Family Potrait

B and T wont be small for so long. My husband and I really having a great time raising our two girls. We love to keep their photos and videos whenever we had the chance to do it. About a month ago, we decided to have a family photography session.. Just for fun at FamGlamStudio at The Gardens. The photograpers are good with children, the environment is very children friendly and the props are awesome. We had great time shooting there.. Here's some of it…
Of course ice cream wasn't provided there.. We just happened to buy it before the session (yup, to keep high sugar level for the girls.. Haha.. Baru lar hyperactive!!)
We took a lot more photos with different props and themes (and baju of course!!) Probably you'll see some of them in the near future.
Mind you, this is not a sponsored post. Please dont ask me details about packages and prices. We just wanna share the happiness with you! πŸ˜‰ If you are interested, you can check their webpage
or you can drop by their studio at The Gardens.. Its on the same row with Baby GAP.. Don't ask me which floor please.. Hahah..

24 thoughts on “Family Potrait

  1. Tasha’s hair grew. Such a cutie πŸ˜€ Ive a student in the kindy Im working now who looks exactly like Bella. Cuma dia kurus sikit dr Bella. Her name is Andrea. Haha. Mula2 tgk, rasa mcm kenal je. Siapa lah ni kann.. Lepas tu baru ingat Bella. Kekeke..

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