Keeping Fit and Healthy..

OK ladies.. here is the top three questions I get in my mailbox..
1) What skincare do you use?
2) Is Secret Skin White Kawaii any good?
3) How do you lose weight after pregnancy?
Haaa.. now this blog entry will  answer question no 3!!
Will get back to the rest of the question soon 😉
How do I lose weight after pregnancy? Yes, I know I was super huge during pregnancy, I gained almost 30kg over 9 months of both pregnancy. Hahahaha.. MasyaAllah… Thanks to my husband who’s non-stop feeding me! I’m blessed. He kept telling me.. “It’s for the baby..”  and I believed him.. Hnnshh… Alhamdullilah both my girls were born healthy. And now my issue is the post-baby weight.. Who doesn’t right?? Even Britney Spears and Cristina Aguilera had the same issue.. Hahaha..
*seriously I don’t understand how Gisele Bundchen and Miranda Kerr were able to get back to their pre-pregnancy figure in only 6 weeks after delivery!! That’s very inhumane!! Hahaha..*
Anyway, I believe there are three ways to lose post-baby fat (or any kind of fat)..
1) Exercise
2) Exercise
3) Exercise
Definitely no short cut.. Forget all those slimming tea or drink or pill or whatever. You have to exercise. Period.
And do you know when you reach 30 years old, your metabolism rate reduces by 1% every year?!!
*insert loud cry here*
Here I want to show what motivates me..
I know finding time to exercise is… not easy. With work and house chores and spending quality time with family.. Exercising sometimes doesn’t really get the utmost priority. It always at the bottom of “to-do” list.. and somewhere in the middle of “to-do tomorrow” list. Haha…
I found this iPhone app (yes, whatever works!!) called “Argus”
Here is the screen shot of my day, March 17. This app is amazing.. It can track your steps, like pedometer. It can also document your activities like playing badminton, tennis, cycling, basketball, treadmill and yada yada yada.. you get me, right? It calculates based on the average calories burned during certain activity..
 And it also has reminder of your things that you do everyday that is important to your health like amount of “cup of coffee”, “glass of water”, your weight and lalala..
You really gotta check this out. It’s good to at least achieved 8000 steps of walking everyday. And the most important thing, it is free for iPhone user. Not sure about Android though..
Keeping fit is really important. Even you can’t make it to the gym everyday, knowing that you’ve walked at least 8000 steps everyday helps to keep yourself fit and healthy.
If I have extra time, I make sure I go to the gym. Cardio and resistance workout is important in losing weight and building muscles. If I don’t have enough time to go to my power plate training at BodyTone, I’ll still make time to do some work out at my apartment’s gym. 30 to 45 minutes exercise is good enough to make me drench in sweat.
For cardio training, running on the treadmill is my favourite (no not really, I’m just faking it! Haha..)
I usually do this 20 to 30 mins per session.. Now my aim is to run 3km in 30 minutes non-stop. I’m not there yet. A bit slow but surely, insyaAllah.. Hahaha.. By the way, my husband told me, his training in Russia before requires them to run 3km in 11 minutes. Homaigawdd.. that must be like Rocky style.. (you know, Rocky the boxer!!)
I use this iPhone app (again!!) called C25K (i think it stands for Coach to 5K) which trains you (or me in this case) to be able to run 5K in certain amount of time..
Here’s the screenshot of the app. It makes you jog and walk alternately until you are able to run 5km non-stop.
For me all these app helps to guide and push me to do better every time. The running time is longer every next session and the walking time is shorter..
Weight training / resistance is important in building muscles. No, my aim is not to have bulky muscles, I just want a lean muscles. But why having muscle is important?
That is because, muscle works like the engine to our body. The bigger your muscle is, the higher your metabolic rate.. that means more calories your body will burn. Get it? Thats why having muscle is important..
I’m really not good in just carrying weight. It’s so boring and torturing for me. I like to combine weight / resistance training with cardio, also called total body workout. When I’m on my own, I love to follow the instructor video from YouTube. Yes, hahah.. Everything is available on YouTube nowadays..
My favourite training series are “Catching Fire 30 Days Challenge”
It’s only a 12 minutes exercise but it will be an intense 12 minutes training if follow the workout properly (and that means no cheating!! Haha..)
Go figure..
And last but not least, healthy diet!! As what they say… Abs is 30% made at the gym and 70% in the kitchen..
Or the other way round.. Can’t remember.. Whatever it is.. that saying means diet is as important as exercising..
Try to reduce on white rice / white bread cause the carbs in it are the killers. Take lots and lots of green vegetables, fruits and lean meat for protein supplement.
And for me personally, support from your loved ones and friends are equally important as the exercise and dieting itself. I’m lucky to have healthy conscious people with me all the time. Someone to tell me to stop munching on junk food (it’s the hormones ok!).. to compete with me on Argus (the app, remember?).. who has the higher step count, burned more calories.. It’s all becomes a competition now!! Haha..
Trust me, exercise is addictive, once you’ve started.. You’ll really enjoy it because exercise releases endorphins and that is actually a hormones that makes you happy.
“Exercise releases endorphin. Endorphin make you happy. So, happy people doesn’t kill their husband”
– Elle Woods, Legally Blonde-
So, ladies, get your cute butt to the gym or park or anywhere and releases your endorphin.
Stay healthy and keep fit.
And have a happy day ahead 🙂

47 thoughts on “Keeping Fit and Healthy..

  1. That’s right doc!..exercise, exercise,’s the only way to lose ’em. I lose 12kg of baby fat by doing just that and being aware of what i put in my mouth. By the way, I can’t wait for the answers to question 1 & 2..hehe..Love your writing!

  2. ok perkataan ni “Exercise releases endorphin. Endorphin make you happy. So, happy people doesn’t kill their husband”
    – Elle Woods, Legally Blonde- sangat3x saya suka dan menarik saya untuk mengeluarkan endorphin tu supaya saya x jd ‘pembunuh’ hahahaha.. love you Dr. Halina (from far far away fans) ^_^

      1. I think yes i am.. and unbelievable i’m searching it again just because of Dr. Halina remind me..haha ^_^ (you are my idol (crying because Dr. Halina reply my comment), macam nak bawak Dr. Halina balik rumah masak2 sambil sembang2 but who i am?!! (macam nk nyanyi lagu Awi Rafael pulak, arghh ridiculous..~mode berangan kuat~)

  3. ohh doc, U n Elle Legally Blonde…n me still on n off with the EXERCISE..aduhh sshnya nk motivate diri nk slim melim mcm erra fazira..:))

  4. The hardest part is to keep on with the motivation fuhhh
    I normally go for swimming once a week (20 laps breaststroke in 1 hour… lazyyyy swimming), cardio twice and at least once on elliptical cycle at home.

    1. That’s why i like to change the way i exercise.. Get new apps on the phone or buy new work out gear 😉

  5. Totally agree with you doc!My original weight is 109..and now i already lost 13kg in 3 month only by reduce amount of carbs in every meal..and jog around my first, i hate to exercise..but my friend keep push and push me to keep really love it..i really enjoyed the nature and at the same time..i remove my fat..haha..thanx to u,i know about endorphin hormone..thanks a lot doctor! doakan saya berjaya kekalkan dan capai ideal weight saya doktor halina :’)

  6. Waaaaaaaa jelesnyaa ;(
    Im not married yet tapi berat badan selalu naik kaw kaw punya…asal ponteng dari exercise mulalah naik bagai di sad….;(

  7. probably breastfeeding helps a bit.. hmm teringat kena lari 800m for ujian tara in 4min 20s. bila pikir balik kalau lepas kira not bad la.. 3km in 30min definitely a challenge 🙂 for some people when you have small babies, not enough sleep and busy with your work at home or in the office you will loose some weight. agree with you, i eat less rice nowadays, turun sikit berat badan..

  8. waiting for skin care post.. and seriously tell me how u manage ur time ?? it was crazy.. write about it.. dying to knw dr🙋

  9. is it safe to use the power plate? i’m considering to use it, but when i look it up on the net there are certain risks/impacts pose by the equipment. something like the power plate vibrates too too much until it can hurt your nerve?/brain?. sorry can’t remember the details.

  10. Lompat bintang !! Rate of heart confirm nek !! Better ad kwn,then when u x larat,u will laugh..believe me ! Let do it..

  11. Today’s my second day of exercising, no wonder I feel more human now and lots of love and happiness, but running on the treadmill really need the passion haha… and i think the total of calories burn tak memadai sangat dengan the total calories of the rice that I just ate, life is very unfair hahaha

  12. owww doc halina..i just adore every words u r saying abt the exercise. Coz its just plainly the truth abt hvg to find time to go to gym. Its always in the tomorrow to do list..huhu. Me.instead of me doc. What shuld i do..what shud i do. Seems like my metabolic rate doesnt want to work with me nicely..shud i peek on u or just copy paste what ever u r doing coz u loose weight very gud after hvg d baby..tasha
    Help me

  13. As salam doc halina, I’m happy with this post :)))

    I am struggling too with weightloss….tak boleh pegi gym sbb kekangan masa tapi skrg tgh berusaha buat pilates for 30 mins a day. Everyday kena paksa diri, betul2 paksa diri utk buat pilates. It’s the easiest, convenient exercise for me at the moment….nanti once dah addicted doing exercise (like what u said), I’ll try another type of exercise. Buat masa ni belum addicted lagi….hehehe

  14. Sustainability is very though 😦

    BTW, I’m doing 3km in 30 minutes almost everyday as my ritual (except Monday & Thursday – my puasa sunat day)
    But I’m on cheat mode since last 2 weeks 😀

    You can do it too! Chaiyok! Chaiyok! (The exercise ritual part, not the cheat part)

    I did 5 minutes on pace 5, 5 minutes on pace 6, 10 minutes on pace 7, 5 minutes on pace 6, 5 minutes on pace 5

    You can try this combination to get the 3KM in 30 minutes 🙂

    P/S: Another good motivation, a nagging and garang hubby. He lost 12 kg from diet and exercise since last 2 years

  15. agree!!! lepas i deliver second baby.. berat jadi 65! tp sebab makan dengan tanpa rasa bersalah langsung! coz nak produce milk kan 😉
    then bila stop breastfeed.. semangat nak kuruskan badan jd berkobar2.. so i pergi gym 3x a week for 2 months plus eat clean and i lost 6 kg.. alhamdulillah.. but now.. dah tak exercise coz hubby dah tak bagi kurus lagi (sebab bila badan susut ur breast pun akan susut jugak! but not layut lagilah.. hihi..)

    so now i jaga makan jek for maintainkan berat badan. Apa yang i perasan.. bila i treadmill dulu peha and pinggul paling cepat susut! ketara sebab boleh sarung jeans lama balik.. and dumbbell is the best for lengan yang menggeleber!

    btw doc.. berapa berat dah skrg? 😉

  16. semua common sense kan? tapi still gak nak suruh org explain again and again and again hehe
    btw tq doc for the apps..lepas bersalin kena mula balikkkk
    do you think pregnancy makes metabolism goes slower jugak?

    visit my blog WAHM like me

  17. Salam, kalau lahir anak secara bedah pulak senaman mcm mn yg sesuai? Dh 3 bln lahirkn bby, gerak aktif skit dh rasa ngilu kt tempat bedah tu. Badan payah nk turun, perut pn mcm ada baby lg. Hu3

  18. I have been surfing online more than 3 hours today, yet I never found
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  19. cite mula2 bc seriyes je..bila time ending tergelak beso.

    “happy people doesn’t kill their husband”

  20. salam doc, saya nak tanya, selepas kita bersalin kita masih tetap memerlukan air jgk kan.. so kita kena minum banyak air sama je mcm masa mengandung or tak mengandung. tapi betul ke masa berpantang tak boleh minum air banyak??? alasannya kerana takut perut buncit / besar lps habis pantang. boleh tak doc jelaskan sikit mengenai hal ni, saya dah tk tahu mcmne nk jelaskan pd my mom.. pffffttt.. tolong doc..

    1. I drank a lot of water to produce milk. Its a logic thinking. But somehow our tradition is teaching us the other way round.

  21. Hi Dr. Saya memang tak pernah addictive to excercise. Kasut pun elok lagi. Last excercise pun naik basikal masa undergraduate pergi kuliah. My first step is cut out the carbo, more fibre and protein. Nampaknya ada progress sket. tengok sebulan ni. (target turun 40kg tue!). Kain baju kurung pun loose sket. Slowly ambil youtube aerobic, boleh maintain. Berat dah 90kg, nak berlari camner. Kejar anak pun semput. Cheers!

  22. salam doc,
    nsik yg brkanji tu yg mnjdi salah satu punca badan mnjadi montel haha…
    ada beras yg kurang knji utk golongan diabetis, okey ke kalo amalkan pmakanan beras tu doc?

  23. Salam Dr. I’ve recently completed my breastfeeding journey and right after, I managed to gain weight drastically (I blamed the Implanon, huhu..) So instead of just exercise I try to really eat clean. And I’ve traded rice with brown rice. But my father in law claimed that brown rice could cause cancer.I dont know where he heard it though. But, is it true? Thanks in advance Dr

  24. Salam Dr.
    Sy berjaya kurangkan dari 59 ke 53 dlm 11 minggu yg mana homaigod ya ampun memang penat!! Haha tpi rutinnya sama mcm apa yg dr cakapkan. Bersenam eat clean food and kawal calories intake perday. Hehe lagi satu, sy nak cadangkan supaya guna jam yg boleh kira kcal mcm polar or suunto, so at least bila workout kita tau berapa yg kita burn dan boleh kawal supaya berada di zone pembakaran (60%-80% – betulkan kalau salah) dari max heart beat kita. dan bila kita tau berapa yg kita burn, baru laaa rasa selamat utk nak makan lagi.hihi

  25. You inspired me Datin. Because of this post, i bought treadmill last Sunday. Now I’m 81kg, have to reduce 18 kg to get the ideal BMI. Pray for me. *haha*

  26. salam doc..

    i gave birth to a baby girl 9 mths ago. breastfeeding. but instead of losing weight, m gaining weight pulak. it is so true about the tomorrow to do list haha. m actually procrastinating sbnrnyer! tq for this post, its like a smack in my face! hihihi.. and to think b4 i got pregnant, i went for jazzercise almost everyday!!! ish ish ish pemalas betul skrg!! hihihihi..

    btw, m using android n hv been looking for argus app tp takde! is it just called argus and nothing else?

  27. Hi Doc!
    Baru sekarang rasa nak excercise. Umur dah 37, berat dah dekat seratus. Tetapi, saya start dengan pilih makanan dulu. Then, bila badan rasa ringan sikit, baru rasa nak move, move, shake, shake sikit,

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