kerja umah nak buat.memang kelam kabut hidup saya kini.kalau anak2 gado dan meragam stress sgt.maklumlah semua boy.

  17. Assalam Dr. Halina.

    Just want to share with you. My mother is a teacher and she have 11 children, which is 26, 25, 24, 23, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 11 (twins). We don’t have maid and when she at work, me and my siblings stay at nursery. Until now i can’t imagine how she can manage her works as a teacher so well, and in a meantime be a very superb mom to all of us. I’m so lucky and blessed to have her as my mom. Alhamdulillah 🙂 If my mom can do it, why not you? Moga Allah permudahkan segala urusan doc dan dapat capai target 10 orang anak cepat2! Walaupun orang cakap tugas doc sangat sibuk, but inshaaAllah you can achieve that target and be a superb mom to your childrens. Amin~ ^_^

    *Doakan sy boleh jd supermommy jugak satu hari nanti. Heee 🙂

  18. hi doc, i’m SAHM with 4yo & 17mons twins..mula2 dpt tau pregnant twins, risau jg macam mana la nak handle nanti..i takde helper..bkn tak cari but i seorang yg cerewet..hahaha…i prefer buat semua kerja sendiri. i’m blessed with husband yg sgt ringan tulang jaga anak2..

    so, i think skng masa yg sesuai..biar penat sekali..i dengan penat2 skng ni pun dah terfikir nak pregnant lagi by next year..hoping for girl this time..dahlah last chance coz i 1st & 2nd delivered via c-sect 🙂

  19. I have 4 children. 1st in 1998, 2nd 2000, 3rd 2006 & 4th 2008. Alhamdulliah i was homemaker at that time.

  20. Dr.,
    For me 3 is enough. Tambahan pula bila 2 lahir ikut atas. Seram nak sorong perut lagi kat dr. Bila sorang buat homework, sorang lagi will keep on asking for her homework answer. At the same time, yang sorang lagi melompat atas meja dengan diapers sambil cuba pijak buku kakak-kakak dia, sambil nak terjun ke atas lantai, hoping his ibu will catch.

  21. Assalamualaikum Dr.
    Saya suka topic ne because anak sy yg 1st 15 months (just like Tasha), dan saya pregnant 14weeks. So gap dorang memang setahun 2013 and 2014. Even yang abang lahir Jan. Kadang2 orang cakap ‘keisannya Adam tak habis nak bermanja lagi’. I was like, ‘eh kenapa, anak yang saya kandung ne bukan anak saya kah? Bukan adik Adam kah?”. Padahal saya dan husband excited giler since Adam suka berkawan tapi tak pandai nak mix up dengan budak. Semua budak takut dia, hehehe. Saya kahwin 2010, 2013 baru dapat baby tapi sebelum tu 2 kali gugur. So saya rasa best betul to have another one on 2014. Anyway Dr. semangat saya makin banyak bila baca article Dr. Tq. Tq. Tq 🙂

    1. Salam Miss Ted and Dr. H. Just want to share my experience of having a lil sister yg lahir when I was about 1+ year-old. I am now 21 and my lil sis is 20 already. Just like Miss Ted, my mom also received some similar comments from others when she was carrying my baby sister. I was about 8 months old when my mom got pregnant again. So there were some people who liked to say “kesian kat Hanan, belum puas nak manja dengan mama, dah nak dapat adik pulak.” and some other comments yg lebih kurang mcm tu. My mom said, it was really hard to take care of both of us when we were young without having any helper as my Abah memang tak suka ada orang gaji dalam rumah because he feels insecure. My sis and I were like anjing and kucing yg memang asyik bergaduh all the time. Of course, nampak macam susahnya ada anak yg umur dekat2 ni. But, we have to look on the bright side too. It’s not that I nak puji diri sendiri but according to my mom, after she gave birth to my lil sis, I’ve become a more independent girl even though umur I baru 1 tahun 5 bulan masa tu. During her confinement, I akan mintak abah buatkan susu & I sendiri yang akan cari bantal untuk baring without asking from others to do so. I’ve never asked for my mom to sleep with me and stuff. Kalau nak mintak dodoi pun, it’s all Abah. Plus, lepas lahir my lil sis suffered from asthma and selalu kena tahan wad. So my mom memang bagi more attention to her. So, although the situation nampak macam quiet menyedihkan la jugak untuk I tapi it had taught me not to depends on others and allowed me to learn to do simple thing by myself since I was small.

      Sekarang ni bila masing2 dah besar, my mom memang seronok sangat sebab she does not need to do the house chores so much sebab anak2 dara dia dah boleh tolong itu ini kat rumah. It is just now both of us are studying in the same university in Terengganu, so kadang2 je lah baru boleh balik. But after all, she’s so happy knowing that me and my lil sis are studying in the same place and can take a good care of each other.

      So doc, I think it is not a crime for you to have ur no 3 dalam masa terdekat ni. Even though I’m not married yet, but I think benda paling penting yang my mom ada dalam diri dia masa besarkan kami is patience and strong will. I wish you best of luck, doc!

      fyi, my mom is a teacher and she’s still working up until now.

  22. Salam Doc,

    My Father used to say… 2 tak ramai, bila 3… start ramai … he said when you have 3… you akan rasa tak cukup tangan because kalau 2.. papa handle satu.. mama handle satu…hahaha. Me myself is blessed with 5 kids( it is so significant to me that my blog is named after the subject… hehe)… at one time I rasa I ada penyakit sempuk… really cant breath especially when all asking questions at the same time… but the truth is I am blessed, Alhamdulillah… I am happy… its all worth it…

    When?… bila dah x de baby in the house … you can feel it… that’s the time to add.. about 2-3 years gap is best for me. But I have no 4 and no 5 with only a year gap… with my age, at that time I was 37… sangat penat sebab dah berusia but bila kita berusia.. biasanya kita lebih sabar dan tabah…. but definitely recommend you to have many…

  23. As a mom of 3, and all under 5 years, I seriously think that if you are willing to wait, do wait. Handful is an understatement. I work, and thank heavens I have a husband who is also very hands-on with the kids, and a family support system that is willing to lend a hand whenever, wherever. Sometimes I feel as if I do not have time enough to spend for each kid, always a touch and go, and there’s only so many hours in a day. Of course, having said all of the above, I believe Allah will determine when is the best time and He knows how many we can handle. Amin.

    p/s And a group hug of munchkins is incomparable!

  24. Insya Allah, boleh doc.. anak saya umur 3 tahun, 2 thn n yg bakal lahir bulan 8 ni.. saya urus sorang-sorang, suami keje kt sabah time cuti sekolah baru balik semenanjung…pagi hantar rumah pengasuh, balik keje kul 6pm baru ambil.. Allah tahu kemampuan kita ada hikmah semua ni… apapun think +..

  25. Salam to dr n all… I am expecting my 2nd insyaAllah this Sept…my first daughter is 1y1m.. still love to “ngempeng” n very manja… haha..cannot imagine everything after having more than one…pray for me…dup dap dup dap I am nervous n not that supermom yet… coz husband is always superdad. Hihii…he is having 10 siblings.salute to my mom in law with 34 grandchildren plus 2 otw…hope I can cope very well in time n be a supermom too

  26. Salam Dr.H, its all depends on you, can you survive with 3 kids with your current work now? If yes why not, every women have different capabilities, sharing my experinece, full time working mother, on call, meeting at odd hours as am supporting global client, no helper, at 34 now still need some space before I start my no2, my son is going to be 2 years old in 2 weeks time. I quit tv, hang out with friends only when someone throw their kids birthday party, shopping online only, if I can go to the mall by myself it consider as a reward, which sometime my husband ask me to take a time off to spa and mall, because he work on shift as well days and night, weekends. I really wish I can start now for no 2 child but when thinking of the breastfeeding full time, pump time at the office, midnite, make me a little bit phobia hehehe… but after all spending quality time with our child is priceless rite… Anyway you can do it, you are strong mommy!

  27. Assalamualaikum doktor,
    suka topik keluarga macam ni… kakak ipar saya pon doktor senior kat klinik dia. baru ke beranak anak kelima… bz sangat2.. dna saya mmg nampak abang saya (which is suami dia lah) banyak bantu urusakan anak2… setakat ni 4 laki, 1 gegirl..

    sorang lagi kawan saya, doktor jugak, sekarang sedang sambung master kut di husm, anak empat.. dgn baby lagi.. suami duduk johor kerja.. dia urus sorang2 jer… duduk dengan parents…

    saya nampak persamaan diorng ni mmg suka anak ramai, which is of course is a blessed… penat, dan kadang nampak stress… tapi saya tahu dari wajah letih mereka, ada satisfaction dengan menguruskan anak ramai… dah lah gen doktor… boleh consider bijak2 lah…

    so, dr. harlina… please! please! beranak lah ramai2 sampai 10, sebelum umor 45… hehe… boleh tambah ummat muhammad saw.. yang bijak pandai dan soleh solehah insyaallah…

    tak pe doktor, sekalhi harung jer ni.. lepas 10 years dah boleh urut dada tengok autocruise je, insyaallah… once anak 2-3 yang atas dah besar, especially yang permepuan, mereka akan manage the adik2 yga bawah mereka, dengan matang sekali walupun masih kecil… dha bnayak saya tengok kawan2 yang ada anak ramai macma tu…

    yang contoh dua kata atas tu saya bgi sebab mereka tu doktor…

    btw, saya anak 3… yang bukan doktor, suma expatriates biasa di bumi orang… 🙂

  28. my mom gave birth to 7 of us and the gap between having us is close .. the year went 1991, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001 and 2005

    2 years gap.. from my experience being the eldest sister.. i would recommend you to have 3rd child next year.. let the older sisters have you full attention before you unintentionally paying extra care to the third one.. you know what i mean 😉

    but i’m sure you will do great in raising them well,. all of them 🙂 the more the merrier

  29. Dear Dr…. my uzma was born in 2009…my izzul was born in izzahl was born 2013…n now i’m planning to get another baby either in 2015 or 2016…tapi macam nak bagi izzah cukup 2 tahun baru nak dapat adik..sebab kalo rapat sangat rasa macam penat…n rasanya pastu nak bersalin sorang lagi….hahaha…dulu masa mula2 pregnant izzul, my mom cakap…jangan la beranak rapat2 sangat..kesian anak2 tak puas manja…tapi bila dia seronok ramai cucu…dia ubah statement…bersalin la kerap2 sket…awak tu takde adik beradik…ok lah kalo anak ramai…heeee

  30. yes. they do have built in GPS. 6th sense some more whenever we have some trick to disappear.

    mine is 6 yrs gap! the stress to get the 3rd came from the 2nd, nagging daily when Mak nak buncit. hahahaha

  31. Doc, my naughty feeling is telling me that you’re carrying the third one bahahaha…
    Well, I understand the situation here, as B and T are still very young and as a mommy, of course we always want to mark their milestone, kids are the most precious gift from The Above and the challenge of being the good parents is always there, but then again how do we define the meaning of being ‘good parents”? when I was a child, I always feel my mom neglected me the most as she had to layan my younger siblings. When I grow older hehe… then only made me realised that she didn’t meant to neglect me but the younger siblings needed her attention more. To me, let B & T besar sedikit, then plan for the third one, B can help you with the laundry by then haha…my point is, let B and T enjoy your companion, your love, your care and your hair haha… then they can spread the love to the third one…

  32. Hi Doc!

    This is my 1st time comment on ur blog.. =)

    Ok here my story…I’m the eldest from 5 siblings…my mom gave birth to my youngest sis at her age of 31…our gap is 1987-1988-1991-1992-1995….quite close right?Masa kecik2 I always rebel because I want an attention from my mom & dad, I was so sad because I hv to take care my lil sis when all my friends playing together. Definitely I’m not happy to be kakak sulung to add more, my mom was super garang!!hahaha…

    However, as we grow older, we become close like no one can break us…my mom pnh ckp kt I “mak rasa sekejap je korang bsr…masa kecik2 struggle nk beasrkan korang….bila dh besar rasa rindu budak2…” hehehe…Now my mom is no longer with us (she passed away on 2011) but we adik beradik tetap together. I myself also a mommy now…my son is 6month and I’m planning to conceive 2nd baby by Jan 2015…being a mommy is undescrible feeling ever!!seronok lain macam bila tgk anak depan mata…(over excited!) hahaha…so doc go for it!! I know u can do it!! =)

  33. salam,doc
    same question and dilemma for me..i have 2 toddler like 1st daughter will turn to 3 yo dis coming july(same like bella,right?) while my boy da setahun 2bulan…now,my hubby da request for the third bby (pengsan!!). i know dat anak is anugerah allah,but for working mummy like us,sometime i feel dat i have no time for myself.exactly same like u. my hubby said xpe la,nnti kakak boleh tengokkan adik, but,i really worry coz for me they still need my attention. 2 pun i tak terlayan,cannot imagine kalau 3.
    tapi,nk bt mcm mne..naluri keibuan ni kuat sgt.i love to see my friend yg pregnant.i nk pregnant but takut dgn komitmen yg mungkin tak rse serba slh jgk sbb hubby mcm beriya2 sgt..~hmmm,dilema wanita~

  34. Go doc! For no 3. Hehehe.
    I’m thinking to get pregnant once my lil’ one turns 2, January next year.
    I’ve two sons, the first one sama age ngan Bella and the lil’ one sama age ngan Tasha.
    I think if doc get pregnant this year, in syaa Allah no 3 pon anak2 kita akan sebaya. Hahaha.

  35. okay, my suggestion..pls just go for your no.3, we are not young anymore..hahaha

    I am a mother of 5 kiddos at the age of 31. The oldest is 9, 2nd one 7yrs, 3rd 5yrs, 4th 2 yrs++ and last one 11 months (still bf). Am a working mother, 8 to 6 in the office and i can say I am one of the busiest person in the office. But still manage to cook when I reach home, teaching the kids iqra’ at night and helping out the kids to do their homework. This is the routines and I am totally happy with my life. Some friend asking where i got all the energy to do all these things, frankly speaking I am just a normal mom like others. But I want the best for my kids and the family. Being a mother is not easy but we are born to do that..:D

  36. Masyaallah Bella is such a sweet girl and Tasha looks very happy too. I’m sure both of you had done a great job raising them. Insyaallah Allah will give the strength to both of you should he decides to honour you with another addition to the family. And I imagine you do have a great support system too. 🙂

  37. As Salam Dr Halina,

    I myself have the same quest as you is it time? just fyi, i hv a pre-schooler & toddler and both were boys. I was thinking to have a baby girl for the 3rd but I just can’t decide when.
    But above all I do believe this 3rd baby will make you realize how much love the human heart is capable of. You look at your older & second children with fresh eyes, and realize how painful it is to be away from them. maybe your life will be hectic and crazy and loud and full of shouting and frustration and love. You will have even more of those special experiences, even more of those breathtaking moments. In shaa Allah our family we will be finally complete! Come on doc, we go for 3’s chaiyookk!! Hopefully the 3rd will be girl & for your 3rd plak Dr will be a boy! But boy or girl ke its the gift from the Almighty.

    Lots of love

  38. My mum had the first three one year apart each, I think the close gap meant that she had to “struggle” the first few years but once we were going to school it became much easier. Bigger gap means you will constantly be doing the same thing for a very long time? Entah la, I only have Haraz and he’s Bella’s age and I still can’t decide when to have the second one haha

    Mothers are incredible, so don’t doubt yourself plus a supportive partner makes everything better 🙂 Pray and discuss with the daddy I guess.

  39. assalam dr.halina…
    story yg ni ada 4girls..age 7,5,3,1..working from home..
    mmg struggle..mana taknya,time nak buat kecik jugak sibuk nak buat saya percaya boleh buat tanpa cari alasan yg tak boleh buat..hehehe..
    my 10months baby,Helena(sy namakan Helena sbb nak sama dgn nama dgn Dr.Halina..hehe) dah start nak my husband told me..dah boleh ready untuk yg kelima..haha…kami memang mahukan anak yang ramai..bila fikir memang rasa tak bila dah dalam situasi ni..senang je dr..tunggu apalagi..ready untk yg ke 3 cepat2..

    *nak beli Secret Skin White Kawaii Collagen jomla sms@whatsapp saya,
    011-2604 2490..hehhe..

  40. I think u preggy now… hahaha… same like previous u pregnantkan T…. u ada bg hint tunjuk B isap ibu jari kaki… hehehe… kalau betul tekaan i… congrats doc!

  41. My opinion: go for it doc! I had 3 kids with close gaps while working too .if u have a helper it will definitely reduce your burden.personally if i have a help around the house for the main house chores like lipat kain jemur kain basuh pinggan then definitely i have no problem to take care of another baby 😊😊

  42. Salam Dr Harlina,

    I love reading your blog as its really inspiring me and im sure a lot of mothers out there.. T____T.
    To share with u im a mother with 5 kids and only 32 yo..hehe…but i really glad having children at early age…to raise them up of coz it needs a lot of patient…as now they all grow up and i really thank to my two elders sons who always helped me managed their others 3siblings…if you really want to have a lots of kids it is the time as you still young and have energy to raise them but of course it still make you tired rite as they still grown up…hehe..but im sure Insya Allah He will ease you…when i have 4 kids i m working but now im a a fulltime housewife with 5 kids..and really enjoy raising my children.

  43. doc, u can try baca doa dapatkan anak lelaki. ada doanya..insyaallah..kita merancang dan berusaha. tak salahkann.. =)

  44. Salam,

    Just wondering do you still BF and prepare EBM for T? I believe that matters a lot too.
    I’m kinda in the same shoes as you are, but so far I believe that it’s when we’re young we’d be more capable to cope with pregnancy symptoms as such and if Allah blesses us with another baby quite soon, that’s a real gift. However I’d try to spread out a bit to allow my babies to have birth dates (not the date that I conceive) at least 2 years apart. That’s the plan for now insyaAllah hehe. Love to hear others’ thoughts too :).

  45. Assalamualaikum ..Dr. Halina…how’s your munchkin doing?..agree with u…i’m a mother of 2…very handful diorg ni…got the same feeling as u mase i nak tmbah anak last time…nk add on lg mcm tk lart dr segi mase n so on…working mom here ..but u lg bz as a dr …but i thing the way share ur experience of mummyhood here in ur blog…u’ll make a gud mom…to these two n many more to come..inshaAllah..maybe kna tunggu si Tasha be 2 yrs plus baru add another 1??? ;)..hope to hear gud news from u soon!! doakan i juga ya… take care ya!

  46. Salam Doc, at the age of 38, I’m blessed with 5 kids 🙂 my hubby and I never plan the gap in terms of the number of years between each child. My eldest (boy) was born in 2003, followed by 2nd child (girl) in 2004. My eldest was only 6 mths old when I conceived my 2nd child..hahaha. It was a totally a mixed feelings then. Then my 3rd child (boy) was born in 2008, followed by my 4th (girl) in 2010 and finally a boy in 2012. Alhamdulillah, all my deliveries were smooth, the longest was 6hrs in the labor room and the shortest was 2 hrs.
    Yes, it was very handful to manage all 5 and off course we have a helper to be around in the house, especially both my husband and I are working. Well, children are gift from Allah. If you have all the opportunity, why not to have as many children as you wish… 🙂

  47. Hai dr halina.
    My 1st daughter was born in 2008 n a year after that in 2009 dpt son. Actually that is more to an accident hehe but thank god i dpt ank jarak dkt2 just like B n T. After 4 years baru my hubby n i decided tu tambah lg sorg n dapat la sorg lg ank lelaki in 2013 now he is 5 month old. Yes soalan yg sama kami fikir is it time already? After 4 years baru berani buat decision becoz i cannot handle all the ‘chaos’ in my house. Yelah no maid no nobody else except me n hubby to take care the kids. Kerja lg kan n after having the baby its quite ok becoz kakak n abg are so responsible to look after the baby n they also can manage theirselve very well. Tak mcm masa i dpt yg 2nd tu i mmg stress coz there is no time for myself while my 1st child baru 1n half year. U know that feeling kan dr. But now Lega skit banyak kerja rumah boleh mintak tlg diorg. So conclusion for me mmg i tunggu diorg besar skit at least tahap diorg boleh manage diri sendiri sblm tambah the 3rd. but it is up to u dr.

  48. Hi Doc,

    If I have a helper like u, I will NOT your target is to have 10 kids right? But in my case I don’t have maid or helper so its all on our own. Its really tiring when my kids still not able to follow the sleep time at night and i’m still fully breastfeed my youngest *hes 18 months* and the eldest is 4 years.

    In ure case, since Mr. H is really helpful and very hands on In handling the kids..why must wait? our biological clock is ticking right..go for it!
    P/S: where can I get a spilling tray like T and B use in the picture above? U know im still struggle with the after feeding chaos! hah!

  49. As salam,

    I’m a working mother to 4….. anak-anak saya semua jarak …14, 11, 6, 10 month, the reasons…saya tak boleh manage anak rapat-rapat….berkerja dan suami kerja tidak tentu masa…membuatkan segalanya di atas bahu saya….. Anyway….It is fun ada anak ramai…. my husband request for another 1…ha ha ha…but I think …cukup la…Alhamdulillah. By the age late 30’s…stamina dah tak kuat, I need time untuk diri sendiri…means…nak fokus untuk akhirat….kelas agama ext..ext…. Saya tidak pernah ada penolong…I manage everything from A-Z. Untuk tambah anak….depends to both husband and wife…if rasa boleh manage…Just Go On….Allah sentiasa ada. Anak-anak adalah rezeki dan amanah Allah. If boleh balance the Quantity and Quality….Insyallah, tiada apa yang perlu di risaukan….Enjoy. Indahnya menjadi seorang Ibu.

  50. Hi doc, i’m your silent reader…i got my kids now. My 1st son 7ys old…2nd daughter 4 yrs and the third & 4th are twins gurl 1½ yrs…i think, i have to stop it here no more no. 5. When you get twins, you will now the real moment as a mother..not 3days less sleep doc…pls double it…hahaha…i really like mak lampir the day they born till 1 year there is so many things happen which i don’t think not every mother can handle it..anyway gud luck for you..

  51. Hi Doc, I hv four kids….1999,2001,2003 & 2004. Three boys & 1 girl and a full time working mother. Got a maid only after delivering my 4th child, itupun after my mum pujuk to get 1. Before that, we sent to bbysitter’s hse. Housewrk done by me & hubby. It really helps that hubby is the ‘singsing lengan’ type where hsehold & childcare is concern. It is definitely not easy when they r young but with full support & constant prayers, insyallah one will pass thru it. For me, I married at the age of 27 and hubby at 32, so for us we really want to start it soon coz energy level still strong. Looking back, sometimes I don’t believe how we make it thru but I think for sure, Allah is always with us. We worry abt well-being, financial & what not but setiap anak ada rezeki yang dibawanya.

  52. Assalamualaikum Dr Halina…

    I hv d same Q too hehe… my 1st is almost 5 years n 2nd is 16 mo…rase mcm x cukup masa nk educate them hehe…

    Bila tnya hubby bila masa sesuai utk 3rd one ? He will answer with Q :”sanggup ke (to handle especially when he is away for weeks)? ” Me: *speechless

    Maknanya 2-2 blum ready hehe…agaknye kena tgu 2nd one 2 tahun lebih baru ok to get pregnant kot… wallahualam. ..

    (Tp klu da pregnant earlier than that, terima dgn happy jg 🙂 )

  53. im 32..working in government ..doing part time master in open uni… got married on 2012.. my 1st one is a boy who just turn 2..2nd one is a girl who is younger one month than Tasha.. now im preggy again…16weeks…. setahun sorang.. =) mmg restless+sleepless!

  54. As salam doc..we are same! me n my husban mmg nak anak ramai.. but unfortunately my first baby was born via csec. mmg down kejap. sebab keep on thinking that quota is only 4 for csec. sy plan nak 5 but husband nak 7. now my baby is only 10months but i can’t wait to get pregnent again. tp have to plan for now coz hopefully the 2nd one can deliver normal. if the 2nd one pun csec then all our dreams is just a dreams. kite hanya mampu merancang, Allah jugak sebaik2 perancang. nanti mana tau boleh suruh anak2 beranak banyak2 bg cucu kat us to fulfilled our dreams.. haha. InsyaAllah.

  55. Hi doc, am currently pregnant and my second daughter is 19 months. She will be 2 yrs when we get the 3rd child. My first child is boy, 5 yrs old. My husband is excited when we found out that we will get a baby boy, and he keep telling me that he wants another one girl(fourth) even am only at 5months pregnant for the 3rd child!!! Its really feel blessed when your other half give support and showing his excited feeling to have more children. Our plan is to hv only two children when we get married 7 yrs ago.. 🙂

  56. salam Barely Supermommy…

    maaf ye mengaggu…actually dari awal memang dah minat dengan story and sharing dari doctor…setiap ketika menunggu updated entry dari doctor..serius seronok mmbace apatah lagi bagi mereka yang akan membina keluarga macam saya…doctor kalau tidak sila[p semase delivered B, doctor guna kaedah beranak dalam air, boleh x doctor share macam mane..saya cam berminat nak tahu and if di beri kesempatan mahu juga mencuba.Thanks and regards, Niza

  57. I’m now 27year old mother having 2 kids,eldest is 5y and 2nd was same age with tasha 15month and i planned to get pregnant again end of this year as i wanted to get 7 kids before i turned 35 and then
    kilang boleh ditutup hehe

  58. Salam Doc..

    i got married at 29th and now i’m a mother of 5…all boys. When my 1st was 1YO we start to plan for 2nd, so 2nd came when our 1st was 2Y1M. 3rd came when 2nd was 1Y5M. 4th came when 3rd was 1Y2M and 5th came when 4th was barely 1YO. Can imagine? No 3,4,5 are 3 years in a row. I was a bit stress emotionally when having no 4 & 5, a bit guilty (but happy) to have to go on 2 months leave every year…i’m a working mother with no maid. We take care of our kids.

    If you could afford to get helper (to clean up the mess, to help you with the kids when u’r out…then go ahead, and go fast.

    Everyday is really tiring but full of fun!!

    My 5th boy is going 2 this July and we’re trying for no 6 with full hope we could get a girl. I dont think i can wait coz i’m already 38 this yr.

  59. Saya nak tanye tp tak tau nk post kt mane soalan tu harap soalan saya di baca di sini…
    1. Bahaya tak kalau kite bg budak ubat demam yg cucuk melalui punggung nye
    Anak sy menghadapi masalah mkn ubat die pandai ludah n kluarkan…memang totally die buang bile kite bg ubat…ubat supppository je jln untuk kurangkan suhu panasnye tp saya risau bahanye nanti boleh tlg jawabkan

  60. Ohmy reading through your post made me realise how strong (and AMAZING!) our mom is. she had 6 kids with only a year apart from each other. did i mentioned a full time demanding job as well? She raised all the 6 of us well with no additional help (no maid) all by her self. i remember the time when we were soo hungry and complained why our mom doesnt prepare lunch/dinner like other moms do. Now thinking back, sigh what ungrateful kids we were. Masyaallah.

    ok side track from your actual post here Doc.
    But a big fat yes for more beautiful babies 🙂

    May Allah bless you and your growing family always.

  61. Hi Doc Halina…
    my 1st son (born 2011, same wth B), & 2nd son (born 2013, maybe same wth T) and now i’m preggy for n0.3 (InsyaAllah will be deliver on oct 14′) ahhahahahaha so pantas right? I working mommy, tired yes!! tipu lah kalo xder rasa penat BUT I always think +ve!!! my kids adalah rewards I masa ‘disana’ nnt..Amin…

    owh if u target 10 kids…I target must beranak b4 35yrs (now 31..owhhh bleh dapat lagi 3 kids lagi)
    after 35 i nak rest..nak pasang badan (kononnya)..mueheheheh

  62. My opinion…now is the right time…by the time the new baby is born T will be more than 2yrs…raising kids all at one time is tiring but after that u just think of how to raise them…n see how fast they grow….like the old saying says…pejam celik pejam celik dah besar semuanye…when we reached 50yrs all of them finished their uni studies already….then u will be back to your honeymoon years ….hihi..thats my experience…but i had my baby girl when i was 37 after raising 3boys and resting for 8yrs…now my baby girl is in form 3 n the only one still schooling…haha…

  63. Salam Puan Harlina,

    Just sharing..umur sya 29tahun, dan bekerja office hour, alhamdulillah, sya ada 3org anak..1st (gurl) 2006, 2nd (boy) 2009 and 3rd (gurl) 2012..selang seli 3tahun…my kids very active and yg penting harus bersabar,bersabar,bersabar dan bersabar untuk melayan mereka…weekend adalah masa yang paling sesuai utk saya/husband with kids. 🙂

  64. Salam, doctor..
    Saya tertinggal ketapi, tp nak join gak.
    So, my story goes like this..
    I got married when i was 29, alhamdulillah bunting pelamin n got my first daughter 2 months before my 30th birthday. My “pengalaman bersalin anak pertama” was so scary, that i only got pregnant again after 2 years (hampir serik) . Masa start mengandung yg ke2, saya minta kat suami tukar hospital lain, so we went to HUKM. Bersalin yg kedua sgt berbeza pengalaman nya… Love the hospital so much. Got my third n fourth later. Masa anak ke4 (ingat dah bongsu) saya ambik cuti bersalin 3 bulan. Tup2 after 2 years, i got pregnant again. Dah menung kejap sbb cuti bersalin tinggal sebulan. Tp suami kata, rezeki Allah bg, setiap anak ada rezeki masing2.. So, lps bersalin ke5, saya start kejer balik pd hari ke-31.. Everything went well, and my baby is 1yr+ now.
    I’m a teacher n husband’s working on shift.. Mmg letih nak juggle sbb kat sekolah pon busy nowadays.. Kalau hubby shift malam, i’ll be with the kids on my own n pagi2 kena hantar anak2 to 3 different venues ( babbysitter, nursery n school) My eldest is 10 now, tp sbb dah ramai adik2 dia urus diri sendiri dan bantu adik2..
    Lesson i learnt, just go with the flow… Allah dah tentukan semua.. Kita resist camana pon, kalau dah Dia tetapkan jadi jugak. Ada yg usaha camana kuat pon, kalau dah Dia tak izinkan, belum rezeki jgk. Dan Allah kurniakan rezeki dan ujian sesuai dgn kemampuan kita. Kemampuan bukan sahaja wang ringgit tp juga kudrat dan masa… Doktor jgn risau ye… Just go with it..

  65. assalammualaikum dr.. remember me? before this ada comment kat entry ni juga tapi sebelum tu masih mengandungkan my 1st baby,,waktu tu dup dap dup dap…camna nak take care and be a good mother to my baby ..but alhamdulillah after 36 hours struggled nak melahirkan …tak sampai 10 minit dan 2 kali teran my baby came out and see the world!! alhamdulillah… his name Abdurrahman,,,and next week on 8th of may nak masuk 6 month dah alhamdulillah3x…pantang sendiri..4 days je ummie i jaga..MIL pula kat johor ..tak sampai hati tinggalkan suami so nekad dan tekad untuk berpanntang sendiri..alhamdulillah3x…the almighty GOD berikan saya kekuatan..kesabaran dalam mengharungi 3 month maternity leave alhamdulillah2x..

    and now dr,,,

    hati saya dah meronta ronta nak pregnant semula..camna tu dr?? apatah lagi when i watched ur children movie clips..subhanaALLAH seronok sangat tgk…im a preschool teacher..and i really LOVE KIDS!…..and now im 28…but i feel like im 28-8 = 20
    hehe (positive kan diri)

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