Big Bad Wolf is Back!!

It's the school holiday season and the best event during year-end school holiday is on!! Aren't you excited…! (or is it just me alone? Haha..)
It's the Big Bad Wolf book sale!!
Woot! Woot!!!!
Calling all book lovers out there!!
Its 24 hours a day starting from Dec 6, 2013 at 7am until Dec 15, 2013, closing at 9pm!! You can go anytime… ANYTIME!! People even carry a luggage to carry their books coz it's really really really cheap.
We bought a number of books for our children. Even the big colourful cardboard book for kids only cost us RM8 each. You'll definitey go crazy when you see the RM2 ones!! Hahaha..
I found this! Must buy! Hahaha..
Mommy didnt buy much book this time, I just need to focus a little more on Anaesthesia this year, so no more non-Anesthesia for a while. Only some cooking & recipe book. I know everything can just be found online nowadays, but nothing beats the feeling of holding a book in your hand, and the smell of a new book.. ahhhh.. I just love the smell of books! *nerd*
It was crowded yesterday and my girls were hungry and mommy being kiasu not to miss any good books for the girls, I just had to walk 3 times to-and-fro just to make sure I didn't miss anything interesting for B and T.. Hahaha..
So people, bring your family and friends to the Big Bad Wolf book sale. You'll enjoy it! And you can stock up books for the next one year.. until the next BBW sale!!

27 thoughts on “Big Bad Wolf is Back!!

  1. I saw you yesterday Dr Halina at the big bad wolf. But I was too shy to greet you and you were holding sleeping T. Hopefully I can meet you again because you are my inspiration. Really love your blog 🙂

  2. went there on saturday late night..oomaii the jammed,the crowd! huish *lap peluh..but its a good sign of malaysian=read=book 🙂 ..glad to know there’s a lotttt of people that love to read.

  3. salam,
    dari aspek banyak buku dan murah tu mungkin lah okay…
    tapi tak bagus lah organizer…. tempat solat terlalu teruk dan rasa terhina… sedangkan ramai juga muslim yang pergi tempat tu…
    nak boycott la penganjuran macam ne…
    susah weih nak solat. nak keluar pulak dah jammed…

  4. same as last year, went there on the first day in the morning. among the fisrt crowd. so excited i even took the day off just to go to bbw. my hubby geleng kepala, pening mana nak simpan all the books. hehehe

  5. masa my sis nk kuar g solat, she saw ur hb tgh nk bayar.. the time dia masuk balik mesti uols dah balik..haish rugi rugi xleh jumpa B, T & u…
    tp mmg la..bab lain semua ok..surau je xbleh tahan

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