B Having Her Haircut..

Bella having her haircut earlier today at Kool Kutz BV II.

She really needs a lot of distraction..

29 thoughts on “B Having Her Haircut..

  1. Kakna…br dpt bukak blog u…gud girl Bella..sngnye nk ptong rmbut ye..mine xbrani lg la nk g hair cut..tkot nanges..heheh..

  2. If the result is good on Bella’s hair design, then Kudos to the guy. Sabar betul dia even kepala Bella kiri kanan. If the result is not that good, well, Kudos also sebab sabar. Hehehe. Bella is so cute!

  3. Jelesnyer tengok Bella dah cut her hair.. my daughter just 2 weeks younger from Bella until today rambut like malu-malu jer nak tumbuh…ekekekekeke..aper pon Bella is such a pleasant girl…

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