My First Time Here..

Hi blog..
This is my first time writing here. First, before I proceed with more stories or mishaps or whatever things going on around me.. I would like to tell you a few things about me..
#1 I am a left-brain person. Meaning, I deal with math, logical thinking, facts and rules better than my right-brain functions. I am not a philosophical, imaginative person. Typical doctor trait. Give me math problems.. done! Ask me to draw.. gone case! Haha..
#2 Well, for the next few months I will be a full-time mommy.. but by end of this year, I should be going back to work. Life will be chaotic.. Work alone is madness, and now comes Baby B.. taddaaaaa.. Live life to the fullest πŸ˜‰
#3 I’m only human.. we make mistakes and learn from it!
#4 My favourite colour is hot pink!! Feminine, solid yet attractive πŸ˜‰ But anything bright and bold will do, actually..
#5 I eat a lot. Sometimes more than my husband πŸ˜€ I just love food..
#6 I want more babies *wink wink*
#7 Being a doctor is cool but being a mom is AWESOME!!
Till then.. X

23 thoughts on “My First Time Here..

  1. hi DR!! hehe..welcome to the blogging world..hopefully that you will not neglect this blog and please update it very often!! πŸ™‚ to hear from you..

    take care hot mama..

  2. Takpe Dr πŸ™‚ there’s no such thing ada syarat untuk tulis blog. Tak kisah left brain or right brain people, siapa2 pun boleh tulis blog, selagi tak ganggu ketenteraman awam je πŸ™‚

    Welcome to the bloggerhood πŸ˜› hehehehehe

  3. salam dr.halina, sukanya dr. ada blog.. nanti jangan segan2 utk post entri selalu. sy peminat setia doc.. nanti kongsilah rahsia kecantikan dr.halina.:) keep writing….^^

  4. Dr Halina, i have a quick question. Really hope you can answer it at your earliest convenient. What was the milk that you drink thorughout your pregnancy? ANmum or something else? Thank you for your time. ;D

  5. Salam dr. halina πŸ˜‰

    Sempat lagi nak ucap Eid Mubarak. Waiting for new post but not arrive yet. Dont worry, i’ll wait patiently. I just real your old posts and decided to read your first entry. i did try to create a blog but i ended up not knowing what to write. feeling awkward.
    reason why i comment here, *i hope i wouldnt ruined your happy mood. try to write this in the best/wise manner* since now you are wearing hijab, it is nice not to put your old photos unless your aurat is covered. issue regarding hijab is very sensitive or should i write covering aurat etc. Saya doakan semoga Allah jaga dan pelihara dr.halina dan keluarga setiap masa. Semoga Allah memberikan kita kefahaman mengenai agamaNya.. sebab apabila Allah menginginkan kebaikan, Dia akan fahamkan kita dengan ilmu agama. (hadith).
    i remembered reading your post saying that you are still new … learn to wear tudung from your friend/cikgu, etc i have so much respect for you. sebab? i dont know how to put in words. you just inspire me. a lot.
    panjang sangat dah. love, Melor Mohamad.
    *doakan saya dan kawan2. profesional exam phase 1 medic 19-21/8 nie.*

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