Our First Year

It’s our first wedding anniversary!!! We survived our first year being married!! Hahahhaha… It has been a year of learning and adapting for both of us I guess.. Courting and being married is totally different. Marriage life is a lot more AWESOME!! 😉

Congratulations to my baby sister, Hamizah who got married yesterday (9/10/11) to Ruzaimi. They have been together for almost 10 years.. and finally it is time to settle down 🙂 Kak Na wish both of you happiness, wealth and prosperous and many babies!! 😀

To Dr Sheikh’s fans.. thank you very much for supporting him all the way.. In fact, today is his 4th space flight anniversary. It was 4 years ago he went to space and make us proud. And it still feels like yesterday.. Thank you again.

May Allah blessed our family and friends.. Hoping for many more happy years!! Have a great day ahead everyone!!


8 thoughts on “Our First Year

  1. congrats to both of u..alhamdulillah..semoga dgn kehadiran Bella akan menguatkn lagi kasih syg dlm kluarga doktor berdua..insyaallah.amin!

  2. Happy 1st anniversary akak..may Allah bless ur marriage and ur happiness never end..love to read ur blog sis..:)

  3. if you go to kelantan again don forget to go to jeli….it is a part of kelantan’s district….nearby thailand…very cheap but be careful to make choice bcoz some of them r low quality….no matter la murah..hehhee…..but ad gak yg high quality…

  4. happy anniversary doc , I still remember the last 4 years ago.. i cry when Dr SMS went to space. after that, I made solat hajat for his safety . 🙂

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